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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ookpik Song!

Perhaps you recall this post from a few days ago in which I pondered the meaning of life, oh, and asked if anyone had a copy of the Ookpik song, a tune penned in honor of the owlish mascot created for the Canadian government circa 1965. Since I have had no responses to date, either no one had one or the ones who did are major dillweeds,  so......at great personal financial and emotional sacrifice ($5, and having to deal with Canadian record dealers, respectively) I now present.....The Ookpik Song by The Romeos!

For more about why Canada may have abandoned the ookpiks, click here. 


Johnnyuma said...

Major Dillweed reporting for duty. We are the world, We are Ookpik's.