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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just Vote!

Java's announcing: "That's right, tomorrow we start accepting entries to our latest Cheesecake Contest. Go over to the Cheesecake Group for all the details: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JBPCheesecake/ Gals can enter up until Nov 30th. Voting is done by group members and starts Dec 1st. Voting ends Dec 31st and our newest Cheesecake Queen will be crowned New Year's Day!"


The Five Million Copies Project

"Subject: art project: five million copies I l amp san d : : : cLuster -john m. bennett 5,000,000 : Art project: five million copies : the five million copies project : (part one) (F)ive million copies : the goal/object is to make five million copies of this poem:

I l amp san d : : : cLuster

by john m. bennett so, electronically or photocopy/printing/letterpress/offset//rubberstamp ! by hand ! include in publications , 'zines , books , website / e-mail ! any other method - - - *report* back to yb396@victoria.tc.ca or imp press: 21 Valleyview Dr. SW/ Medicine Hat, Alberta/ T1A 7K5 / CANADA a running total will be kept at http://www3.telus.net/van364/van.htm with credit to all participants--- also snail documentation by request (or for snail participation) documentation to all! send a copy to: imp press 21 Valleyview Dr. SW Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 7K5 CANADA here's a few more copies to start you off: I l amp san d : : : cLuster I l amp san d : : : cLuster"
The Five Million Copies Project


More Hawaii in Hi-Fi

Vegas Vic's download of the month is Leo Addeo & His Orchestra - More Hawaii in Hi-Fi


The Angelettes

Spectropop presents The Angelettes: "The Angelettes were a young British quartet from the Manchester area. Although they played their own instruments, they were too smooth, melodic and professional to be regarded as a garage band. Their beautiful harmonies were the most characteristic feature of their music. These are well displayed in most of their records, notably their first: "Don't Let Him Touch You", which should have been a big hit. But for the fault on their Top Of The Pops TV outing, maybe it would have been. This song, like much of their output, was written and produced by Jonathan King, the multi-talented extrovert who was behind so many British hits of the late '60s and the '70s. Later, they worked with Bryan Ferry, doing the vocal backings on his "These Foolish Things" LP. This is Spectropop's tribute to this talented early 1970s group. We are very grateful to original member Julie Hammersley (née Abbott) for most of the material in the article. (Ian Slater)"
Read more


Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!

"It's our party; our one year anniversary of being online, providing free music and sharing the love. On this glorious occasion, we have baked a Comfort Cake. It's filled with scrumptous helpings of artists from the label doing what they do best -- creating amazing music to fill your hard drives, iPods, CDs and other storage media. This is our gift to you: the sounds of Comfort. Music For Great Fun!"

And... Happy Birthday!! From Me! (May I have a bite of that cake now?)


Club Alibi, where you'll always hear the sounds of rhythm n'blues and rock n'roll!

"My name is George Spink. I hope you enjoy the time you spend on this web site and return often. Turn up the volume on your speakers and hang loose! It's OK to dance while you're here, but stay away from the waitresses in the service bar. They're really busy!"
Check out the Jukebox!


Stan Freberg asked an audience that question one time as he tried to explain to a young girl how radio made you use your imagination, something television often fails to do.

An elderly lady stood up and shouted, "I do!"

Welcome to Club Alibi. (thanks to KD Opdello over at the Group)


Saturday, October 30, 2004

Get happy with France Gall

N. 1 in Belgium has posted two songs by France Gall that makes me happy. Don't you want to be happy too? Síng along with 'Der Computer Nr. 3'! and 'Dady Da Da'


Paintings by Paul Harvey

Mark E. Smith, Yul Brynner, Joe Strummer, Joe Meek

Check it out. (via BURP)


Kiddie Matinee

Image is from the russian 'The LittleHumpbacked Horse' aka 'SKAZKA O KONKE-GORBUNKE'

Rob Craig in the introduction: "kiddiematinee.com is a website devoted to the golden age of world children's cinema. We will try to cover feature films and short subjects shown theatrically, in the U.S. and elsewhere, between appx. 1930 and 1985"

Heidi on film and a comparison chart. The New Adventures of Heidi.
Peter Pan in Russia (Piter Pen)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Thunderbirds Are Go!

Eh.. Just click around! Much to see and read and maybe reminisce. (thanks to Dr. Mark)


Friday, October 29, 2004

Robotron vs. Mr. Atomic

As a consequence of my Wednesday entry about vintage technology I can now go downtown (if there is a downtown in Malmö - I dont really know...) having som really goooood and coooold czech beers knowing I helped Eye of the Goof to find out the truth about Mr. Atomic. It's a good feeling.
And it all was solved in the People's Logo Page (look for Robotron)!
Read more about all of this over at MrBaliHai.


Band Aid stars 1984 vs 2004

"Some of the biggest names in British music have been lined up to take part in a new Band Aid charity single. But how do modern stars match up to those in the original line-up of 1984?"
Article in BBC News (via Jazzcafe's)


More Finland

This is a picture of a finnish band called Bogart Co. from the mid 80s (via Buzz)


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pop Culture Links

More than a year ago I started a Yahoo! Group that is this very blog's mothership: Pop Culture Links, where you can find one of the largest link collections (if not the largest...) to what I refer to as Pop Culture. I think there is about 3.900 links today. There are now about 240 members. There are about 10 regular posters of cool links to sites they know, like or even manage. It is restricted membership. But I approve everyone. It's just a way for me to moderate the group.
I post quite a few links every week which doesn't end up here.
Welcome in. The more the merrier!

/Z aka Sebastian

Mack Bolan

The cover art of Mack Bolan books.


Teemu Mäki

"The Pathetic Family" [Click image for larger view]

Finnish artist Teemu Mäki tells us: "I am an artist. I am also a moral relativist, atheist, vitalist and a kind of communist. I live and work mostly in Helsinki. In my art I try to use the widest variety of media, making drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations, performances, theater, texts and music etc." (via Cipango)



Great new mix at Algorhythm(s) with a slight halloween theme:


Think fast... live consecutively... SPACE PATROL!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific Standard Time, 11pm EST, 4am (0400) GMT and so on, your web browser will salute your One True John Peel when it automatically launches:


...just in time for your One True SPACE PATROL.
The chat room will be open, and waiting for YOU in particular!

The same shall hold true for the rebroadcast tomorrow at 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm (1300) GMT and so on. For Australia and the Far East, add an additional 10 days, or something.

You will find the SPACE PATROL playlist here
(alternately, here).

Tonight we feature Jumping Jacques, Georgie Fame, Vladimir Cosma, Art Mooney, and... and... okay, the others are inanely obscure.

Luxuriamusic offers delightful CD quality, high definition webstreaming, delivered through Windows Media Player for either a one-day 25¢ pass, or all of $5.00 for a whole month. Please stop by and consider donating.


Stay tuned: episodes of SPACE PATROL will soon be available without commercial interruption on handy-dandy CDs. Take them anywhere!

The official SPACE PATROL store at Café Press can be found

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

America In the 1930s

Cultural life in America during the great depression. Fascinating as well as Huge site. (via Eye of the Goof)


Vintage Technology

"...packed full of information about home electrical goods from the twentieth century."
And it really is:
Vintage valve radios...; Defiant R101, Ultra U626 "Troubadour"; Bric-a-brac (oddities); Ericsson Headphones, Radio Celebrities Cigarette Cards, 1934, Vintage Technology Cartoons,
Valve Ephemera..: Ediswan, Marconi (50s/60s), Mazda (50s/60s); Calculators: 1970s Vintage desktop and pocket calculators listed by Company (91 brands, 353 calculators).
And much, much more! (via Penny Dreadful)


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The New Hillman Minx and Others

Car brochures (and some busses, trucks and mopeds too). Some are really nice. (via Life In The Present)


Found home recordings, and other cassette deck oddities

"Hello friends and welcome to the first installment of Tape Findings. This site will be the future archive of one of a kind cassette tape recordings and other odd sounds that I have discovered throughout my years searching thrift stores and garage sales. I hope you all find them as fascinating as I do. Enjoy!"
week 1 - preview mix! (via Sound-scavengers)


Sounds to Make You Shiver

Pastor McPurvis sais this about his Halloween Special: "Up this week is an album that regularly scared the pants off the Pastor when he was a small fry. I’m not quite sure how my family came to own this LP. I am assuming my mother bought it to create some Halloween atmosphere at our house as she handed out candy. For a young Pastor of six however, the album became much more. The record fascinated and terrified me simultaneously. It became a personal test of my will to be able to sit through an entire playing of side one without running out of the room or turning it off. I used to scrutinize the cover for hours, wondering which of the many monsters depicted would invade my bedroom at night. Even listening to it now as an adult, the voice of the narrator still elicits an involuntary chill through my body. Listen if you dare!"


RSS feed on LiveJournal

Yesterday, Jacques du Bois (a very intelligent and gifted man ;-)) created an rss feed on LiveJournal for this blog. So if you've got a LiveJournal account the entrys here could pop up on your 'friends' page as they comes if you wish.
So... Go HERE and click add to get it started.

/Z aka Sebastian

Monday, October 25, 2004

Yearbook Photos

Adore them! (via J-Walk Blog)


Victory Music

The Story of the V-Disc Record Label (1943-1949) (thanks to KD Opdello over at the Group)


Sunday, October 24, 2004


retroCRUSH informs us: "Forget Transformers and Voltron, one of the original cartoon robots, Gigantor (known as Tetsuin28 in Japan), is going to be made into a live action film. ..."
Click here to see the trailer. Read more about Gigantor here (and ENJOY the fantastic theme song!)


mix of the week #247

"Deep jazz and moody latin." - Alistair J.

Pharoah Sanders: Greetings from Saud (Impulse LP) 1973
Travis Biggs: Tibetan Serenity (LP ) Patato y Totico: Mas Que Nada (Verve LP) 1968
Don Pullen: Capoiera (Blue Note LP) 1991
Art Blakey: Obirin African (Blue Note LP) 1962
Count Basie & Oliver Nelson: Gypsy Woman (Flying Dutchman LP) 1970
Herbie Mann: Amazon River (Verve LP) 1959
Julio Gutierrez: Theme on Mambo (Egrem Records CD) 1958
Dizzy Gillespie: Jambo (Polygram CD) 1964
Abbey Lincoln: Afro Blue (Original Jazz Classics CD) 1959
Bama the Village Poet: Social Narcotic (Aware/PVine Japan CD) Can: Sing Swan Song (UA LP) 1973
Gary Bartz: I've known Rivers (Fantasy LP) 1973
Leon Thomas: Echoes (Flying Dutchman LP) 1969
Clifford Jordan Quartet: Eddie Harris (Strata-East LP) 1970

Download and listen (via Totally Fuzzy)


The true story of the art of stencil graffiti.

"It was on a trip to New York City in 1971 that I saw my first wild art graffiti. They were popping up everywhere : on the subway and around the basketball courts. I remember graffiti painted with a marker, like nervous signatures with a crown, allover NY, and big letters filled with spirals and many colours. These miniatures made me so curious that I asked to Larry Wollhandler, my American friend lodging me in his home in NYC, the inevitable question :
“ What does all this mean ? Why are these people doing this?” ..."

Read more about the stencil graffiti movement in THE MANIFESTO OF STENCILISM by Blek le Rat, the Pioneer (via gmtPlus9)


Robert McGinnis

The Main Paperback Cover Display of the elegant works of Robert McGinnis, paperback cover artist. Please also check out his own Robert E. McGinnis Gallery.


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Where do you come from?

Take My Poll

/Z aka Sebastian

The Western Avenue And Vicinity Gallery

[Click thumbnails for larger views]

Interesting Ideas leads us to The Western Avenue And Vicinity Gallery: "Here are some spectacular examples of Chicago's great roadside vernacular art,so great they forced their way out of an image backload that is running into the hundreds."


Week 44 - Wild Man Fischer

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Self-taught Art of the South

Wild Women by James Harold Jennings

The Creative Heart Gallery: "The art, that the Gallery represents, embodies visual traditions of the same cultural groups whose musical traditions created such forms as Blues and Old Time music. The diverse cultural heritage of the "Deep South" and "Appalachia" gradually cross-pollinated over the past century. It is this collective heritage which makes the region unique. The South's performing art traditions have had worldwide influence and have spawned most popular styles of American music and dance. Yet, until recently, little attention had been paid to this vital and spontaneous visual art. We collect and represent the work of our favorite artists of the region. Their styles may vary but their work is original, uncontrived and (to various extents) evokes the character and soul of the region. We mostly specialize in paintings and drawings." (via PLEP)


Folksongs of America

Robert Winslow Gordon Collection, 1922-1932
Annotations and Texts (With links to the sound recordings)

Old Ninety Seven, Sung by Fred Lewey in Concord, N.C., October 15, 1925

One bright Sunday evening I stood on a mountain
Just watching the smoke from below.
It was springing from a long slender smokestack
Way down on the southern road.

It was Ninety Seven, the fastest train
That the south has ever seen;
But she run too fast on that fatal Sunday evening,
And the death list numbered fourteen

Chorus:Did she ever pull in? No she never pulled in,
Though at one forty-five she was due;
For hours and hours has the switchman been watching
For the fast mail that never came through.

The engineer was a fast brave driver
On that fatal Sunday eve,
And his fireman leaned far out at Lynchburg
Waiting for the signal to leave.

When he got aboard, well, he threw back his throttle
And although his air was bad
People all said when he passed Franklin Junction
That you couldn’t see the men in the cab.

Did he ever pull in? No he never pulled in,
Though at one forty-five he was due
For hours and hours has the switchman been watching
For the fast mail that never came through

There’s a mighty bad road from Lynchburg to Danville,
And although he knew this well
He said he’d pull his train on time into Spencer
Or he’d jerk it right square into hell.

When he hit the grade from Lima to Danville
His whistle began to scream;
He was found when she wrecked with his hand onthe throttle
Where he’d scalded to death from the steam.

Did he ever pull in? No he never pulled in,
Though at one forty-five he was due;
For hours and hours has the switchman been watching
For the fast mail that never came through


Surfers Paradise

Very nice and soothing:
Surfers Paradise by Alex Keack


Conjunto 3D

Balansamba Don has a new groovy LP up: "... An interesting mix of Brazilian and international tracks. A unique late 60's Brazilian gem - enjoy!"
Conjunto 3D - Muito na Onda


Friday, October 22, 2004

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is featured over att Brian's Drive-In Theater.


Oleh Denysenko

[Click image to enlarge]

"Oleh Denysenko is a graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. Inspiration for his etchings comes from the old Northern Renaissance masters. Mr. Denysenko describes his work as 'Art-Chemistry', which is an actualization of spiritual energy through the creative imagination and skills of the artist." (via Cipango)


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Music That Americans Loved 100 Years Ago

"American "popular music" a century ago was the entertainment that sprang from a rapidly growing music industry. It was commercial music, published in some format, usually sheet music. It was the music on the best selling wax cylinders and one-sided discs, which were the two formats for records. It was in Broadway productions, minstrel shows, band concerts, and vaudeville. It was the music that Americans typically heard during a day's outing to Coney Island or a trip in 1904 to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, better known as the St. Louis World's Fair.
It was the music that delighted Americans. Not everyone, of course. Some in the upper and middle classes patronized only "serious" music, usually works by European composers. Many in the middle-class objected to anything too "lowbrow." Strict churchgoers allowed only hymns into their homes, some objecting if citizens in their town organized stage shows. Many living in rural areas had little opportunity to hear hits of the day.
But enough Americans enjoyed what we now characterize as "popular music" to keep the music industry humming. It is a misleading term since it implies that other musical forms were not popular. For example, folk music once thrived in American rural areas, with one generation passing along favorite tunes to another, the music not written down--that is not included in the term "popular music." Nor does it include ethnic music, which was enjoyed in most cities by many who had emigrated from the Old World. It is not "Ring Around the Rosie" and other songs cherished by children. It is not opera or concert pieces requiring the skills of highly trained performers. It is not hymns or spirituals. But most other forms are covered by the term "popular music.""

Music That Americans Loved 100 Years Ago--Tin Pan Alley, Broadway Show Tunes, Ragtime (and Related "Coon Songs"), and Sousa Marches (via grow-a-brain)


The Attic Gallery

'Blackie's Nightwatch' by Frank McGuigan

Outsider Art, Southern Contemporary Art, Fine Crafts, Etc. (Lots of etc.)
Here's the Artist index. (via PLEP)


Tuwa & Bessie

If you know nothing about Bessie Smith Tuwa's Shanty will introduce you with Empty Bed Blues (parts 1 & 2).
Tuwa sais "This is a bawdy track, in the same league as Smith's "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl" (famously covered by Nina Simone). NSFW, rated R, etc., hilarious and audacious at the same time."
Dont forget to also check out Bessie Smith (with audio samples and a short biography) at The Red Hot Jazz Archive.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Danish Instrumental Eye Candy from the 70s (mpeg video).
They don't make videos like that anymore! (via Buzz)


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ghouls with Attitude

Katya over at Blogio Oddio has got some frightning news:"Otis Fodder has done it again! He has prepared a spooktacular Halloween mix of the rare and haunting to put a fright into your holiday"
This is a very cool mix I say. Download it whether you're celebrating Halloween or not. That's an order!


Basic Hip Digital Oddio

Ford, the man behind Basic Hip Digital Oddio (see last entry) is introduced here in this short interview:

"Z - Why are you doing this?

Ford - It all started a few years ago with a single offering of an album I wanted to share with others. My site at that time was nothing more than one page. From there, things just started to grow. I like to think of it as a garden. You plant more and more, occasionally stopping to weed things out. It is a hobby I enjoy and it's nice to know other people are entertained by the things they find when they visit.

Z - You have a particular interest in Whistling records. Do you whistle a bit yourself?

Ford - (Laughing) No! And I rarely listen to any whistling records either! But I do collect them and since nobody else in the whole, wide, world had taken it upon themselves to build a website around them, I nominated myself. This may be an answer that surprises (and disappoints) some people but I do get a lot of satisfaction knowing I've done something with this neglected genre that nobody else has. In addition, I sincerely believe whistling records deserve some recognition.

Z - What is your favorite Rock Band?

Ford - Oh, that's a hard one. If I had to pick just one to take to the proverbial deserted island, it would be The Rolling Stones over The Beatles. You did not ask this, but perhaps a better question would have been who my favorite "guilty pleasure" is. The Carpenters - I love them!

Z - Your favorite album cover?

Ford - Oh, that's another hard one! But if I could display just one in an office at work for example, it would be "Bozo Under the Sea." Followed closely by Perrey and Kingsley's "In Sound From Way Out." For sentimental reasons, of course!"


Stare With Your Ears

"Some twenty years after his outstanding Word Jazz series in which Ken Nordine mixes his offbeat stories backed by hip jazz, he applies roughly the same formula on this album with a new kind of music and trippy electronic effects. Among the musicians is organist Odell Brown, who, a decade earlier, put out a couple of funky LPs on the Cadet label."
Basic Hip presents Ken Nordine - Stare With Your Ears


Update: "Note: The host for this album is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check back later and try again. The album will be available through Monday, October 25 and will be extended if necessary. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

Monday, October 18, 2004

Monstrous Movies

Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera (1935)
Found in the Ghost Movies Gallery.

You can also visit cozy places like the Vampire Movies Gallery, the Zombie Movies Gallery or the Frankenstein Gallery. And there is more. Don't worry. You'll get scared. Somewhere... in the Monstrous Movies Galleries (via Life In The Present)


In Depth: The Jaime Hernandez Interview

"You could make a good argument that Jaime Hernandez is the greatest living comic book artist in the world. For the last 23 years, Hernandez has written and drawn a series of naturalistic stories for Love & Rockets, a comic book he founded with his brothers Gilbert and Mario in 1981. Hernandez' stories, about two Mexican-American women named Maggie and Hopey — who were punks in the early 80s and are now dealing with life as 40-somethings — has made an indelible mark in popular culture, and caused a ripple effect on people who aren't even aware of the comic book."
Mark Frauenfelder interviews Jaime Hernandez (via Boing Boing)


Fred Moore

"The art of Disney Animation may have developed in radically different ways had it not been for the talent and influence of animator Fred Moore. Moore was described by some as a "natural" artist and his intuitions and seemingly effortless artistic skill almost defined Disney cartoons, especially in the early years." (via Cartoon Brew)


Week 43

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Third and final installment

Pastor McPurvis sais: "... Out of the three LPs by this group that the Pastor owns, this one is probably his favorite. The playing and singing isn’t quite as polished as the other two and there are a couple of decidedly non-rock tracks that he could do without, but with this recording you can really hear the fun and excitement these kids had knocking out these tunes. ..."
The Bellport High School Jazz-Rock Ensemble (here's the sunshine cover!)


Exotic Percussion

Vegas Vic's Tiki Lounge offers some Exciting Sounds of Milt Raskin.


History of Country Music

"This exhibit looks at some of the influential artists and songs of the late 1920's through the year 2000, era by era. Look around, you'll find artists from Gene Autry, Roy Acuff, Bob Wills, Hank Williams to Patsy Cline, Lefty Frizzell, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks and many others. Included in our narrative look are numerous rare images, sound clips, and digital movies." (via Bifurcated Rivets)


Sunday, October 17, 2004

weeHouse - Modern back-to-nature architecture

The Wee House.

Check it out. (via grow-a-brain)


Guide to fashion from the '30s and the '40s

"If you would like a guide, explaining you step by step how to dress like a late 1930's or early 1940's gentleman or lady please click on one of the pictures below."
Click here for guidance.
(via RetroGrafix [links])


The photographs by Allan Tannenbaum

John Cage, found in the Mondo Art - section.

New York in the 70s, The photographs by Allan Tannenbaum.
Nightlife, Music, John Lennon and some Show-Biz. And much, much more...! GREAT galleries! (via Buzz)


Isabel Samaras

Secrets of the Batcave, Part 2

Isabel Samaras, paintings and illustration. (via BURP)


Soul Source

"Soul Source is a rare soul site featuring the latest info, news, reviews, events, discussion, sounds and much more. Rare Northern Soul being the main thrust but also as part of the deal covering modern, R&B, all styles and all eras soul."
This great community for soul lovers has a load of fine soul web links, a great gallery of soul photos, and a cool gallery of flyers from around the world. And much, much more that could come in handy if you're into soul.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturn V paper model

"The model is about 8 feet tall (2.4m) and therefore fascinating. If you look closer to lady's hand, you can see a scale astronaut (it might be someone from the Airfix-H0-00 Scale Astronauts). There are totaly 14 scans of the articel how to make a paper model of Saturn V to go with a Revell 1/48 Apollo kit." (via the Cartoonist)


Harry Schollin

A Swedish Wurlitzer oddity from '71 for you. Just for you! Swe-Sounds presents Harry Schollin - Illussion.


German Mail-Order Catalogs 1945-1975

The German Alte-Versandhauskataloge site has a lot to offer.
Come here son and help your mother put down this months order! What shall we order this time...? Let's see... Do we need some new toys? You don't think they're "cool" enough. Ok...
Do you think mum would look pretty in one of these? What do you say, son? ... Ah! I see! But you already have one!!! ...
You must agree dad would look mighty handsome in one of those! Hmm. Too expensive yes.. Ok. Now let's get down to business! What do we need that we can afford. Yup. Some groceries. Run away to the mail-box now. Off you go! (via RetroGrafix [Links])