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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Week 6: I´m Gonna Get High

Tampa Red (real name Hudson Whittaker, the nickname coming from his upbringing in Florida and his red hair) was a true stylist, further developing the bottleneck playing and becoming the most influential bottleneck stylist in blues music. In the mid 1920s he first gained success with partner Tom Dorsey as they invented hokum blues, light, peppy numbers with double-entrendre lyrics. Check out their hit “It´s Tight Like That” for a good example. When Tom got the Jesus fever in 1930, and thereafter only playing gospel, Tampa went on his own enjoying a string of hits in the 30s and 40s. When rock´n´roll began to move in Tampa retired in 1953, two years later his wife died and Tampa turned to the bottle for consolation.

10. I´m Gonna Get High – Tampa Red & The Chicago Five

(sex:) Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 (drugs:) Week 5

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


April 20, 2005

I'm taking a long break from PCL LinkDump.
I have other projects that need my time.
Also: I need this time out. I need to spend more time out-doors. The sun is shining friendlier and warmer for each day.

Important to know is that HTMPL's mp3 posting project will continue as usual. And I guess Carl will post his stuff once a week too.
But I'm out of here!

I will be gone for a month or two, probably not longer.

Now take care - hope to see you here when I come back!

Your friend,
/Z aka Sebastian

Ps. I will change the date for this post so it'll stay on top during my absence.

Update: You can still enjoy some links from me (and from the super great members!) over at the Pop Culture Links mailing list.

Update II: Hang on! Maybe I'll be back sooner than expected...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Let's Tango.

[Homero Manzi]

Dedededo's Module 01 [Note: flash site] is a hommage to three of the most influential lyricists in tango history: Enrique Cadìcamo, Enrique Santos Discépolo and Homero Manzi. (via Ollo)

Gerard Dubois

'Escape Options', Bloomberg Magazine 2001

Gerard Dubois [Note: Pop-Up site] Newsprint collage illustrations. (via Rashomon)


Pure, heavenly laid-back pop.
Pay a visit to Special Fellow and enjoy 'I Know' (demo) by Kylie.

Andre Williams

"Over the past forty years, Bessamer, Alabama-born Andre Williams has written, recorded and produced some of the most ribald ("Humpin', Bumpin' & Thumpin'"), infectious ("Rib Tips") and downright bizarre ("Please Pass the Biscuits") R&B ever. Andre kicked off his career with a 1956 US top ten hit, the funky "Bacon Fat," but sadly, despite a slew of gloriously salacious follow-ups – including "Jailbait" and "The Greasy Chicken" – failed to capitalize on his initial success. However, in 1961 a timely haircut saw him cross paths with the then-struggling founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy, for whom he produced the likes of the Contours and Mary Wells.
He refused to be married-off into the Gordy clan, then spent the late '60s writing, producing and performing for Chicago's Chess and Houston's Duke/Peacock labels, who released such proto-funk classics as his own "Cadillac Jack" and "The Stroke," plus "Uhuru (African Twist)" by Jomo, Jeanette William's "Hound Dog," Bobby Bland's Spotlighting the Man LP and the Meditation Singers' Change is Gonna Come.
Sadly, in the early '70s, Andre's heady lifestyle took a turn for the worse after he was asked to produce Ike Turner. The upshot of Andre's chemical-fuelled association with 'ole Ike was a heavy coke problem that led to a hand-to-mouth existence for most of the '80s, during which time Andre even spent a spell begging on a bridge in Chicago. ..."

PSF: Was there someone in particular you wanted to sound like?
AW: I didn't wanna sound like no-goddamn-body! I wanted to tell stories! I had seen so much bullshit in my life and I said to myself, "Andre, if you could ever say things that relate to people..." I'll tell you somethin' fellows, the first line of communications was the drums. That was in Africa, the Congos, the Mongos, and all them 'gos. When they was doin' communications, it was with the drums. So if I could get a drum rhythm which captivates people and put a hell of a story on top of it, I can't lose. And that's where I went.
PSF: A lot of your early songs are related to food products. "The Bacon Fat," "The Greasy Chicken," or "Pass the Biscuits Please."
AW: When I came up with "Bacon Fat" I was traveling from Detroit to Memphis. That's when I knew that I had to come up with a gimmick. So I stopped in Memphis and I got an egg and bacon sandwich – on toast! I'm driving and a lot of places where we used to travel, it was only a two lane highway so you'd see the cotton pickers on both sides and I'm driving and [starts tapping a beat on his thigh, humming] "Down in Tennessee...and the name of the dance is..." and I had the sandwich in my hand and there it came, the Bacon Fat!"

Joss Hutton interviews Andre Williams for Perfect Sound Forever.

Superboy Comic cover gallery.

Superboy Comic cover gallery (via Exclamation Mark)

Caribbean Capers with the Caribs

"THE CARIBS IN ACTION AT THE KINGSTON SHERATON HOTEL Jamaica, a happy mixture of different Peoples is a veritable melting pot of music. From the folk music of Africa to the lively "Jump Up" and the trend setting Ska, Jamaican music, although wide in variety has one thing in common...it pulsates ' with life." (From the liner notes)
Gojira69 shares The Caribs: "Caribbean Capers with the Caribs"

Monday, April 18, 2005

You too can make a change!

Blogger has been really good to me since I wrote this.

Swedish Bands

Take My Poll

Note: If none of the alternatives suits you please fill in your favorite band in the box saying 'other'.

Update: 3 votes for Rammstein so far....
First of all: It is no favorite band whatsoever!
Secondly: This band is as german as a german band could ever lust for.
Thirdly: What perverted search on google brought you here??

Jason Ford

Jason Ford - illustrator (via Drawn)

Peter Saville fonts

Peter Saville Graphic Design - fonts. Nice. (via del.icio.us/feaverish)
And here's a little about Mr. Saville in Design at the Design Museum.

The Bombshell Prepares

"A Bombshell isn't an ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of girl. As Lauren Stover stated in The Bombshell Manual of Style, "A Bombshell never dresses carelessly...[and] she behaves as if all life's a movie in which she is the star." ...
Bombshell by Gil Elvgren

... The first thing to take into consideration is mood. And there's no better way to set that mood than the right kind of music. How to decide? Well, it should be appropriate—if the planned event is a swing dance, the music will be from the 30s or 40s. It could be Chick Webb or Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey or Larry Clinton, or a modern group with the right sound. If it's a lounge-y, Rat Pack sort of event, late Frankie, maybe Dean Martin, or some other smooth Vegas sound will be just right. ..."
The Bombshell Prepares, article in Port Halcyon.

Women - as portrayed in British World War II advertising

"Women! Farmers can't grow all your vegetables. Dig for Victory."
[Click image for larger view at source]

Women - as portrayed in British World War II advertising. A brief look at how women were represented in popular advertising in the wartime Britain of the 1940's. (thanks to Johnny)

Hitchcock themes

Hitchcock.ru has a great section called 'soundtracks' where you actually can listen (or download) the themes from Hitchcocks' most well-known movies. Cool! (via X818)

Ospaaal poster art

Found in 'Cuban MoviePosters'

"Here you will find only original poster art by various designers of Ospaaal from the 1960s to the present. These posters were made by either offset or silk-screen techniques and have not been reproduced."

I have never heard of Ospaaal before - but they sure have collected some great art in here. I figure these posters are for sale for a good cause.
Several galleries with tons of the finest of poster art. Check it out! (via Papel Continuo)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Week 5: Drugs

As we descend into the world of drugs a few words of caution might be a good place to start off with. Wendell´s bitter tale of trying out that ever hallucinogenic devil; LSD, is as good a morale tale you´ll ever need. Just to be on the safe side however, we´ll have one more go at it. If you think cocaine was a popular drug surfacing in the 1980s, think again.
Memphis Jug Band

The jug band craze started back in Kentucky in the early 1900s. One of the most popular jug bands reared its head in Memphis in the 1920s. The Memphis Jug Band was the most prolific recording jug band (over a hundred sides between 1937 and 1934, that was a lot back then). These words of warning on cocaine was cut in Memphis in 1930. Fifty years before those yuppies started snorting away.

08. LSD – Wendell Austin
09. Cocaine Habit Blues – Memphis Jug Band

(sex:) Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4


bbaltimore says Blaarrggghhhhh! over at the Kitch Itch pool.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


[Click the eye for large and impressive view at the source.]

German site about the horror comic pulp novel series [thanks Ralf for the correction] DämonenKiller (here are the cool cover scans!). (via The Planet Of Sardines)

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Freesound Project

"The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to

-browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more
-up and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license
-interact with fellow sound-artists!

We also aim to create an open database of sounds that can also be used for scientific research. Many audio research institutions have trouble finding correctly licensed audio to test their algorithms. Many have voiced this problem, but so far there hasn't been a solution. ..."

Minor Swing

Django Joseph Reinhardt - Minor Swing. Oh, this is a good one! Dig! (via Scheinriese)

Update: I was a little too fast posting this assuming - as the post at Scheinriese kind of claimed - that it was Django Reinhardt in this video. Thanks to Linus for correcting me on this. But it was a Reinhardt! His brother! So I wasn't that far off! ;-)
Here's the source page with some other cool Reinhardt videos.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tofu Hut needs help!

The great Tofu Hut is doing a Kottke:

"... Here's what I bring to the table: if you make a donation of at least ten dollars to th' Hut (or the equivalent of thirteen bucks American for my out-of-the-US readers), you will find a super-duper, special, ten-song mix disc winging its way in the mail to you ASAP. On this disc, you'll find a collection of rarities, live cuts, obscurities, new wonders and whatever's catching my ear that day, along with comprehensive notes detailing more about the music, the artists and where you can find more of the same. It'll be like a CMJ disc, just Tofu-sized. Every month that you make a minimum contribution of ten bucks, you'll find a brand-new monthly mix on your doorstep and you can feel proud in knowing that you're helping keep the Tofu Hut alive. ..."

Read more about this deal over at the Hut. And best of luck to You, John!
The music blogosphere needs your posts and knowledge.

Literary Meme

I got this Literary Meme passed on to me by Eric at Paperholic. Thanks for that! I needed some time to think it over - but here are my answers:

You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451; which book do you want to be?

'Firestarter' by Stephen King. It was a fine book.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

YES!!!! (But I'm not telling. Still got the hots you know...)

What are you currently reading?

'How To Lose Friends and Alienate People' by
Toby Young. Just started.

The last book you bought is:

Hm... I'm thrifting so I buy dozens at the same time. But some of the latest are
Anaïs Nin's 'Incest', Brian Aldiss 'Hothouse' and Joe R. Lansdale's 'The Nightrunners'

The last book you read is:

On Being John McEnroe' by Tim Adams

Five books you would take to a desert island:

1. '
Oblomov' by Ivan Goncharov
2. '
A Confederacy of Dunces' by John Kennedy Toole
3. '
The Seven That Were Hanged' by Leonid Andreyev
4. '
The Time Machine' by H. G. Wells
5. '
Jerusalem' by Selma Lagerlöf

Who are you going to pass this stick to, and why?

I'm passing this on to
Bibi (Bibi's Box), William (Robot Action Boy) and Curt (The Groovy Age of Horror). Have fun kids!

Update: Others Meme's: Amazonfemme, Amusing World, Andromydah, Ayn Clouter's Blog, Bibi's Box, Bloag, BlowUpDoll, Chesterley, DD Denkt Laut, Dialogic, Emmy's Weblog, Eye Of the Goof, Firedoglake, Goldfish Don't Bounce, Green Duckies and Other Tales of Dana, Holisticstoner Blog, Lemming's Progress, Lenwood, Letting Loose With the Leptard, Life In The Present, Little English Girl, Loyal Opposition, M Valdemar, Magic Cookie, Ministry Of Propaganda, My2SecondShelfLife, Nevermind, NewMexiKen, One Man Safari, Paperholic, RecordBrother, Red Shoe Ramblings, Robot Action Boy, Scribbling Woman, SteveAudio, Strings, Twittering Machines, The Aardvark Speaks, The Big Blowdown, The Cartoonist, The Daily Echo, The Groovy Age of Horror, The Nonist, The Planet of Sardines, Tiberius and Gaius Speaking..., Tiki Stitch, Why Law, And many, many more...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


From the 'Sketchbook'

Fredo: Comix and illustration. (via A Best Truth)

More Buckle Shoe Beat

Thanks to Mats, I have uploaded Ding Dong from The Snobs' Heartbreak Hotell/Ding Dong Ep. Available for just three days. So - get it while it's hot!
Note: Rather poor quality. But it rocks!


"In 1972 they thought it would be nifty to create all kinds of strange recipes using cooked citrus. You be the judge whether you'd actually eat any of the crap or not. ..."
Retro Randy shares some very colorful scans from 'The Famous Florida Chef's Favorite Citrus Recipes'.

Roy Rogers tells and sings about Pecos Bill

This Week at Kiddie Records Weekly: "Roy Rogers tells the story of Pecos Bill, the little boy who fell out of a covered wagon and was raised by coyotes. Bill went on to become the roughest, toughest cowboy that ever lived. This Little Nipper album, which was reissued for years after it's initial release, is a shining example of the kind of extravagant production that went into children's records during the Golden Age."


"This is the offical website of Ugress - electronic cinematronic poptronic funksamplic music. If John Woo were directing music this is what it would sound like. You can download free mp3s, check out complete album previews, download music videos and indeed a helluvalot more. ...." (via Blogio Oddio)

Set #33

Some really far-out cover songs are ready to be enjoyed at Land of the 999 Dances (amongst the others: 'Wild Thing' as done by Fläsket Brinner, the Swedish progressive band.).


From 'Illustrierte Film-Buhne' 1948. About the noir classic 'Strasse ohne Namen' [The Street With No Name].

Some very nice scans from German movie magazines from the '40s and the '50s are made available by the great people at RetroGrafix. (thanks to -c21de)

Swingin' Fling

Hepcat Willy shares Alvino Rey's Swingin'Fling.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I'm tired.

Nirvara covers

13 Nirvana covers are posted by Liza. Some are good. Some are aweful (but hey! maybe they weren't that good from the start...)

Sculpture Moderne et Art Contemporain

'Living shadows: And now they were four'

SMAC.com (Sculpture Moderne et Art Contemporain) (thanks to Johnny)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Tintin had dodgy hormones

"Tintin, the intrepid comic book reporter, looks like a young teen because of a growth hormone deficiency and the effects of too many blows to the head, a study says.
"This could explain his delayed natural growth, delayed onset of puberty and lack of libido," reads the study, published in the latest issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. ..."
Read more about this (Thursday, 9 December 2004, old news - but new to me ;-)) at News in Science. (via Stationsvakt)

Tex Avery Tribute

A very nice tribute to genius cartoonist Tex Avery. (via LinkFilter.net)

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers

"You could arrange a boy holding a pile of wood,
and a cowboy staring knowingly into his eyes all day long
and not get a more suggestive pose than this."

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: Part 1 (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Buckle Shoe Beat!

"This page celebrates british beatgroup the Snobs who had a big hit 1964 with the racious Buckleshoe Stomp. Dressed in powdered wigs and buckleshoes, the members Eddy Gilbert, Colin Sandland, Peter Yerral & John Boulden was hugely popular in Scandinavia for a period. After having made two singles, the group disappeared & not much is known about the Snobs.
This page will provide some more information about the group."

So, my dear readers, help Mats (long time no seing.. eh...?!) find out even more about The Snobs. It looks like they had their share of fame around that time here in Scandinavia, and if I have understood this right - especially in Finland! So, you Fins out there: tell us about that time in your youth when you did crazy things like making out with a pretty girl wearing a stolen powdered wig on your head.
If you've got any inormation about this band please tell me (either in the comments or to mrdantefontana at gmail.com, and I will make sure that Mats (the manager of that page) will receive the information. Thank you.

Update: go·gorostiza points to British Path where you (if you fill out the form) will be able to watch a free preview of a video about the Snobs.

Update II: Thanks to Mats, here is Ding Dong from The Snobs' Heartbreak Hotell/Ding Dong Ep. Available for just three days. So - get it while it's hot!

Update III: Laura tells us about Upper Crust - "the world's most privileged band". A modern tribute to the Snobs??

Keely Smith Is Ready to Party Like It's 1958

"NEW YORK (Billboard) - Las Vegas is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, just as one of its greatest performers, Keely Smith, returns to the songs that helped make it the live entertainment capital. ..."
Yahoo News on Keely Smith's new album. (via This Is Pop!)

Octopus Pulp

"The octopus, known as poulpe in French, polip in Hungarian, and polypous in Classical Greek, is justifiably the essence of pulp.
Here you will locate hard-to-find images of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure pulp covers featuring the wily octopus.
As a writer, my fascination with the eight-armed critter with the endless supply of ink is understandable and ongoing.
It's really interesting how such a gentle and intelligent beast is so often maligned as a subject of fantasy art. Save the octopodes!"

Poulpe Pulp! (thanks to Johnny)

MP3 of the Moment: Scotty McKay in The Black Cat

"... I wanted to post the music of Scotty McKay as featured in the 1965 motion picture, The Black Cat. This is an undeservedly obscure little movie; perhaps the reputation of the typical Texas grindhouse flick (e.g., Larry Buchanan's The Naked Witch or Ray Kellogg's The Killer Shrews) has doomed this Fort Worth indy release from getting the audience it deserves. ...
It is without doubt the finest Poe picture to feature rockabilly legend and former Gene Vincent sideman Scotty McKay (aka Max Lipscomb) in some amazing nightclub sequences. ... "
Read the whole entry at M Valdemar. Then enjoy 2 numbers with Scotty McKay!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Week 4: Raunchy rhythm 'n blues

Back in the 1940s and 50s it wasn´t that uncommon for rhythm and blues acts to record two versions of their songs. One released to the general public and another, raunchier version to be sold unlabeled under the counter. Here´s two prime examples of this sadly long gone custom.

The Clovers.

06. Think Twice (version X) – Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker
07. The Rotten Cocksuckers ball – The Clovers

Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3

M. Hutter

'Kassiopeia II' (found in 'Grafik')

German artist M. Hutter: Paintings, Graphics & Drawings and some very nice Sketches. Some of these links goes to places where some of the works are Not Safe For Work. (via Pildore)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ugly? It's all in your mind!

"Father Alfred Juliano with his creation known as the worlds ugliest car."

"A bizarre car that has been dubbed the 'ugliest automobile in the world' is today back on the road 50 years after its launch. The unique Aurora, a 19 feet long monster that was built by an eccentric New York priest as the ultimate safety vehicle, is now turning heads again. Father Alfred Juliano bankrupted himself creating the prototype, which remained the only one ever built because the contraption was so full of faults no one wanted one. ..."
The World's Ugliest Car Is Restored! (via Buzz)

Vintage Movie Magazine Gallery

Ginger Rogers - Modern Screen - April 1938

Classic Actress Covers from the 1920s to 1950s (via RetroGrafix)

Erotic Dreams

Pasquale Dagorn And The Sounds of Love Orchestra - Erotic Dreams is available as a 41mb RAR-file (what is this?) at Tumble Forms. Ooh! Ooh Aah!

Charles Weever Cushman

Mar. 1939. South Bay Shore Drive, Miami.
[Click image to wiew at source]

Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries. (via Tacky Times Weblog)


Yesterday I received this important info about Blogger by Look At This. If you're a Blogger user - try it!

Also: Submit links to mrdantefontana at gmail.com. I do not promise to blog about them here - but I promise to check them out! I only blog about the finest of Pop Culture Links. If you've visited this blog over some time this is probably something you know about by now....

And tomorrow we will have another exciting HTMPL Prod. post here. That is something to look forward to (and maybe scares the shit out of some....)!

The sun is shining over Malmö!
I'm heading outdoors.

Have a nice day!

/Z aka Sebastian

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Bondage Jukebox

"Our ever-expanding compilation of popular songs featuring lyrics, either explicit or strongly implied, about bondage and related activities (as opposed to music to play in the background during scenes)."
The Bondage Jukebox (BDSM Music) (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Tour the Soviet Union!

Russia in the period before the mid 1930s employed some brilliant graphic design in its arts, propaganda and newspapers and magazines. There was less of a spillover into travel-related graphic design as in other countries. However, these pages showcase some of the examples in my collection.
Travel Brochures from 1930s Russia (via PLEP)

Some Blue Finger Project

New/Old stuff at Splusp!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bush-League Sessions

0:00 - mylo / destroy rock and roll / (7")
2:36 - moving units / anybody / dangerous dreams (LP)
5:43 - lcd soundsystem / on repeat / self titled (LP)
13:02 - simian mobile disco / the count / kitsune X (LP)
15:34 - vitalic / my friend dario / mp3 (vinyl arrived in the mail this morning, too late)
18:48 - dj assault / nympho / kitsune x (LP)
21:04 - ragazzi / ruler of the wasteland / friday (CD)
24:39 - out hud / requiem for a requiem / one life to leave (12")
28:29 - yukari rotten (fresh) / break (headman remix) / break (12")
32:28 - gang of four / if I could keep it for myself / solid gold (LP)
36:25 - chikinki / something more (tiefschwarz remix) / kitsune X (LP)
39:02 - new young pony club / ice cream / (7")
42:27 - new order / be music / power, corruption and lies (LP)
46:04 - paul mccartney / temporary secretary (radio slave edit) / (12")
50:26 - who made who / flat beat / two covers for your party (12")
54:14 - soldout / I don't want to have sex with you (spankers rock remix)/ 2nd 12"
60:12 - annie / heartbeat (alan braxe remix) / heartbeat (12")
65:23 - lcd soundsystem / great release / self titled (LP)

This cool mix is available at Smashed Robot.


Åke Eriksson (of Wasa Express) tells us: "In the 70´s i was in the group EGBA that made an album called "Jungle jam". A true classic of the Swedish fusion era of the 70´s.
I was in that band along with Bjarne, Lasse, Göran, Ahmadu and the two Uffes.
I´m sorry to say that "Jungle jam" has never been re-issued on CD to this day.
So, `til that day comes around, please help yourself to a sample of swedish fusion from the 70´s from EGBA here. Listen and enjoy! jazz-rockers of the world!"

EGBA - Jungle-jam

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Old-Time Radio Podcast

The OTR Podcast aims to bring you classic radio shows from the golden age straight to your desktop using the latest technology.
The OTR Podcast has a library of over 30,000 radio shows and aims to share some of them with you. There will be five podcasts running at any given time and the feeds can be accessed by clicking on the images in the "Current Podcasts" menu on the right.
[There is also the possibility to listen to these shows online if you've got the correct flash plugin]

CURRENT SHOWS : WEEK 2 (7/4/05 - 13/4/05)
The five new shows are now available. They are as follows:

The Saint - Greed Causes Murder - originally broadcast on 14/08/49
Sherlock Holmes - The Book of Tobit - originally broadcast on 26/03/45
The Six Shooter - Jenny Garver - originally broadcast on 20/09/53
The Mel Blanc Show - The Efficiency Expert - originally broadcast on 10/09/46
You Bet Your Life - originally broadcast on 05/10/49
(via I Like)

Learn more about the podcasting phenomena here.

The Ysleta High School Marimba Band

The Ysleta High School Marimba Band is uploaded for YOU to enjoy at Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show.
I almost love the cover artwork as much as the soft (and sometimes stompy) marimba music. Almost...
Who needs Billboard when you have stuff like this? Btw: Who needs Billboard in any kind of way? Yeah, Ok, the allready rich and greedy people...

Hot Rod Hootenanny

RecordBrother kicks off a Hot Rod Hootenanny!
Side One and Side Two.

Breakdancing the Pope

This [link goes to entry in In Last Minute where you will be able to download the cool movie clip] is how I am going to remember the pope (not as the medieval patriarch he often showed up as...) (via videos.antville.org)

Oh, your PATROL, it is SPACEful upon the soon time

Well... it's true. You can learn to accept your SPACE PATROL soonly, at
http://luxuriamusic.com Wednesday at 8pm PST/11EST/0400 GMT (Thursday), with
a rebroadcast at 5am PST/8am EST/1300 GMT Friday.

Tune in for essential listening from The T-Bones, Bruno Nicolai, Riz Ortolani, Paddy Kingsland, Robert Maxwell, and unfortunate missteps from Anita Bryant, Johnny Cash, and Peter Wyngarde. And? More.

Listen - chat - LOVE!

Official Space Patrol Blog: http://spacepatrol.blogspot.com

Official Space Patrol Swag: http://cafepress.com/spacepatrol

And here's a work in progress...

Remember, Luxuriamusic thrives on your donations and your participation.
Listen throughout the week for New Shows, including the legendary Otis
Fodder's "Friendly Persuasion"!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pepita Que Horror

MP3 of the Moment: Pepita Que Horror. From the Jess Franco film, Dr. Orloff's Monster.
Also, Jess Franco himself on piano. This cool stuff at M Valdemar's place.


Smoking! Cool, jazzy animation by Benoit Guillaume (music by Lounge Lizard) (via Fishbucket)

Donald C Myers

'In Harmonium' [Click image for larger view at source]

Donald C Myers - Fine narrative paintings (via Hysteria's StumbleUpon Blog)

Vintage movie poster reproductions

Vintage movie poster reproductions (5 pages) at KJA (commercial site). (thanks to Johnny)

Blues Groove

Hepcat Willy says: "Here's an album from Woody Herman and the Swingin' Herd, the band that swings the blues.
Herman had several Herds, with soon-to-be star names like Stan Getz, Zoot Sims and Vince Guaraldi.

It seems he was a great guy and bandleader, but forced in the end to play grueling tours in his old age because his manager embezzled the band's tax money, leaving Woody homeless. Read his biography of Woody Herman at Iceberg Radio and another at American Big Bands Database Plus.
Herman sings on all tunes. and Vince Guaraldi appears on all but two of the songs."
Blues Groove, by Woody Herman and the Swingin' Herd

Hitler caricatures

"What they wrote: In testimony before the National Court on 25 September 1930, Hitler declared that after a seizure of power by National Socialism "heads would roll" in Germany. The magazine Ulk found that the occasion for this truly revolting cartoon.
What happened: After taking power Hitler did let a large number of earlier "heads" roll into concentration camps. This was because he was determined to be a generous victor and because he wanted to spare the healthy and constructive population the horror of a violent reckoning with his opponents."

[Click Adolf for large view at source]

Hitler in Caricature at the German Propaganda Archive. (via GoodShit)

Sci-Fi book covers

'The Fire-Eater' & 'The Monadic Universe'

A great 'dex of Sci-Fi book covers. (via Quiddity)

Enchanted Garden at Bellybongo

You are about to listen to one of the unsung heroes of exotica, Rene Paulo.
Rene Paulo - Enchanted Garden

Nettans & Björns Nostalgisida

Dressed for Speedway. (Found in 'Mode' [Fashion])

Nettans & Björns Nostalgisida (Site in Swedish) got a lot to offer for the retro-brain. A great page about the Swedish caravan SMV (Sörby Mekaniska Verkstad). A very cool looking thing.
Pics of carpets from the 50s/60s. Found in Björns and Nettans' section for interior decoration.
Also, a little nice page with some Vespa advertising.
"Ni vinner på Vespa" [You are a winner on a Vespa]

And much more!! Check it out! You will have fun even if the only word in Swedish you know is Smorgasbord. Believe me! They've got some cool links to other places too. (thanks to 60's AD FAN)

Carl Howard

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Carl Howard, the winner of the latest entry-contest.

Who are you?

I am distinguished from monocellular micro-organisms by the fact unlike them, I do not spend 17 hours a day at the local Bowl-A-Rama. In contrast, I am not an AmeriKKKan religio-fascist who believes that if I just push the right buttons and fill the right pockets, I can single-handedly initiate The Rapture.

Do you believe in the Pope?

I believe in the secular power of the Papacy, because the hypnotic spell cast by that office over millions of Roman Catholics and other Christians can not be denied. However, the history of the Papacy bears out that its alleged moral mandate falls flat at the bottom line: POWER. Therefore, the idea that the Pope represents an other-worldly authority is a tragic and long-standing joke.

Do you believe in dope?

I believe in Dope, and in Rope. I would like to believe in Hope, but not in this sick fucking AmeriKKKa. Therefore, lacking currency with which to procure a parcel of Dope, I shall instead Mope.

Carl is The Host for the legendary Space Patrol show at Luxuriamusic.com.

Update: Learn more about Carl by reading my short interview with him Wednesday, September 22, 2004 on this very blog.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Want an entry here??

Third blog entry contest of '05

The first one to leave a comment I will blog next.
If you don't manage a site/blog I will blog an interview with you (or blog whatever you'd like me to blog)!
The contest is open for everyone except the earlier winners: Jolly Roger, Ken Minter, Michelle, Spike, MrBaliHai, Gonzalez on Speed, Evenings on the Lake and Feaverish.

Ready? Go!

/Z aka Sebastian

Update: While you're waiting on the next entry you could surf through my 300 feeds at Bloglines which I just made publicly availabel or listen to the Kiss Podcast.
And while I'm here I think I'd like to check on the blogosphere. Say after me: "Malmööööööö" Just like that.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Polynesian Percussion

Swanky says: George Cates you likely already know as the front man (other than Larry) of Lawrence Welk's band. Well, he also did one "Hawaiian" record and it's a classic.
George Cates' Polynesian Percussion. A great one!