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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Old-Time Radio Podcast

The OTR Podcast aims to bring you classic radio shows from the golden age straight to your desktop using the latest technology.
The OTR Podcast has a library of over 30,000 radio shows and aims to share some of them with you. There will be five podcasts running at any given time and the feeds can be accessed by clicking on the images in the "Current Podcasts" menu on the right.
[There is also the possibility to listen to these shows online if you've got the correct flash plugin]

CURRENT SHOWS : WEEK 2 (7/4/05 - 13/4/05)
The five new shows are now available. They are as follows:

The Saint - Greed Causes Murder - originally broadcast on 14/08/49
Sherlock Holmes - The Book of Tobit - originally broadcast on 26/03/45
The Six Shooter - Jenny Garver - originally broadcast on 20/09/53
The Mel Blanc Show - The Efficiency Expert - originally broadcast on 10/09/46
You Bet Your Life - originally broadcast on 05/10/49
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