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Monday, April 11, 2005

Buckle Shoe Beat!

"This page celebrates british beatgroup the Snobs who had a big hit 1964 with the racious Buckleshoe Stomp. Dressed in powdered wigs and buckleshoes, the members Eddy Gilbert, Colin Sandland, Peter Yerral & John Boulden was hugely popular in Scandinavia for a period. After having made two singles, the group disappeared & not much is known about the Snobs.
This page will provide some more information about the group."

So, my dear readers, help Mats (long time no seing.. eh...?!) find out even more about The Snobs. It looks like they had their share of fame around that time here in Scandinavia, and if I have understood this right - especially in Finland! So, you Fins out there: tell us about that time in your youth when you did crazy things like making out with a pretty girl wearing a stolen powdered wig on your head.
If you've got any inormation about this band please tell me (either in the comments or to mrdantefontana at gmail.com, and I will make sure that Mats (the manager of that page) will receive the information. Thank you.

Update: go·gorostiza points to British Path where you (if you fill out the form) will be able to watch a free preview of a video about the Snobs.

Update II: Thanks to Mats, here is Ding Dong from The Snobs' Heartbreak Hotell/Ding Dong Ep. Available for just three days. So - get it while it's hot!

Update III: Laura tells us about Upper Crust - "the world's most privileged band". A modern tribute to the Snobs??