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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nettans & Björns Nostalgisida

Dressed for Speedway. (Found in 'Mode' [Fashion])

Nettans & Björns Nostalgisida (Site in Swedish) got a lot to offer for the retro-brain. A great page about the Swedish caravan SMV (Sörby Mekaniska Verkstad). A very cool looking thing.
Pics of carpets from the 50s/60s. Found in Björns and Nettans' section for interior decoration.
Also, a little nice page with some Vespa advertising.
"Ni vinner på Vespa" [You are a winner on a Vespa]

And much more!! Check it out! You will have fun even if the only word in Swedish you know is Smorgasbord. Believe me! They've got some cool links to other places too. (thanks to 60's AD FAN)