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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


April 20, 2005

I'm taking a long break from PCL LinkDump.
I have other projects that need my time.
Also: I need this time out. I need to spend more time out-doors. The sun is shining friendlier and warmer for each day.

Important to know is that HTMPL's mp3 posting project will continue as usual. And I guess Carl will post his stuff once a week too.
But I'm out of here!

I will be gone for a month or two, probably not longer.

Now take care - hope to see you here when I come back!

Your friend,
/Z aka Sebastian

Ps. I will change the date for this post so it'll stay on top during my absence.

Update: You can still enjoy some links from me (and from the super great members!) over at the Pop Culture Links mailing list.

Update II: Hang on! Maybe I'll be back sooner than expected...