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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tofu Hut needs help!

The great Tofu Hut is doing a Kottke:

"... Here's what I bring to the table: if you make a donation of at least ten dollars to th' Hut (or the equivalent of thirteen bucks American for my out-of-the-US readers), you will find a super-duper, special, ten-song mix disc winging its way in the mail to you ASAP. On this disc, you'll find a collection of rarities, live cuts, obscurities, new wonders and whatever's catching my ear that day, along with comprehensive notes detailing more about the music, the artists and where you can find more of the same. It'll be like a CMJ disc, just Tofu-sized. Every month that you make a minimum contribution of ten bucks, you'll find a brand-new monthly mix on your doorstep and you can feel proud in knowing that you're helping keep the Tofu Hut alive. ..."

Read more about this deal over at the Hut. And best of luck to You, John!
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