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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Showcase

What is your mind? Another Golden Set of Mr. Ray.

Double Impact

You don't know all the words to the Bonanza theme song? I'm sorry, I'm not sure I can be seen with you anymore. Don't feel bad, I didn't know them myself until I heard the great collection of TV theme songs from the 1959-60 TV season which contains the recognizable Bonanza and Twilight Zone themes, but better still, clunkers like "International Detective", "Johnny Staccato", "Men Into Space", and "Bourbon Street Beat".

Iron Clow the Pirate

We love the Turkish movies, yes we do, so we were pretty happy to hear about a new blog all about vintage Turkish movie posters. OK, some are a little blurry, but where else can you find posters of Iron Clow the Pirate and Turkish Fu Manchu (above, and below, respectively)?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Le Crown du Jughead

Follow the evolution of Jughead's hat over at I'm Learning to Share.

Cúlpale a la Bossa Nova

Is it possible to have too many versions of "Blame it on the Bossa Nova"? Hell NO, I say. Especially as performed by Sal Mineo's (very) distant cousin Enrique Guzmán-- graciously offered to us by Loca, Loca Juventud. Bonus points for a Spanish version of Limbo Rock.

Bubble Gum Cards

Diverse set of trading cards here.

Green Beret's

The Rat Patrol
Mark didn't like sneak attacks and he let the Nazis know it. His aim was deadly! German after German felt the sting of a bullet from his gun. Mark yelled mockingly, "And here's one for the boys at home!"

Note: Apparently the site ain't into sharing their pics of the cards highlighted. The thumbs up is wavering.....Never fear, the Yuma pics are free and clear for linking as my paper route money paid for all these suckers!

Here are few from the personal Yuma collection.....

Why aren't there guys named Whammy anymore in professional sports?

Rip Repulski?

I love trading cards and have over 20,000 baseball cards sitting in hermetically sealed sleeves ready for the apocalypse when Mantle rookies will be the new gold standard.
My childhood in a nutshell:
Open pack, ingest year old piece of Bazooka, flip through cards looking for Mantle, Mays or Aaron. Repeat process until mouth swells to size of medium sized grapefruit and warning signs of a diabetic coma ensue. Stop and resume next day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brazil punk artyfacts

Teen Trash presents Brazilian 60s Punk Artyfacts, with edgier pop sides by the Brazilian Bitles, Os Incríveis, Luizinho & Seus Dinamites, and many others-- showing that the 60s garage band sound was evolving in South America as well as the rest of the world.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bat Guano Takes a Time Out

Host of SwaG!, Bat Guano, has canceled all appearances, appointments, concerts and broadcasts for the coming week. The reason given by his manager is “emotional exhaustion.”

In last week’s SwaG! Mr. Guano plays a full gamut of music, from Napalm Death to Tom Jones, Roland Kirk to Herb Alpert. There may be clues in his style of radio programing pointing to his state of mind. Or not....
This is about a three-hour radio program recording that you can get here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Turkish Spiderman vs. Captain Turkey and possibly some Mexican Wrestlers

I simply don't have the attention span to devote to an entire 90 minute movie, so this action-packed Turkish movie that clocks in at a solid 4:09 was just about right. Though I was sort of thinking about wandering into the lobby for some Junior Mints at about 3:00 in. I must say that I expecting a different outcome when I saw the bad guy feeding some gerbils into a long plastic tube though.....

Stolen off the Facebook page of my old pal Mr. Teflon, which seems like all Facebook is good for.

Hobbies for Shut-Ins

If you find yourself with a lot of spare time due to, say, house arrest or being unable to fit through your bedroom door for the past year due to excessive obesity, you may be interested in this exciting opportunity to learn a skill that was effectively outdated by the Nixon Era--ventriloquism. With the help of this album by Jimmy Nelson on "Juro Celebrity Records" (Celebrity? Who are they kidding!) you too can master the techniques of throwing your voice, provided you are prepared to spend countless hours in front of mirror watching for errant movement in your lips. And remember, kids, you don't even need a ventriloquist's dummy, your hand and a fright wig will suffice.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hangover Boogie

Maybe the honky-tonk piano isn't the best soundtrack for a massive hangover, but when you're feeling up to some Western swing again after last night's festivities, you might like this collection from Bob Newman.

Great tunes and juvenile humor (see below)....yep, that's why I love my gal Andrea's blog.....


Yes, I have an endless hunger for classic Bollywood, especially when they display moves like Mithun Chakraborty does on the stairs, as he courts the lovely Ranjeeta.

Thanks to Papy Potage for showing it to me....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bat Boy

Today, when I saw the headline Batboy turns 100, I thought it was about this guy.

I miss the Weekly World News. They still do stories on Batboy, most recently his tax extension.

If you are, like I am, and actually love real bats, Bat World is a bat sanctuary and looks for volunteers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dirty Stop Out - Kinky melody

From Violet Blue

The exquisite Kinky Melody video by Dirty Stop Out is a lot like an evening with the Extra Action Marching Band, complete with a hella sexy horn section. But I don’t know if anyone’s even been whipped over a barrel at a gig… yet.

The exclusive, no sign-in direct link to the video is here. They explain:

Stop Out is a band created by Joe Corre and “Filthy” Luca Mainardi with The Clash’s Mick Jones and backed by a colorful band of vagabonds on a mission to revive the forgotten world of sexy, sweaty entertainment through an ever changing musical experience and interesting collaborations.

Dumb Angel

Far-Out. Nice blog devoted to the pop/surf culture that thrived in the 1960's and the people who are working to preserve that culture.

"Here’s a business card from the Beat Generation coffeehouse once located at 860 South Pacific Coast Boulevard."

"Surf-era flyer for the Rendezvous Ballroom."

"The hidden gem of old Surf Route 101."

Signor Rossi

This music is waaaaaay too good for a 60s kids show, even an Italian one. I'm just groovin' on its Bim Bum Bam Papabum and Tutankamen Cha Cha Cha, from composer Franco Godi--thanks to Stigma Rest Room for making it mine.

Swingin' with The Con's Combo

More than just goofy pop covers (tho I did snicker at "fresh appetizing jung love for sale" in "Amor en Venta"), sixties Argentinian band The Con's Combo delivers a delightfully off-kilter take on the jazz standard "Lover", the oddball pop-spiritual "Nadie lo Sabe" (Glory Hallelu-JUH, jes jes my lord), and a fun version of Simon Smith and his dancing bear, which I have only heard performed by the Muppets.

As a matter of fact, let's Jerk it OUT with The Con's Combo!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Billy Squier - Icon Of The 1980's - Critical Analysis

:07 - Howard Stern lookalike arises from a satin sheet slumber with "sunlight" cascading from a window treatment that was unattended to the previous evening. This is a clear indication that Mr. Squier is not a true rock star. Rock legends never awake while the sun is up and if they unintentionally happened to awake during the daylight hours, associates would have been summarily dismissed. Utilization of director Kenny Ortega is a choice that has been debated for years by 80's scholars. Mr. Ortega is primarily known, at that point in time, for his choreographic work in "Xanadu". He has subsequently been involved in the High School Musical trilogies and Cheetah Girls series. Rock and Roll and Kenny Ortega? The debate, will no doubt continue for decades to come.

:13 - Hair is perfectly coiffed yet Mr. Squier arises as if he has ingested vast amounts of narcotics and/or engaged in wanton sexual activities with hundreds of sex-starved groupies the previous evening. A contraindication of major proportions.

:25 - The shirt. Who designed it and why? I suspect it is a homage to the punk movement. Clearly misses the mark.

:30 to 3:30 - The "Stripper" Dance. Notice how Mr. Squier "warms up" his mojo around the :28 second mark and then loses all self respect for the next 3 minutes by prancing around like a cheap pole dancer. Clearly Mr. Ortega's influence is on display in this controversial sequence. No written records exist as to why Mr. Squier subjected himself to this debacle. Of greater mystery is why does he rip the aforementioned first shirt only to don a second hideous version?

3:30 to end - Billy enters the final descent into hell with an excruciating performance in an art gallery full of cheap Warhol imitations and a band that defines an entire era of excess and waste.

Why Billy? Why?

Respectfully submitted.......


Toe-Tappin' Theremin

It once was lost but now is found, they thought it got mixed in with that bunch of old clothes that was sent to the Goodwill, but NO! Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album has been located, so now we can all have versions of La Vie en Rose and Summertime as performed on electronic musical saw, a description I'm sure will provoke the ire of theremin lovers across the globe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Aardvarks

There's this band from Belgium. I've never heard them play, but they do have their poster artwork together.

update: ah, they are on youtube!!!

This is Religion

Sell the sizzle - not the steak.

The little Dickens is nailing the syntax using only phonemes.

via Why, That's delightful

Canadian Safety Videos

Not for the faint of heart, here's an almost-complete collection of current tv and radio safety spots.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Loco Weed'll Get Ya.

As the calendar turns to April 20th, we here at PCL Headquarters want to remind you 420 revelers to celebrate responsibly. Mostly that means staying away from this guy here:

(Personally, I think this would make a great double bill with "Killer Condom.")

[via Wrong Side of the Art.]

A song a day ...

Ólafur Arnalds to record and release one song per day.

"With the critically acclaimed debut album 'Eulogy for Evolution' and follow-up EP 'Variations of Static' – both released on the cinematic music label Erased Tapes – under his belt, Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds embarks on a brand new collection of tracks entitled `Found Songs'. Each track from this series will be created and released within 24 hours and made exclusively available online as a free download on http://foundsongs.erasedtapes.com/"

Listen to Percy Trout tonight!

Monday Night (4-20-09)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Bienvenido Granda

They just don't sing 'em like they used to, nor do they design sets like they used to, for that matter. For more from Cuban singer Bienvenido Granda, affectionally known as "The Mustache that Sings", go to Musica Alrededor del Mundo.

Mad Science

A collection you should browse via Silverghost1951

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Scorpio

A "Golden Style" of Mr. Ray - Not the same Mr. Ray of Baltimore and John Waters Movie Fame. That's our man in the photo.

Late Bloomer ("Osoi Hito") - Official US Trailer

Late Bloomer ("Osoi Hito") - Official US Trailer (2004, directed by Go Shibata, flash video 02:29). Music by World's End Girlfriend. "...He was disabled with cerebral palsy, but all he wanted was to hang out with his friends, just like anybody else. Beer, rock and roll, and women. But when his best friend steals his secret love, he launches into a cold-blooded rampage of revenge."

Cotton Club Legends

Page Mr. Volstead is offering a succulent collection of music from legendary musicians who played Harlem's Cotton Club from the late 20s through the early 40s, including Jimmie Lunceford, Duke Ellington. Eubie Blake, and Cab Calloway. I'm loving Billy Banks' Scat Song, featuring some tips on writing your own Depression era wedding vows, skate 'n skeet, and hidey-hi, and scat-a-lat-a-lat indeed.

And now that you're in that era's musical groove, try the interestingly named Young Man With an Organ collection by Fats Waller courtesy of Good Old Ones.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wonder Woman Pilot

This is William Dozier ("Batman")'s 1967 pilot 'presentation' for Wonder Woman - a far cry from the Lynda Carter version nine years later.

"How do you expect to get a husband, flying around all the time?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey hey, today's special is music!

Have you heard the news?!

Our famous friend Jan Turkenburg (yes, the same...) has released his first CD – one of those cool silver round things – of children’s songs on my label WM Recordings. It includes 10 really nice and funny songs. All in Dutch, but the CD also includes the instrumental versions, so you can make up your own words!

You can preview the CD at Last.fm:


(You can even download the title track for free!)

The CD can be ordered from www.meneerjan.nl (press the big shiny PayPal button) or directly from me.

best wishes,



WM Recordings

PO Box 26

6400 AA Heerlen

The Netherlands


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exceeding the Speed Limit

Exceeding the Speed Limit
Originally uploaded by froggyboggler

Giddyap there Sparky, or it's the handbag factory for you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

La Cucaracha

I love this vintage record sleeve from Los Que no se Consiguen depicting a startled cockroach (one of those sassy utensils probably switched on the lights suddenly) and some grooovy log-letters. You can also get a completely un-ironic version of La Cucaracha there, should you have need of such a thing.

Trailer for Calypso Heat Wave

Trailer for Calypso Heat Wave (1957, directed by Fred F. Sears, Flash Video 01:58). Featuring Paul Langton, Merry Anders, Johnny Desmond, Maya Angelou, The Tarriers, Alan Arkin, The Hi-Los, Johnny Desmond, and The Treniers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Grief, Bat Guano! You're Looking at CLOUDS!

A condensation of the summary description of this episode of the SwaG! radio program would be pointless. And the artwork might put PCL LinkDump at risk of lawsuit, so we are omitting it for this post. So just go see if you want this three hour recording or not.

RIP Marilyn Chambers

Miss New Amerika

"In 1987 ABC broadcast the highly controversial miniseries AMERIKA, a bloated piece of late Cold War hysteria that was clearly out of place in the era of Mikhail Gorbachev and glasnost. ...
The premise of AMERIKA, which is set in 1997, is that the Soviet Union conquered the United States ten years earlier and that the country is now suffering under a brutal Red occupation. ...

Video clip added by drmilo.

Mariel Hemingway plays Kimberly Ballard, an American actress and singer who also happens to be the mistress of a Soviet colonel played by Sam Neill. But Hemingway’s character is conflicted over the occupation and circumvents her lover’s authority by moonlighting as a member of a guerrilla theater troupe that performs subversive sketches. One such sketch is a musical comedy number entitled “Miss New America” that must be seen to be believed. ..."

Read full entry over at Conelrad's: Miss New Amerika: Mariel Hemingway, 1987.

Eurovision 1966

Eurovision 2009 is only about than a month away, but if you can’t wait for the spectacle to begin, you may find some comfort in these vintage 1966 Eurovision tracks on Belter records, from Memorias Musicales. You may have already seen the video of Madalena Iglesias’ performance of El y Ella here on PCL a while back, and now you can have the song for your very own. Though I'm not sure I will ever love anything more than Spain's entry from last year....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke Those Cigarettes...

Living vicariously through these vintage commercials.....

Check out the orgiastic woman at the end of this one as she tokes her Pall Mall.

Pat Boone Cartoon

I am aware of the fact that the phrase Pat Boone Cartoon is redundant....you can download the entire DC comic book at Beware, There's a Crosseyed Cyclops in My Basement (and I thought I had a stupid blog name), which I found via stwallskull. Thankfully, they were able to locate a DC artist who could draw white bucks.

Kutiman mixes YouTube

Frits wrote on his soundtrack of my life:

Friends sent me a link to the site of a guy who calls himself Kutiman . He mixes sounds (and images) that he finds on YouTube into new compositions. This project is called ThruYou. Compared to what Kutiman does (here), any MashUp is child’s play. And the result is amazing! Please check all the compositions, because they are very different. I especially like Just a lady.

Tom Tom the Elevator Boy

Even those dorky Hollywood costumes couldn't squeeze the life out of Leo Watson and the Spirits of Rhythm, seen here in a clip from the 1941 movie "Sweetheart of the Campus". I wonder if Leo had more influence on Slim Gaillard when the two worked together, or vice versa.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stupid Doo-wop

I don’t usually care for doo-wop music since it tends to focus on such mundane topics as love and heartbreak, yawn. But once the song topics turn to disreputable loan companies, fat girlfriends, purple stew, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (wow, someone was actually paying attention in class!) and how all babes love guys who wear Bermuda shorts, suddenly I'm interested. They can all be found at Bebop Wino right about now, actually.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stoopnocracy is Peachy

If you bother with such trivialities as Facebook, you may want to check out the fan page for 1930s comedy duo Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd. I knew of them through their appearance in the 1932 mish-mash movie International House with W. C. Fields, and in the live action segment of a Max Fleischer cartoon (below), but the Facebook page has led me to a plethora of vintage weirdness from the duo. Fair warning though, listening to early 1930s comedy requires you to adjust to its much slower pace than what we are used to. If you feel an overwhelming urge to multitask while listening, try doing some whittling, or tat an antimacassar.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kenny Rogers, Chicken Killer

Be sure to check out Yee Haw Industries other products, like their Presidential Wrestling Posters.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Saw this over at Idil Vice the other day.
My friend Andrew is a HUGE Godzilla fan. In fact, Godzilla references were a big part of his wedding, which I was a groomsperson.

The last time I saw a Godzilla flick was at a drive-in about 10 years ago. My boyfriend at the time and I traveled because that was what I wanted to do for my birthday--go to the drive-in. I hadn't been to one since high school. The Route 35 Drive In. Joe Bob Briggs even wrote about it for Entertainment Weekly.

Anyway, if you are hankering to go to the drive-in, check Drive In Movie and see if there is one near you.

The Lennon Sisters

Think celeb stalking murders only happen to the say, talented or famous? I know that's harsh, but I bet you didn't know about this one.

John Barleycorn, Nicotine, and the Temptations of Eve

Help me out, people.... as soon as I heard the open of this video by Red Ingle referring to "John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the Temptations of Eve" I thought, oh yeah, the start of Ed Sanders' The Iliad ....but NO! Now I can't recall where else I've heard that phrase from. Can anyone else remember?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Try it, bitches! Ha!

The secrets:
a: give everything a name
b: progress in a trackable fashion, e.g.: corners 2 then center 2 the middle two rows bottom up.

Whoo! Scrapin' the bottom, ain't I?

Meet the Beatles

Here's my criteria for accepting or rejecting people who want to be my friend on last.fm...if you have either Beck or the Beatles in your top 10, forget it. But songs about the Beatles are another thing altogether.

I know some hipper-than-thou sort is going to make fun of me for being nearly a month late noting blowupdoll's bizarro collection of Beatle-related songs - including a girl Beatle band, Yoko ululating about the joys of being Mrs. Lennon (I'm assuming she ululates....YOU download it and tell me if I'm wrong, OK?), and Sissy Spacek's plea to John Lennon to throw a towel over it already. But I'm working 12 hour days for the foreseeable future, so who has time for endless searching for crap music???? Damn it all.

image from here

Monday, April 06, 2009

This Post Is All About Politics

So There!
Got a month? You may enjoy this excruciatingly slow loading and poorly set up Indonesian Election Poster Gallery. Then again, maybe not. Smiling's not that big of a thing over there I notice. Also, do they keep using Obama because he has "bomb" in his name? If so, then why David Beckham as a spokesmodel?
At least I've learned that if I ever run for anything I'm getting a Superman suit, bootleg Photoshop and a baby.