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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Meet the Beatles

Here's my criteria for accepting or rejecting people who want to be my friend on last.fm...if you have either Beck or the Beatles in your top 10, forget it. But songs about the Beatles are another thing altogether.

I know some hipper-than-thou sort is going to make fun of me for being nearly a month late noting blowupdoll's bizarro collection of Beatle-related songs - including a girl Beatle band, Yoko ululating about the joys of being Mrs. Lennon (I'm assuming she ululates....YOU download it and tell me if I'm wrong, OK?), and Sissy Spacek's plea to John Lennon to throw a towel over it already. But I'm working 12 hour days for the foreseeable future, so who has time for endless searching for crap music???? Damn it all.

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