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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bubble Gum Cards

Diverse set of trading cards here.

Green Beret's

The Rat Patrol
Mark didn't like sneak attacks and he let the Nazis know it. His aim was deadly! German after German felt the sting of a bullet from his gun. Mark yelled mockingly, "And here's one for the boys at home!"

Note: Apparently the site ain't into sharing their pics of the cards highlighted. The thumbs up is wavering.....Never fear, the Yuma pics are free and clear for linking as my paper route money paid for all these suckers!

Here are few from the personal Yuma collection.....

Why aren't there guys named Whammy anymore in professional sports?

Rip Repulski?

I love trading cards and have over 20,000 baseball cards sitting in hermetically sealed sleeves ready for the apocalypse when Mantle rookies will be the new gold standard.
My childhood in a nutshell:
Open pack, ingest year old piece of Bazooka, flip through cards looking for Mantle, Mays or Aaron. Repeat process until mouth swells to size of medium sized grapefruit and warning signs of a diabetic coma ensue. Stop and resume next day.