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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Housewife orchestra "De Klinkende Pannen"

Exte - Hair Extensions Trailer

Exte - Hair Extensions Trailer (2007, directed by Sion Sono). "...What if extensions carried the grudge of the individual to which the hair originally belonged and started attacking people wearing it at random?"

All Hail the Bum!

Back in the Golden Age of Polynesian Pop, vast Temples of Tiki sprang up all around the U.S. and slaked the thirst of their neo-primitive acolytes with mysterious and potent palliatives made from fresh fruit juices, exotic spice syrups, and expert blends of top-shelf rums. The recipes themselves were guarded more closely than nuclear secrets by their creators; the ingredients precisely dispensed in unlabeled, numbered bottles by the Chinese and Phillipino bartenders who labored ceaselessly behind bars of teak and bamboo to create classic cocktails like the Zombie, Mai Tai, Scorpion Bowl, Astro Aku Aku, and many others.

But in the dark ages of the 1970s and 80s, when the temples fell into ruin and their followers scattered, these pinnacles of the mixologist's art fell into disrepute and became the object of scorn, derided as too-sweet "girly" drinks. Ironically, the very secrecy that protected the original recipes from falling into the hands of their competitors had opened the door for vastly inferior imitations that diluted the potency and provenance of their namesakes.

In 1998, Jeff "Beachbum" Berry first hiked up his surf jammies and stood practically alone against this fetid tide of rancid rotgut with his quintessential volume of resurrected tropical tipples,
Beachbum Berry's Grog Log. Filled with authentic recipes, often cadged directly from the cribbed notes of retired barhands, the Grog Log was an instant underground hit that introduced a new generation to the forgotten joys of authentic vintage tropical-cocktail mixology. Berry soon followed it with two more bibles of cocktailiana, Intoxica! and Taboo Table, the latter an attempt at preserving the classic restaurant recipes of the PolyPop Era.

The Bum's latest masterwork was released back in June. In addition to another motherlode of fabulous cocktail recipes, Sippin' Safari parts the curtain on the misty faux-Polynesian past and casts a spotlight on the personalities who made it happen; larger-than-life characters like the grandaddy of the tropical cocktail, Donn Beach (AKA Don the Beachcomber), along with Ray Buhen, Bob Esmino, and Mariano Lucidine who started out as employees in his Beachcomber restaurants, then struck out to find success with their own legendary watering holes, the Tiki Ti, Mai Kai, and Kon Tiki (defunct).

So to all who love a good drink made well, I say, hoist your glasses high and raise a toast to the Messiah of Tropical Mixology...All Hail the Bum!

Beachbum Berry's Grog Blog

Monday, July 30, 2007

Listen to Percy Trout Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

from all over the Globe!

Listen to a BRAND NEW SHOW TONIGHT (July 30, 2007)!

from 8pm to 10pm EST-USA.

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, Ky.

Listen Online

Wild Guitars

Let's celebrate the new team member here, MrBaliHai, with a ritual fire dance and some Wild Guitars with Les Baxter (shared by Music & Memories).

Note: I'll be absent for a week or so. Take care!

More Posts About Tiki and Punk

Aloha, Linkdumpees. Mr. Bali Hai from Eye of the Goof here. Your heroic commanDante has graciously invited me to join the PCL team, and I'll endeavor to settle into a unique niche here that complements the already formidable talents of the other contributors.

My tastes in art, design, and drink run toward the exotic Polynesian Pop era of the 1950s and 60s, more commonly known as Tiki. Since that area's a bit under-represented here at PCL, I'll be making a few posts on the topic over the course of the week.

Musically, I like things a little rawer. Punk is my bag, and has been since 1977, when one of my best friends from high school and former bandmate, X-8, helped found one of the first xeroxed punk fanzines, fLiPSiDE. The magazine is sadly no more, a victim of record company legal shenanigans, but its memory lives on at the various websites collected on this 30-year anniversary tribute page:

X-8's 30-Years of fLiPSiDE

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A fit liar.

As you can see by studying this clip closely men are not half as bad as women. At least they have the good manners to wave sweetly into the camera so you won't notice anything bad going on. If there is something bad going on at all that is. Well... Maybe the blue strings ... or maybe the music.

Let's Go Shopping!

Need the perfect vintage gift for that special someone? Have I got an online store for you, chock full of vintage store stock from the sixties & earlier.

Charles Mingus in Stockholm 1965

I just received this clip from THE完 PERFECT完 AMERICAN な. Thanks!
It's from a rehearsal with Charlie Mingus and his band in Stockholm in 1965.
Simply beautiful music.

Clip added by PedroMendesDjembe

Is It True?

Is this just a rumour, or is it all true. Baikinange? You too??? Noooo. No way! All women can't be bad. That aint right. Just a little bad a few times a day. Just to spice things up a bit. Btw I'm pretty bad myself by putting this up on the internets for all to see. Tee hee.

All Women Are Bad, is a movie NSFW movie, and so are this trailer. (via Strange Ink)


Charlie Byrd's Aquarius

"Check out this classy collection of Right Now songs from guitar virtuoso Charlie Byrd. Helped out by the likes of Herbie Hancock on keyboards and Vinnie Bell on guitar, Charlie creates a smooth gently-swingin' album with fresh arrangements of the hit tunes of the moment."

The Injury Simulation People

I’m a big fan of theme parties, so seeing the site for Image Perspectives School of Moulage made me think, what could possibly be more “drop-dead” than a graphically accurate disaster theme party?
Image Perspectives will design and create all of the latex mock injuries to simulate a natural disaster or terrorist event (your choice) using moulage, a moldable and reusable wax.
Or opt for their Biochemical scenario package, featuring simulated events of Sarin and Anthrax and Smallpox (oh my!)....or a Mass Casualty Incident Package for 150 at only $1 per casualty (is anyone else thinking "what a creative, not to mention economical, idea for a wedding rehearsal dinner"?). Also available are makeup kits with foundation in colors such as “cyanotic”, ”capillary stipple” and “cadaver grey”.
Your guests will have a blast playing “guess my injury” as a conversational icebreaker.

”And you have...a sucking chest wound?”

“Right!! And you’ve got...an avulsion with skin flap?”

(high five)

I'm back!

No, I'm not going to bore you with all the bird pics I've shot. Here are my essential holiday photographs: my favourite pub and so on...


'Race Against Time' & 'Uglyhead'

Scrappyboy (aka Christopher Lopa) is a member of the cut-and-paste society that is better known as Scrapiteria. Check!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Witches Hat

An Interview with Dyanne Thorne

"Dyanne Thorne made famous the role she played in four Ilsa movies, that sexy soldier of fortune with the tough attitude and incredible figure that everyone loves to hate. What you didn't know is she's been a fine actress of stage and screen for over 30 years with many varied interests ranging from sketch comedy to philosophy. Recently, Dyanne took some time to speak with us."

"... -With the Ilsa movie I’ve read people stopped being your friends after you made it?
-I got a lot of flack from that. You have to realize I came out of a very serious acting group. Part of that philosophy is not only to be the best you can be, but help support & promote properties and projects that are going to make the world a better place. Respectable colleagues thought I had totally sold out by taking some of the projects that I’d taken. The
truth is I hadn’t been offered the other kind.

-In your Ilsa movies your role is so powerful and forceful. Especially during the time in the 1970’s most women were being saved, exploited, or raped. You were the one kicking ass and making the rules. At the time that was so mind shattering. Today, everybody is trying to be that. Today you would have had a huge career.
-We can’t all be Rocky Stallone.

Steve Graf
and Randy Waage interviews Dyanne Thorne for retroCRUSH.

Dyanne Thorne - A retroCRUSH Interview With The Star of The "Ilsa" Movies.

A little bonus - The Chainsaw Arm Wrestling scene from 'Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia'.
You've got to hand it to me - that's a real bloodsport...

Another Bonus is this bunch of screeen caps from 'Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS' posted over at Nostalgia Party No. 2.

Too Many Super Heroes

Friday, July 27, 2007

Moog Plays Abba

Moog Plays Abba (an Australia-only release from 1976), available thanks to Third Island.

ACE Double Mystery

ACE Double Mystery Series - cover scans (via The Groovy Age of Horror)

Jürgen Nefzger

Nogent-sur-Marne, France, 2003
Sellafield, UK, 2005
(Click images for larger view at site.)
The photography by Jürgen Nefzger (via Conscientious)

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66

Day Tripper:

Added by visualguidance

Wichita Lineman:

Added by charlasbronson


Added by charlasbronson

Mas Que Nada:

Added by thecatkeaton

Mmmmmm! Perfect.

Dario Moreno - Ni Na Nai

I stopped by the new location of the great 60s French music site Teppaz and Co., and happened upon a reference to Dario Moreno, who appears on my treasured poster of Oh! Que Mambo, yes I know, I already posted this.

Wanting to discover more about Mr. Moreno led me to the peppy little video entitled Ni Na Nai (can anyone tell me what he is serving to bouffant gal & her date? Very runny brie??).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tommy Guerrero - Future Primitive - 1985

Tommy Guerrero - Future Primitive - 1985. "...Tommy G's part in Future Primitive was the first real street skating video segment, and the first to spotlight the streets of SF as the natural skatepark that they were and are."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturated Fat Sculpture

Of course, the heyday of the butter (and lard) sculpture was back in the days when the State Fair still meant something (but when was the heyday of the word “heyday”?)....as seen by this exceptional statue of Teddy Roosevelt in butter, and these frolicking lard pigs.

You can probably see the traditional butter cow at most State Fairs, but who else is providing a forum for the saturated fat sculpturists? Maybe only giant weddings can provide a place for sculpture as ambitious and soul-stirring as this Last Supper in butter.

Some State Fairs are still getting it right. And as if being crowned Butter Princess at the Minnesota State Fair isn't enough, you also have the honor of getting your likeness rendered in pure creamy Midwestern butter.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Baikinange's heels - Colonel Bleep!

Same drill as Diver Dan - really short - and on Buster Starr's kid show, (maybe?) in Chicago, or more specifically, my house at 16932 Elm Lane Drive, Tinley Park. (It's still there)

What I liked ....like about it is it's swingin' 60's dry brush tempera style. Also strangely, there were NO color televisions....why the color then?

CONVERSELY, home from school on a sick day, they'd run 20 of these in a row, and you'd want to shoot yourself.

A MrDanteFontana-based Post

PiL live in Japan 1983. Obtained in 1984 by an Atlantic City garbageman named Denny who ordered it from Japan. Betamax!

I'd say it rocks but then I'd have to storm off the stage in disgust at myself. But it does.

1 hour 1 minute - uncut. God bless Google Video's tolerant upload policies.

Diver Dan

"Forrrrrrrrrrrr....he protects and he saves his friends under the waves, that's where you'll find Diver Dan".
Diver Dan was a series of 7 minute live-action "adventure" segments (actually, watch more than 1 episode and you'll probably need to lay down for a little nap) shown on local kids TV shows in the 1960s and 70s. (I saw them in the Chicago area, they may have appeared elsewhere as well.) Diver Dan and H-A-W-T blonde mermaid (OK, so she was only hawt-ish, then) named Minerva were the two human actors; the rest of the characters were fish marionettes (who would often spin out of control if they bumped into anything) shot through a huge aquarium to give the series its oh-so-authentic "bubble-action".

The bad guy, Baron Barracuda, sounded like Bela Lugosi, and his sidekick, Trigger Fish, always had a ciggie hanging from the side of his mouth (unlit, as you might imagine).

The series was co-written by Danny Bonaduce's father, Joseph, in case that matters to anyone.

Below: Dan struggles for his life when he meets up with "The Octopus"!

Monday, July 23, 2007

You are DEAD to Me.

Photographs are moments that are forever frozen in time. So it follows that defaced photographs are those frozen moments that have been stabbed repeatedly with an icepick.

Some collections of intentionally defaced photos:

From Square America

From Flickr's Defaced Photos (Vintage) group

It must be some sort of trend....the Peabody Essex art museum in Massachusetts currently has an exhibition running through January of '08 entitled Accidental Mysteries that includes the above photo, "Cut Faces".

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dillinger Days

There were many notorious gangsters of the early 1930s, but few of the names are still as recognizable today as that of John Dillinger. During his brief nine-month crime spree, Dillinger’s daring bank robberies were front page stories across the nation. Many readers hit hard by the Depression and subsequent bank foreclosures viewed him as a Robin Hood figure. His ability to escape from prisons and police raids gave him a larger-than-life image, almost movie star status.

So naturally his very public death on July 22, 1934 near an alley outside Chicago’s crowded Biograph theater started a media frenzy. Hundreds of visitors were allowed to file past the slain gangster’s body in a morgue (the above photo is what began rumors that Dillinger was excessively endowed--it's his arm, OK?), while others out in the streets dipped their handkerchiefs in his pool of blood where he had been shot down by FBI agents. Newsreel filmmakers and photographers were in hand to capture the events, and physicians even made a death mask of the corpse.

Even Dillinger’s father was caught up in the frenzy, presenting “Crime Does Not Pay” lectures across the country with a traveling vaudeville troupe.

There was no shameful quiet burial for the desperado--Dillinger was buried in Crown Hill cemetery in his hometown of Indianapolis as thousands observed his 20 car procession. And Crown Hill, to its benefit, realizing that a Dillinger tour is much more interesting than a tour featuring Benjamin Harrison, the three Vice Presidents or the inventor of the Gatling gun (also buried there), has an event scheduled today for twisted history aficionados like myself. Though I won’t be able to get any great souvenirs from the tour—the Dillinger family took the precaution of encasing the coffin in 3 feet of solid reinforced concrete.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chico Correa & Electronic Band

Groovy latinesque bleep-blop from Brazil.

Otto Soglow

GoofButton posts quite a few scans of cartoons by one of his favorite cartoonists: Otto Soglow.
Sharp stuff.

There's something weird going on over at YouTube!

"... In the grand tradition of superheroes like Aquaman. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman comes... Bat Pussy! That's no typo. Bat Pussy sits around her secret hideout waiting for her super senses to tell her when a crime is about to be committed. Her * begins to twitch" and she jumps up. Clad in green tights, a ratty cape, a tee shirt with the famous Batman insignia on it and gym shorts (!), the masked avenger hits the open road on her Hoppity Hop. ..."

Added by SomethingWeirdDotCom

"Look out world, it's Jayne's planet and she's on the prowl in The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield, a mondo-style celebration of all things Mansfield and, hands down, The Single Most Inane (and Insane) Documentary Ever Made! ..."

Added by SomethingWeirdDotCom

Yes, that's right! Something Weird Video has entered YouTube. Nice!
Shitloads of strange, obscure and sexy trailers and clips.
SomethingWeirdDotCom at YouTube.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Brandi Milne

'Summer' and 'Winter'.
Click images for better view at source.

Brandi Milne - Art and illustrations. Galleries: Main gallery and some newer stuff. (via Urban Retro Lifestyle)

Touching Hearing Seeing

Touching Hearing Seeing
Originally uploaded by baikinange
Tommy, can you hear me?

I don't know what this delightfully bizarre postcard is promoting, but I DO want to be on their regular mailing list.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Giant Rats with Gills

1. It's a cousin of a guinea pig.
2. Hugo Chavez enjoys eating it for Lent.
3. The Vatican calls it a fish.
4. It can be made into fine leather gloves and handbags.


Belgian Movie Posters

Belgian movie posters are among the most collectible movie posters due to their unique design, often very different from their Hollywood counterparts. You can get tips on how to buy Belgian movie posters from an expert, or you could just take my advice on how to avoid buying fakes—stick to buying posters no one else would want, like Francis (the Talking Mule) Goes to West Point, or an obscure Japanese movie which is translated to “A Vicious Female Detective” (filmed in glorious Shintohoscope).

Who wants Garbo or Bogart adorning their walls, when you can have an original poster of Cathia Caro in “Isabelle Is Afraid of Men”......

...or Dario Moreno in "Oh! Que Mambo" for considerably less?