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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Ford Levacar

From Fantastic Plastic:
Ford Motor Co.'s Levacar Mach I appeared in the Ford Rotunda in spring 1959. A full-sized prototype, this was an one-man "flying car" that was "levitated" several inches off the ground by three powerful air jets located on the bottom of its chassis. Planned to be powered by a small-scale turbojet engine, the Levacar was purportedly designed to reach a top speed of nearly 500 mph! The only question was: How do you steer the damned thing???

The 1959 scale model is somewhat less cool, but nice to look at nonetheless.
Also from Fantastic Plastic:
AMT released this plastic kit in 1961. It came with an "air hose" -- actually a simple plastic tube with several detachable mouthpieces -- that allowed one to "fly" the Levacar by blowing into it and making the model rise on a "cushion of air"!