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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Turgid Retrofit

Mr. Dante Fontana beat me to the punch, I was all ready to spotlight the fine site Garage Hangover and he goes and posts a link to some obscure Asian chick band that no one could possibly have any interest in (see below). I was going to sing the praises of a different Hangover entry, not because of the musical aesthetics, mind you, because the songs are pretty mundane, actually.

Let's instead enjoy this publicity photo of an Ohio band from the late sixties/early seventies (ya think?) dubbed The Turfits. Which can only be a contraction of the words Turgid and retrofit, both pretty excellent words by themselves.
But add a lead singer named Whitey Gwinup as the gooey icing on top of the cake, Carnaby Street inspired wardrobe via E. J. Korvette's, with footwear courtesy "Beef and Boards" dinner theater production of Puss in Boots, and hairdos surely inspired by Bonnie Franklin on "One Day at a Time", and it spells magic magic magic.