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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spirit Away with the Lazy Hiker

Travel Japan with the Lazy Hiker as your tour guide.

You’ll visit a theme park in Osaka:
“People still worked in the park, even though they had zero customer. Everyone stayed in their position, waiting for the customers who would never show up...

In other parts of the world, they would surly closed the park in the low season... This was something below the low season. They had absolutely zero customer (except me), yet they kept the park running..... This was a very amusing amusement park.”

"The 300Y I paid for the pink ride up was probably the only income for them for the whole day... and they had to share it among... what? 50 workers? I had a feeling this couldn't be real. Maybe it was only a dream... soon the witch Yu-baaba would pop up from somewhere and boo at me."

Sample some of Nature’s own snacks:

“I also found this flower by the side of the trail. This reminded me I have missed my breakfast. The delusion of my hunger made me think this is a fry egg. So I picked it up and swallowed it like a fry egg. My delusion told me it tasted like a fry egg. And that was the story of my breakfast...”

As the Lazy Hiker so philosophically reminds us,
“Learn from the nature...
Think about the hardworking buffalo which are good for nothing but burger meats. Think about the hard working ants which can't even survive a glass of hot milk.”