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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Heavy Load

As perhaps probably some of you have figured out my first musical fling was Heavy Metal.
My interest in Heavy Metal back then is probably a good reason why I ended up doing this blog more then 2 decades later. In 1982 I had my first encounters with the genre. I think it was some various artists and tracks. Bands like Judas Priest, Saxon, Motörhead, Tygers of Pan Tang, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy (not so metalish though...), Accept, AC/DC and of course... KISS.
The metal scene back then (at least to me) was mostly NWOBHM spiced with american acts in a more classic hard rockin' vein, like Van Halen, KISS and Quite Riot and the heavy boogie rock coming from downunder by AC/DC and Rose Tattoo and the big German metal scene with bands like Scorpions, MSG, Helloween, and Accept.

Sweden? Not much here. The scene was about to explode. But it hadn't happened yet in '82.

What we had back then was pretty much this,

Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Angels:

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No wonder the scene was to explode here in Sweden. Man, it had to explode.
Heavy Load paved the road. They were pioneers. Not very good. But. Still. Pioneers.
In Metal and... Leather.

And at the age of 13 you can't afford to be picky. At least their albums looked violent and cool middle-agely enough. And that was the important thing!

Bonus: Listen to the album "Death or Glory" (from which "Heavy Metal Angels" was taken from)