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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Nuts on Campus

If you're planning a 60s frat party any time soon, you'll need a copy of this--a "naughty" party record featuring Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

So bad, it's really bad.

The Medicis had Michelangelo. Rich Americans (and one rich English actress) get Dick - Zimmerman, that is. Feast and avert your eyes.


like really old ...

Our grandparents must have seen these hundreds of times, like 70 years ago but most of them are dead or are suffering from Alzheimer's anyway, so I guess it's perfectly safe to post this vid overhere. Karaoke isn't a modern invention. The "bouncing ball" was introduced as soon as sound was added to the silent movie. Watch the "screensong" at the second half of this clip and enjoy Betty Boop innocent as she was in her early years. Don't be shy, invite the neighbours!

more clips and more info on screensongs and Betty Boop overhere at Hans Koert's Keep Swinging

Not Essential For Health

Reeve 79101-1
Originally uploaded by otisarchives1

From the collection of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, in Washington DC.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sharon Tate

from Glamour-a-go-go!

A Deep Rooted Yearn for Yarn

My Grandma's a freak

So that's what Grandma's been knitting!
I believe in exploring the boundaries of what gives us pleasure, periodically pushing past what is usual in an attempt to discover what may truly lie deep within us.
But come ON!!
Here's a link to the French language message boards where you can find a wide variety of knit wear perverts and what they wear to charge their batteries! It's mostly safe for work but you may find the occasional bit of flesh peeking out from all that damn mohair!
By way of blography

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Be Different.

Hats off to Chet

It’s the Chiquita® Banana theme, and Cher’s “Bang Bang” in an arrangement that recalls Zorba the Greek. It’s moody cool-school jazzman Chet Baker backed by a Tijuana Brass ripoff band. On one giant trainwreck of an album. Sadly, Chet opted NOT to sing on the album, so we are only able to hear his instrumental take of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll bet he does!

From miss Millie Motts' fab Flickr collection.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I think it's just imitation he wee

The She Wee
- no large size or colors option available.....

Big Mistake

Dude - the milk is free...............and you have two cows!

We can look forward to a nice 45 year engagement.......

Hey everybody....

Looks like rain in my part of the world, which is a great excuse to sit back and listen to a new compilation of dance crazes from Stigma Rest Room. Which came first....the Banana Splits, or Cal Tjader's "Tra-la-la song"?

Topless Beach Bum

Out of all the oddball Italian pop music at Caveman Beat, my favorite would be this peppy sixties 45 by I Bagnini, "Beach Bum!" backed by "Topless" (with its slightly indelicate popping sound effects, what's that about?).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kishore and Kumkum

"Janeman Janeman" from the 1968 film Haye Mera Dil, with Kishore Kumar and Kumkum.

Found at Papy Potage, who has many other classic Bollywood clips, if you're so inclined.

Sandy Denny - Crazy Lady Blues - Live 1971

Sandy Denny - Crazy Lady Blues - Live 1971.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Such Defiance!

"F__k you, coppers!"

Six Hours of Live Radio, Recorded

Bat Guano has a whole world of music in his hands, when he isn't handling other things. His friends at PCL LinkDump may wish to know about two entire radio programs of SwaG! that have been created since his last post long ago. These may be the best episodes yet! All are chock full o' funk and soul and punk and rock and roll and jazz and oriental foxtrots. Your host Mr. Guano blessedly keeps his mouth shut most of the time.

It's all here.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!
As many of us slackers prepare for a weekend orgy of grilled meats and cold beers, it is important to remember our past and our heritage.
What Makes The Pie Shop's Tick Flickr site is chock full of vintage memories. Enjoy.

Dogway Melody - Queenie in Trouble


DeFord Bailey

"If I don't blow my harp, I hurt. God put that on me to play. He wanted to use my talent."

The first African-American to become a regular on any country-music radio show. DeFord Bailey, was one of the most creative artists to ever play the Grand Ole Opry.

Here's a rare look at the "Harmonica Wizard" circa 1967.

The Spanish Jerry Lewis and SO much more.....

There's the Universal Language of Love, but there's also the Universal Language of Fecking Weirdness. It doesn't matter that the only Spanish words I know are related to food and booze, I still thoroughly enjoyed the downloads from Lo Pior de la Red, in particular the music of Hermanos Calatrava (see below)--great version of "Ground Control to Major Tom", whatever that song is actually called. You can get 1990s Argentinian Coca Cola jingles, Spanish versions of music from Masters of the Universe--and as you can see, the collection of oddball album covers is quite good, indeed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'll Have What She's Having.

Thanks to this video, I won't need my daily tab of acid today. (Be warned: Things get a little violent toward the end.)

[via Monkeys4Helping.]

Lennart Persson (1951-2009)

Lennart Persson, the single most important Swedish music journalist passed away a few days ago.
US had Lester Bangs. England had John Peel. Us Swedes had Lennart Persson.
Now all these good and relentless passionate missionaries are gone.
The music and the art, though, lives on.
There's a tear in my beer.

Tack för Larm, Feber, skivtips, och ett alltid ungt och nyfiket sinne.

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Note: Lindsay Hutton's obit

Kicksville 66

It seems that she'd have had a blog for ages, but what with having Norton Records, drumming in the A-Bones, and lately playing with the Flamin' Groovies at the Ponderosa Stomp, I wonder how Miriam Linna even has the time to begin telling the tale. But she's started at the beginning - well, at her rock'n'roll beginning - when she joined the newly-formed Cramps in New York, 1976.

Lux Interior, Poison Ivy, Bryan Gregory, and Miriam Linna.

It's a Latin Doodle Party! Hell, Yeah It is!

It's peppy, it's loopy, it's the snappy toe-tappin' sounds of Doringo's Latin Doodle Band's Party in Rio, and you can grab every last bit of its glorious dorkiness at Magic Purple Sunshine.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dario Moreno, Lobster King

I just knew you would want to see this press release & photo I just purchased of 1950/60s singer Dario Moreno eating a lobster. The back of the photo reads:

Singer Dario Moreno, now appearing in one of the music-halls in Paris, has been crowned "Biggest Lobster Eater in the World" during a friendly competition in a famous restaurant in Paris, after he succeeded to eat 6 lobsters of 800 grammes each. Dario Moreno with his crown and one of the lobsters.

6 lobsters at 800 grammes each....so that's 4800 grammes which is like 3 or four hectares and a couple pfennigs left over, if my calculations are correct.

If you would like to listen to some of Dario's music as you reflect upon the awesomeness of the photo, you can find some here.

Pachuco Boogie

Sample a tasty collection of small combo Mexican-American boogie/blues/bebop/mambo circa late 40s/50s, guaranteed to get the lingering aftertaste of those Tennessee Tacos (see below) out of your mouth. Courtesy of Audio Design Studio.

Tennessee Tacos

Tennessee Tacos? Brass versions of Orange Blossom Special and Crazy? This is one of the more jaw-droppingly horrible things I have heard in a while, and believe me, that's saying a LOT. You can get it at the Vinyl Room, if you're brave enough.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Play that Sax, Max

There's the slightly suaver side of Max Greger on the 4-song EP available at Yayo Salva Musical...followed by oom-pah Max backing a yodelin' Master (mistress?) Maria Hellwig, from a 1950s German TV program.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wilhelm Scream Compilation

Wilhelm Scream Compilation (Flash Video 03:52). "...Compilation of Wilhelm screams from various films and television programs. Created for the 2007 InConJunction Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, in Indianapolis, IN.

La Farrah

I know a bunch of you are fans, and it's too exquisite, so here's a "song' by her via the energetic Franklin, Tennessee based Cranched For Now

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deep Deep Down.

Mike Patton and his creepy little mustache perform the theme song from "Danger: Diabolik," originally sung by Christy and composed by Morricone.

[via World of Kane.]


Dirkk and Fake presents: "The Joyitas Collection brings you the very best songs in from Latin America and the Mediterranean, both by well-known singers such as Manolo Escobar, Celia Cruz and Miguel Aceves Mejía, and by forgotten masters such as Irma Vila, Rodolfo and Dora María. For each volume, a cd cover is designed to reflect the splendour of the songs.
The songs were collected and recorded from their vinyl originals. Please return to the Joyitas Blog for new editions!"

Joyitas Blog: Home of the Joyitas Collection.

Gorilla Polka

Finally, a polka I can appreciate. Here's a nice Beauty and the Beast burlesque photo spread from a 1951 issue of GALA. Originally posted at GORILLA MEN.

Gorilla Polka page 1

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trailer for Blood Freak

Trailer for Blood Freak (1972, directed by Brad F. Grinter and Steve Hawkes, Flash Video 03:01). "...A Dracula On Drugs!" BF was on TCM late last night.

Tempus Fugit

Square America has gotten linked all over the place in the past (here, 3 times, at least) but recently I backed into it via an image search and found a series of these:

timeline portraits made into animated gifs.
The stuff of genius. Now go look. What the hell elase are you doing? Somebody needs to give these M.F.s a grant.

Georgie Fame

Rediscovered Georgie Fame last night at my buddy, Martin's, abode. We were dueling with Grooveshark seeing who could outdo each other with obscure 60's tunes and he nailed it with this ditty by Georgie and The Blue Flames.
Also love the outro here with the top 40 countdown.....

The Georgie Fame Website has some cool photo's and memorabilia for your perusal.

Georgie should've shot his publicist for this cover shot

Liz Brady

Obviously, the "1946" is wrong ... but here's some fab Mlle. Brady aside from her oft-seen Scopitones:

Read more about Liz here. (Despite the claim, the site is still up.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hully Gully Time!

It's European Hully Gully time, kids, at the fab-o blog Berlin Beatet Bestes--featuring Die Crazy Girls, The Danish Sharks, Ronny Dixon and the Music-Turbins....dig it and dance it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello music lovers,

Your favorite music website is now even better: Weirdomusic.com has been redesigned, refurbished, brushed up, tweaked and...

Anyway, we have added more reviews (with plenty more on the way), updated the artists pages, added some nifty new features (comments on news items, rss feeds on the most essential pages, a search option), checked all the links, etc.

Have a look for yourself:


And don't forget to follow on Twitter:


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down on the Farm con i ragazzi della via Gluck

Hold on, I(and the rest of the scarecrows)'m coming....

and should you feel compelled to find more i ragazzi, take a look at Caveman Beat.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kung Fu Tropical with Los Babys

If you need more information than the song title ("Kung Fu Tropical") by a band called Los Babys (or better yet, as they have it, "Los Baby's") and where you can find it, then all my hard work here has been in vain. How about their disco version of the Close Encounters theme? El Batman Kaiser that adds a 96 Tears reference? The strangest version of Ghost Riders ever? At Blog Tabasco? Honestly, people.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Bumpin' & Grindin' Mother's Day

Hey Mamma....here's a great way to spend Mother's Day, shaking' what your own momma gave ya with Music To Strip By, a salute to the classic days of burley-q.

Your Flesh

Perusing rrrick's Stumble blog, I was delighted to find this link to a 'zine that I religiously purchased (or stole) back in the early 80's. Your Flesh appeared at a time when Playboy magazine was still considered relevant and we didn't have any of these PC things to assist in the search for all things cutting edge and new. The discovery of new music, art and fiction was the framework of the zine scene and to this 20 something year old adventurer, publications like Your Flesh opened my eyes to a brave new world.

The cover galleries rocked as well.....

Happily, the publication is back after a lengthy absence. April's issue features the music of Chriss Sutherland and an interview with indie filmmaker, Robinson Devor.

Still ahead of the curve after all these years.

Music Vest

Found this gem at Carrie White Burns in Hell

"Be the leader in your hometown....

License Plate Purse

You all know I love fashion and am a proud "Jersey Girl". What you don't know is that I'm also into recycling...and not just vintage frocks.
Is this a purse I need? (note--It's on sale at ebags.com)

The musical tie-in:

This is Sticks and Stones covering "Atlantic City". They were a band while I was in university. Jack Terricloth went on to form World/Inferno Friendship Society, a punk cabaret act out of Brooklyn.

Currently, Jack Terricloth is doing a show called the Midnight Formals over at Joe's Pub in NYC. I saw it the other night and enjoyed it very much. Info for the show is here.

Baja Marimba Band

I usually leave posts like this to Ange. But when I stumbled on this - well, I couldn't resist, because for some odd reason, we had this in my house growing up. I used to stare at the cover. It explains a lot, I think. Have a listen here.

Harrah's Casino

Cafe Tequila

"Tequila" by a French accordion combo? Oui, s'il vous plaît.....vous pouvez le trouver ici.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lucky Blondo

Oh, those cute little sixties European boys and their groovy tight-pantsed twist songs....ooh, did I just say "tight-pantsed" out loud? The good-looking blog ...y yo que sé de eso..., livin' the vida dada, is just chock full of awesomely-awful-aweful sixties Continental twist pop tunes. I dig the music of Belgian (French?) rocker Lucky Blondo, particularly the war-whoopin' PC-less "Dix Petits Indiens", and "Dis Moi Oui". Oui oui, Lucky!

And you can even get a copy of "Go Kart Twist" from a compilation of Gianni Morandi music--you might have seen the video I posted of that song a few weeks ago. Apple-cheeked Gianni tries his darndest to keep up with the R & B guys downing uno, due, tre whiskeys. It's Il Primo Whisky that's the hardest to get down, Gianni, after that you're golden.