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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lucky Blondo

Oh, those cute little sixties European boys and their groovy tight-pantsed twist songs....ooh, did I just say "tight-pantsed" out loud? The good-looking blog ...y yo que sé de eso..., livin' the vida dada, is just chock full of awesomely-awful-aweful sixties Continental twist pop tunes. I dig the music of Belgian (French?) rocker Lucky Blondo, particularly the war-whoopin' PC-less "Dix Petits Indiens", and "Dis Moi Oui". Oui oui, Lucky!

And you can even get a copy of "Go Kart Twist" from a compilation of Gianni Morandi music--you might have seen the video I posted of that song a few weeks ago. Apple-cheeked Gianni tries his darndest to keep up with the R & B guys downing uno, due, tre whiskeys. It's Il Primo Whisky that's the hardest to get down, Gianni, after that you're golden.