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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Your Flesh

Perusing rrrick's Stumble blog, I was delighted to find this link to a 'zine that I religiously purchased (or stole) back in the early 80's. Your Flesh appeared at a time when Playboy magazine was still considered relevant and we didn't have any of these PC things to assist in the search for all things cutting edge and new. The discovery of new music, art and fiction was the framework of the zine scene and to this 20 something year old adventurer, publications like Your Flesh opened my eyes to a brave new world.

The cover galleries rocked as well.....

Happily, the publication is back after a lengthy absence. April's issue features the music of Chriss Sutherland and an interview with indie filmmaker, Robinson Devor.

Still ahead of the curve after all these years.