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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Home Is Where The MP3 Is

Link Wray's Ace Of Spades covered by dirty-heavy-fast-bad surf rock band Estrume'n'tal at gmtPlus9.
The Olympics at Boot Sale Sounds.
Some Tropicália at Diddy Wah.
Fujiya and Miyagi - Electro Karaoke (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) (and 2 more) at 20 Jazz Funk Greats.
3 times Esther Phillips at Sunny (Brooklyn).

Super Monk

Super Monk (Super Moine) [.mov, 35mb, animated] (via MetaFilter)
Holy fun!

Referrals top 50

So, I've had Google Analytics installed for a little more than 2 weeks.
Here are the top 50 referal sites during this time.
Referrals from search engines, mail clients, rss readers and all that jazz have been excluded.
Thanks guys!

# Profile Name: www.easydreamer.blogspot.com
# Date Range: 20051113 - 20051129

# Referring Source
Source [Medium] Visits

boingboing.net[referral] 3474
linkswarm.com[referral] 441
bellybongo.com[referral] 366
dennyesq.blogspot.com[referral] 280
bigrockcandymountain.blogspot.com[referral] 277
aprilwinchell.com[referral] 250
webnymph.com[referral] 199
recordbrother.typepad.com[referral] 157
reverendfrost.blogspot.com[referral] 148
soundsofchampaign.blogspot.com[referral] 114
hype.non-standard.net[referral] 94
forum.surfermag.com[referral] 84
musicyouwont.blogspot.com[referral] 78
happypalace.blogspot.com[referral] 75
hugo-sb.way-nifty.com[referral] 68
killingfloorblues.blogspot.com[referral] 63
bubblegumfink.blogspot.com[referral] 61
flickhead.blogspot.com[referral] 56
blow-up-doll.blogspot.com[referral] 56
happydreamerstime.blogspot.com[referral] 54
links.catch.com[referral] 53
stationsvakt.blogspot.com[referral] 53
inaudiblecities.com[referral] 52
seehere.blogspot.com[referral] 51
schlocker.blogspot.com[referral] 50
bibigreycat.blogspot.com[referral] 48
hepcatwilly.com[referral] 47
svensk.lemonad.org[referral] 46
inkhornterm.blogspot.com[referral] 42
20jazzfunkgreats.blogspot.com[referral] 37
bowbow2.blogspot.com[referral] 36
verdantblog.blogspot.com[referral] 36
datajunkie.blogspot.com[referral] 35
queeslamatriz.blogspot.com[referral] 33
forum.offstage.be[referral] 33
martinklasch.blogspot.com[referral] 33
papelcontinuo.net[referral] 32
j-walkblog.com[referral] 32
growabrain.typepad.com[referral] 31
endlessmike101.blogspot.com[referral] 31
thumped.com[referral] 29
flopearedmule.blogspot.com[referral] 28
wherethreadscomeloose.com[referral] 28
thenewthematic.blogspot.com[referral] 28
planet-mu.com[referral] 27
designerstalk.com[referral] 26
harpamps.com[referral] 25
rockandrollgeek.podshow.com[referral] 25
southernappeal.blogspot.com[referral] 23
splogman.com[referral] 23

Try To Remember - The Populaires

Pastor McPurvis says: "Up this week we are featuring the swingin’ lounge sounds of the Populaires. Way back in March of this year we offered up the Populaires Album #9 and wondered if eight other platters were floating around somewhere out there. Well during our most recent thrift store rescue sweep we were overjoyed to spot this bright yellow gem sporting the Populaires’ sparse cover art layout we have come to know and love. ..."
Try To Remember - The Populaires

Ralph Gibson

'Motorcycle Men through Wind' in 1963 - 1966 LA.

Ralph Gibson, photography. The Gallery (slide show) and the Archives. (via del.icio.us/dana.hilliot)

Know you, how to add SPOOCE to your PETROLS

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The hours are slipping away, and soon, you'll be heading to luxuriamusic.com at 8pm
PST/11pm EST (0400 GMT Thursday with a rebroadcast at 1300 GMT).
Once there, you'll degenerate before a never-before-heard episode of your One False SPOUSE PATROL.

Your slipping (and no-host-in chat) episode will include slipped offerings from
Stanley Wilson, Les Baxter, Sam Makia and his Waikikians, Vladmir Cosma, Slim Gaillard, Don Swan, and even Brian Eno and David Byrne.

The playlist, full of scans of original album art, is already awaiting you at
geocities.com/litlgrey/sp85.html -
apologies in advance if it runs out of views.

LuxuriaMusic is an independent broadcaster that thrives on your donations. Find out how to give, and about its many original programs, when you visit the website. The Official Blog (address below) also shows you how to choose your all-time favorite (and, conversely, most reviled) SPOUSE PATROL selections for the upcoming two-hour extravagoonza which will be broadcast as EPISODE 100.

Listen - Chat - LOVE!

Official Space Patrol Blog: spacepatrol.blogspot.com

Official Space Patrol Swag: cafepress.com/spacepatrol

It's now official - episodes of your One True SPOUSE PATROL can be purchased using PayPal, at:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chinese Contemporary Art

By Zhao Bo.
Click image for larger view at source.

Chinese Contemporary Art: Zhao Bo; Yue Minjun; Wei Dong and many more. (via male.dei)

Music To Soothe That Tiger

"Herbert Rehbein was a violinist who worked as an arranger and co-writer for Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra, and recorded three LPs himself. He was also born in Hamburg, just like Bert. They were the team to write many hits for big stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Al Martino. This is his first album from the year 1964 ..."
Herbert Rehbein - Music To Soothe That Tiger at Pinicchio´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner.

Miss Jaguar and King-Kong

Click Image. (Via pinupgirls)

Luis Vásquez

Luis Vásquez (note: nicely sounding flash site) - Illustration. View slide show. (via FWA) [Image displayed here named 'Dylan']

Monday, November 28, 2005

Guideposts For Christmas

Basic Hip Digital Oddio's Click 'n Play Holiday Favorites

New mandolin music played by Dutch students

Students of Alex Timmerman and his Guitar and Mandolin Chamber orchestra 'Het Consort play three recent pieces by Victor Kioulaphides on video at splusp:

three-recent-compositions-by-Victor Kioulaphides.html

More music videos by the same composer and performers:

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Foreigners Around the World

Swedish - Racial Characteristics:
"Tedious, clean-living boy scout types, strangers to graffiti and littering, but who are possessed of an odd suicidal mania. Speculation is that they're slowly boring themselves to death. This is certainly the case if their cars and movies are any indication. They eat a lot of fish, and perhaps this is more brain food than their modest cranial endowments can cope with. In other points they resemble Canadians, though better looking. Not that that's saying much. Maybe they're depressed because they have the silliest sounding language west of the Urals. Or maybe it's that they have the ugliest famous actress of any civilized nation. No use asking them; what with their silly sounding language and ugly actresses, it's almost impossible for them to get anything across to anyone. Swedes fuck a lot, but only in the missionary position. ..."

Not that far off... not that far off....

Foreigners Around the World (via Johnnyuma's StumbleUpon Blog)

Week 37 - Christmas Countdown, First Sunday of Advent

This rip is on-line again as from 2010.

It’s the first of Advent and we light the first or our four advent candles in our Christmas Countdown. Each week you will get a whole album and then, come Christmas eve, Santa will bring you something really special.
As we light our first candle we’ll be listening to Dick Jacobs album The Electro-Sonic Orchestra (Coral). A really great piece of space age pop yet having to see a re-release. Dick not only used the theremin but also that fantastic instrument the Ondioline, a small keyboard instrument with a very special vibrato, invented in 1940 by Georges Jenny. There’s also some tape playback effects here to spice it all up. All in all a marvellous album.

1. Volare
2. Cry
3. Hey There
4. Tammy
5. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
6. Sincerely
7. Mack the Knife
8. Fascination
9. I´m Sorry
10. Little Things
11. Music
12. That´s My Desire

Download> Dick Jacobs' album 'The Electro-Sonic Orchestra' (incl. the front cover) as 1 zip file at MediaFire.
Download> Dick Jacobs' album 'The Electro-Sonic Orchestra' (incl. the front cover) as 1 zip file at files.ww. (seems to be down at the moment...)

(Wow! We are SO nice! The Christmas spirit has already rubbed off on us)

Btw - "The Commercials" mp3 comp. is still available, and so is the "Celebrities" mp3 comp..

Johnny Puleo and His Harmonica Gang

Gojira69 shares Johnny Puleo and His Harmonica Gang. Click ~ Side 1 ~ and ~ Side 2 ~.

Early Burt Special, Part 2

I posted about Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else's
Early Burt Special earlier on here at PCL.
Now, Lee is here with the 2:nd installment (incl. 1 track performed by the great singer Gene Vincent).

Rachel Ann Lindsay, Illustrator

Rachel Ann Lindsay (note: flash site - but a great one) (via Linkfilter.net)
Simple, elegant and highly crafted.

Jan Bollaert

Found in 'Neo-Classic'.

From the Artist Statement: "... I do not consider my art as personal therapy – a medium to exorcise the “demons” in my head. My desire is to provoke positive emotions in the viewer by combining different elements, which aren’t necessarily related to each other in a rational manner. Combining the elements together should make one, hopefully intriguing, new image. ..."
Jan Bollaert (via Happy Famous Artists)

Brad Holland

Found in 'Pastels' (click image for better view at source)

The art of Brad Holland. (via SeeAlso's StumbleUpon Blog)

Saturday, November 26, 2005


The first installement of 'Kiling' ("the most despicable villain ever to apprear in the Photo-novels") Kiling is the original Italian edition of Satanik. Uploaded at Arboles muertos y mucha tinta.
Read the first 15 pages of the Kiling story Nude for the Hangman.

Personal Mp3s

Ted Nugent - "Cat Scatch Fever (ultimix)" at Digital Eargasm.
"Personal Jesus" as done by Johnny Cash at An Aquarium Drunkard.
Rudibaker's Christmas Wish at Big Rock Candy Mountain.
A Random Organ Freakout taking place over at Inaudible Cities.
On the Flipside: Gloria X 4.

Aperitivo Radio Show

"Glenn Baxter, a man of unbeliveable drolerie. "
Click image for larger view.

Aperitivo Radio Show: I Am Cowboy. Now online.
An exciting travel into music.

Fist Of Fury

"Here is an amazing LP, where you can « hear » Bruce Lee like never before. Fighting, screaming and loving so much… "
Fist Of Fury - Original Soundtrack at Sounds of Champaign.
Review of Fist of Fury (the movie) at Kung Fu Cinema.


Beck.com (note: Flash site deluxe) (via Weirdomusic.com news)


My 500+ Feeds at Bloglines.

Risque Photographs

Drag Queen. Photograph: Maurice Seymour.
Click image for enlargement at source.

Photographs-Risque (Maurice Seymour & James J. Kreigsmann Risque Photography) at Liberty's. (via Paperet)
Bonus: Maurice Seymour's Body Building Photoshoot of Kellie Everts 1981.
Note: Links are not safe for work.

Henry Wessel

'Southern California, 1985'

Henry Wessel: 'Night Walk'; 'Odd Photos'; 'Various'; 'Las Vegas'; 'Real Estate' and 'California and The West'. (via Conscientious)

Friday, November 25, 2005

FaLaLaLaLa is Switched On Santa

The King Of Jingaling says: "Welcome to the beginning of the FaLaLaLaLa Christmas music season, where we'll be offering a featured album download each week, generally on Saturdays. But since the Christmas season at our household officially begins with the cup of coffee after Thanksgiving dinner, we give you our first offering. "
What A bleep-and-bloop (pre-)holiday seasons kick off! I think I have to open a bottle of Julmust. It's a must!
Switched On Santa by Sy Mann at FaLaLaLaLa.com.

A second dive at splusp!!!

6 new tracks you've probably never heard before

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gustaf Tenggren

"... Gustaf Tenggren was born in Sweden in 1896. Throughout the 1920s, he illustrated children's books and fairy tales in a richly detailed style similar to Arthur Rackham and Kay Nielsen. In 1936, Walt Disney brought Tenggren to Hollywood to work on Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. His designs for the Dwarfs' cottage and the forest were directly incorporated into the film by the layout artists. ...
... This book, 'The Little Trapper', is one of Tenggren's least often seen titles. Published in 1950, several years before DIsney's Davy Crockett popularized the coonskin cap, this book includes some disarmingly beautiful paintings. "

Gustaf Tenggren's Little Trapper at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog (via Martin Klasch)
More about Mr. Tenggren here and here.

Essential Stuff #2

Bunker Hill at Spread the Good Word.
You know, if there's just one song that is the center/the core of bad ass Rock'n'roll "The Girl Can't Dance" is the one. That voice will floor you. I'm not kidding!!

Essential Stuff

Songs the Cramps Taught Us at Chocoreve. (Note: pw = posted_first_at_chocoreve)

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - Trailer

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - Trailer at the Internet Archive (via Bedazzled)

Thanksgiving Prayer

"Director Gus Van Sant put together this montage William S Burroughs' reading his poem, "Thanksgiving Prayer". "
William S Burroughs: Thanksgiving Prayer (QT Movie) at MilkandCookies.
Read the poem here.

Updated: Btw - here in Sweden we don't have thanksgiving nor do we eat stuffed turkey (hey! That's something I'm very thankfull for.). But we do have Mårtens afton [St Martin's Day] the 10th of November. We eat roasted goose. (At leasts this is a tradition we are very proud of here in Skåne, the part of Sweden where the PCL Headquarters resides. What P-E Fronning and other people coming from the northern parts of Sweden are having for dinner at St Martin's Day you'll have to ask him. An expensive hot dog at Stureplan?) Along with svartsoppa [black soup] (made from goose blood).
We just eat - no thanks, no nothing.
I love blood. Especially when it's hot and spicy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


" ... The ‘Environments’ series of records emerged in the mid-70s and most of them have yet to get a CD release. They occupy an ambiguous position between these two types of ambient soundworld. However, they should not be mistaken for those cringe-worthy CDs that are beige woodchip New Age twaddle mixed with whalesong. ‘Environments’ are recordings of natural phenomena, seamlessly electronically manipulated and processed to increase their psycho-acoustic impact. So, we don’t have a real-time ‘sound effect’ type recording, but neither is there much evidence of a composed musical recording with an artistic intent at its core. ...", at Snow Day:
Syntonic Research, Inc., Environments Disc 11

Updated: And here is Environments Disc 4!

Les Baxter - Confetti

"... Les Baxter´s "Confetti" from the year 1958 features All-European tunes, I guess that´s why it was quite unpopular in the U.S. I´ve read some harsh critics on that, but I don´t think they are right. ..."
Les Baxter - Confetti available at Pinicchio´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner.

Matt Can Draw

'What A Well Know Puppet Show Looks Like With A 103 Degree Fever.'

Matt Can Draw - Illustrations, doodles and designs by Matthew J. Luxich (via Bibi's Box)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Week 35/36 - Commercials - Mp3 Comp.

Note: The Commercials mp3 compilation is available once more as from 2010!

So, we’re off again.

No one seems to know anything about The Nilsmen. According to the backside text they were not only extremely talented but also asked to create a Winston sound by a group of Winston executives visiting Sweden: a land in which modern rationalism and overwhelming scenic beauty match in perfect harmony. Really? The single are from France and as far as the Nilsmen being Swedish we aren’t quite convinced. Anyway it’s a good track which makes smoking seem like fun again and a nice cover as well.

Loads of bands have done spots for Coca Cola, no surprise there as they can afford it. Our favourite take has to be the one with that welsh bull: Tom Jones and the one with a teenage Alex Chilton.
Ravi Shankar doing an anti-drug spot, why didn’t he tell the Beatles about this? What really happens to that yellow stuff on your teeth? Where does it go? Does Pepsodent really help? We keep pondering on these vital issues as we leave you with four rare radio promotion spots of some favourite bands LPs.

There seems to be basically three ways to go at it when doing product music. Either use a well known band and create credibility on that or rearrange a well known song or make your own song and hope it sticks. Take, for instance, Charlie Rich's song 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' and just replace "girl" for "wash" and you have a song for detergent. Or let the new recruits for cosmetic sales go marching in instead of the saints. Or take a popular dance song and twist it like Frito or just do your own dance song like 7-11. It’s not always that easy to do your own song often it fails on just ending up sounding joyously dumb, like 'Up Came Oil'. The big car manufacturers fares a bit better, like Fords two little ditties.

But no one comes near the high standards of Chevrolet who released one of the best car promotion songs in 1965: 'SS-396', as performed by Paul Revere & the Raiders. This song was penned by Lou Adessa and Vince Benay. A couple who earlier that year wrote what has to be the crowning glory of product music: 'Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You'. Performed by some unknown studio band this album actually wants to show you not only the greatness of driving Chevrolet but also that the company really cares about you and how you drive. Given away for free by Chevrolet dealers it’s full of teary eyed and earnest songs and even a bit catchy now and then. A masterpiece in its genre, listen and learn (yes, it’s the whole LP).


1. The Nilsmen – Le Winston
2. Tom Jones – Coca Cola
3. The Who – Coca Cola
4. The Who – Great Shakes
5. The Box Tops – Coca Cola
6. Left Banke – Hertz Rent-A-Car
7. Left Banke – Toni Hairspray
8. Electric Prunes – Vox Wah Wah
9. Ravi Shankar – Anti-Drug Propaganda
10. 1966 Plymouth Barracuda
11. Batman Merchandise
12. Pepsodent
13. Sex Machine – Club Spot on WHAT Radio Station
14. Velvet Underground – White Light White Heat LP Promo
15. Velvet Underground – 3rd LP Promo
16. Ventures – Hawaii Five-O LP Promo
17. Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Bull of the Woods LP Promo
18. Bold Detergent - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
19. Mary Kay Cosmetics – The New Recruits Go Marching In
20. Fritos - The Frito Twist
21. 7-11 - Dance The Slurp
22. Exxon - Up Came Oil
23. Ford Motor Company - Tractor Drivin' Man
24. Ford Motor Company - Standing On The Corner
25. Paul Revere & The Raiders - SS-396

'Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You':
26. An Exciting Thing (Driving A Car)
27. Grown-up Baby (Driving Psychology)
28. Cities and Towns (Driving in City and Heavy Traffic)
29. Nowhere Fast (Observance and Enforcement)
30. Gentle Things (Adverse Driving Conditions)
31. Putting the Pedal Down (When To Brake)
32. The Natural Laws (Laws of Motion)
33. Man-Made Laws (Common Sense Driving)

Download> Commercials here (46 Mb Zip file at files.ww)
Download> Commercials here (46 Mb Zip file at MediaFire)

* Get the artwork by clicking the image above.
Note: Only front cover.

Next week we start the BIG Christmas countdown - trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss it.
Santa will be coming around this year with hefty packages.

Updated: Magnus informs us that the Nilsmen really are Swedish after all. Thanks Magnus.

7 Drinks of Mankind

Chris at Locust St. speaks at the Grand opening of '7 Drinks of Mankind': "As we enter the holiday season, our thoughts turn to drinking.
The inspiration for this series of posts comes from the book A History of the World in Six Glasses, by Tom Standage, in which the theory is ventured that human history, for the most part, can be summed up in the history of six types of beverages, with a seventh as an epilogue.
Our musical take on these seven drinks will be a group (and multi-national) effort--I'm drawing from some worthy constituents for extra songs and stories, and I think they've made this effort ten times greater than it would have been as a solitary one. In particular I want to thank the Rev. Frost of Spread the Good Word and Brian at Big Rock Candy Mountain, both of whom contributed massive numbers of songs to this project.
The first drink to explore is the happy product of John Barleycorn's marriage-- a garrulous, ancient individual with plenty of stories to share: beer. ..."

A brilliant mp3 grog: 7 Drinks of Mankind: Beer. Skål!


do a search on "The KING OF THE ROCK GUITAR", yup, that's a little better.

I haven't been able to count all the blogs, websites and message boards linking to my R.I.P. Link Wray- post. But it's hundreds. Maybe even more.
People liked Link. That is good to know.

So, to all new vistitors: Welcome!

This is not a blog.


/Z aka Sebastian


'the aftermath of too much pie'

g'doodles - Blog, doodle by doodle. By Grumblebee. (via Grow-A-Brain)

Micky Curtis and his City Crows

Magnus at Bellybongo pays tribute to Link Wray is his own very special way.
Micky Curtis and his City Crows - On the Beach (and be sure to not miss out on the bonus tracks on the front page)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

R.I.P. Link Wray

It's a sad, sad, sad, day here at the PCL Headquarters (as well as over at the HTMPL Office). Link Wray has passed away.
The King.
Most people refer to Elvis as the King - and they are not wrong. He was the King.
But Link Wray was the The KING OF ROCK. And he most certainly was The KING OF THE ROCK GUITAR. (Now, if you Google that sentence - "The KING OF THE ROCK GUITAR" - you will end up with this, and that is just ridiculous.)

"He is the King; if it hadn't been for Rumble, I would have never picked up a guitar." -- Pete Townsend
"If I could go back in time and see one concert it would be Link Wray and His Raymen" - Neil Young
"Rumble is the best instrumental ever.” - Bob Dylan

So Long Link Wray.
1929 - 2005

>Listen To Fire and Brimstone (YouSendIt) or get it Here (Momoshare) (Thanks To TOD at the Splusp Group for supplying the file)

Thread at GaragePunk.com - Forums.
The GaragePunk Blog also has an entry about this as well as 3 classic Link Wray Tracks.

An Article in Spanish.
An Article In Portuguese from Brazil's Folha Online.

Obituary published Friday in the Danish online news paper Politiken. And I especially like the words that are being quoted in the end of that article:
»Link Wray brændte igennem i aftes med al den trods, latter, kærlighed og power, han har i sig. En legende, lige så sikkert som Crazy Horse, en naturkraft som en tornado, en profet, der blindt hyler gennem støvet op mod solen om de fejringer og triumfer, der skal komme. Jeg så Link Wray, jeg så Amerika«
Powerful words if you understand Danish. And I do.
(According to this article he has already been buried at a private ceremony at Christians Kirke in Christianshavn, Copenhagen.)

__ T0ra ! T0ra ! T0ra ! __ posts this English Article based on the Danish artlicle in Politiken (and icludes some audio as well).

General Link Wray places of interest:
Link Wray at The Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
Link Wray's Place (Updated: Page Went Down)
Wray's Shack - The largest site on the Internet dedicated to Link Wray, Doug Wray and Vernon Wray!
Wikipedia entry on Link Wray.
The Official Site of Link Wray (not much there though...)

Now, we're just waiting for Reverend Frost to post THE REAL tribute post.

November 20, 2005;
Update: Flop Eared Mule pays tribute by posting Wray's "Fire" and Jason Ringenberg's "Link Wray"
Sunset Gun also reports about Mr. Wray's passing.
MrBaliHai says so long.
Route 1 speaks about the Father of the Power Chord.
Audiography - 3 tracks.
MetaFilter Entry
Nice, informative and well written tribute post at Blog To Comm.
RecordBrother: "He invented that Ghee Tar sound heard round the world so much so that the sonic smoke signals of our youth wouldn't have even been thought of without Link Ray and his Raymen ..." RIP Post including 3 memorable tracks.
Olaf at Inaubile Cities: "... That the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has yet to induct Link Wray is little surprise, since the tourist attraction is run by the same type of ridiculous corporate jokesters that think moving the Country Music Association Awards to NYC and including Billy Joel in the proceedings validates Country music. ..." Read the whole post here.
BoingBoing Entry.

Update II: All information supplied here about Link's death has one and the same source: This article in the Danish Politiken (which IS a reliable source). But I need more sources. I need more facts. Is there no other confimation about this sad news in other "official" places? Nowhere else in the press? I sure can't find any. And I'm a human search engine...

Update III: As I said we where just waiting for Reverend Frost's Tribute post to Link - and HERE it is! "... Well, I’ve learned guitar all by myself – with a little help from Mr Wray's records. I WANTED THAT SOUND AND THAT FEELING (Yeah something you will never understand you all Steve Vai fans) Armed with a 1953 Gibson Les Paul, a dinky Premier amp, an Elvis sneer and a black leather jacket, Link Wray was my hero. Simple . " (Oh, man, I get tears in my eyes reading this. Heavy.)
And of course also mp3s. Crank them up!

Update IV: Tune in LINK WRAYdio! ("Music from, and inspired by the guitarist Link Wray, his family and friends. The companion to www.WraysShack3Tracks.com") at Live365.com. (via LinkFilter.net)

November 21, 2005;
Update V: German media coverage: Article/Obituary in Netzeitung.de and another one in Kurier.at.

Update VI: Greg Laxton at Wray's Shack has made a major update on the Shack-page: he has posted pics and video clips of Link's final gig, as well a lot of other stuff. I guess you should keep an eye on the Wray's Shack if you want fresh information about Link and his death and want to stay updated from now on.
See also the Wrays Shack's Forum.

Amanda tells us "Bob Dylan opened his London show last night with Rumble."
THAT IS COOL!! Link to Bob's Playlist (November 20, 2005.)
D hands us the mp3! Bob Dylan - Rumble (YouSendIt) - Thanks D
Note: Feel free to host this on another site. It will not last here for long....
You can now listen to Bob's Rumble over at Wray's Shack (scroll down a bit).

Update VII: Link's wife Olive and son Oliver have updated his website. You can read their goodbye here. (via Wrays Shack)

"... It is with the deepest sorrow that we have to inform Links dear fans that our beloved husband and father Link Wray has deceased November 5. 2005

In respect of Links wishes, he was buried in silence and privacy from the historic protestant Church: Christians Church in Copenhagen Denmark, Friday 18th of November 2005. with attendance of his family Olive and Oliver Wray.

Link passed away in their arms, safely in his home in Copenhagen, not ever aware that his heart was getting tired. This was the way he had told us, he wanted it. ..."

Last Update: The saddening news of Link Wray's death is now spreading all over the net and has finally become a news "item".
This entry will therefore carry no more updates.

My condolences and thoughts go out to the Wray family, relatives and friends of the Wray's and to all fans of pure rock'n'roll.

I thank you, dear PCL readers, for your patience. I needed to do this.

Chenard Walcker - Gaspatxo

Lyrics like "Poum-Pa Poum-Pa Poum Doo-Bi-Doo" sure won't hurt anyone. So, you'll probably ask : what's the point ? Well, just burn the music on CD, have a listen or two while cooking and then eat it. To be served with mash potatoes and a glass of red wine.


ODD Images

Note: Absolutely NSFW.
Most images are ultra Rude!!
THE ODD. A Selection Of Strange, Usually Rude, Found Images at Trunk Records.
And... there's more! TRUNK KITCHEN - Sexy Books. Bon Appetit!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Carlos Diaz

Statement: "As a result of prior professional experience in mechanical drawing and design, an affinity, with the period commonly referred to as the American Industrial Revolution, has evolved. In time, my attention has turned to the direct connection between it and the American amusement industry, which was born, of that “revolution”. It is, the invention of illusion and by extension, the impact the carnival, circus and amusement parks had on American culture at the turn of the century, that is at the foundation of my work. In my photographic collage work, Invented landscape, I use vintage steel plate and wood block engravings from patent journals published from 1840-1890, during the peak of the American Industrial Revolution. ..."
Coney Island-Invented Landscapes, Portfolio I.
Coney Island-Invented Landscapes, Portfolio II. By Carlos Diaz.

Les Maledictus

Ron at Planet Xtabay says: "Here's one of the strangest artifacts from the sixties, part lounge music, part avant garde musique concrete and part progressive rock, ..."
Les Maledictus

Aperitivo Radio Show

Latest show broadcasted and uploaded to the Aperitivo Radio Show blog.

Sears Wishbook 1979

Electronic Space Toys.

Sears Wishbook For the 1979 Holiday Season - Set 1 (clothes and sleepwear and stuff)
Set 2 (shoes and winter clothing)
Set 3 (Toys and More Toys, Including Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Winnie the Pooh, Matchbox, and The Incredible Hulk.)
Set 4 (even MORE toys, games and electronic stuff, Including Disco Pinball Game, Electronic TELE-GAMES, Video Arcade, and Atari 400) (via FaLaLaLaLa)


New interesting vinyl share at Sounds Of Campaign: "Here is another great music illustration series. This french record company - under the name Editions Musicales SFORZANDO - made a lot of records from the end of the 60's until the beginning of the 80's. Like other musical illustrators, it was a melting-pot of emerging scenes featuring some famous musicians.

here for further informations about their catalog. The number - are we really numbered ? - 82 was recorded in 1980. Maybe used for any TV or Radio backgrounds, sounds of the future at this time, you have just to listen to "baby symphony" to discover sounds of the near coming New Order's "Power, corruption & lies". Who said that in the 80's everything was wrong ? If your way to listening is large enough then you will understand what i mean..."
TeleMusic 82

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