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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Hurricane Honeys

Pastor McPurvis has had a rough time lately. He almost had his head (at least his roof) ripped of by hurricanes.
He says: "Well folks, I’ve finally been able to put away the generator and enjoy the benefits of whole house electricity again. Power has been restored to the Orphanage after being out for a total of 13 days. Hopefully the generator will stay in the garage until next hurricane season (I’m keeping my eye on tropical storm Gamma though). To celebrate, this week we’ve got a nifty little record by the Hurricane Honeys, winners of the Sweet Adelines International’s Queens of Harmony title in 1967. The group consists of Nancy Calay singing tenor, Iris Cokeroft taking the lead, RuthAnne Strang Parker filling in the baritone parts, and Marge Grau providing a rock solid bass. The group has seen some personnel changes over the years, but they are still actively performing today.Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!"
Love and Good Wishes - The Hurricane Honeys

And that goes for PCL too: Love and Good Wishes to you dear Pastor. Glad you came out in 1 peace on the other side of Katrina/Wilma! Welcome back.