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Monday, November 14, 2005

Aperitivo Radio Show

Broadcasted from Lyon (France) every Friday night from 20 to 21 pm, Radio brume (90.7) airs Aperitivo Radio Show - a music broadcast mixed with cinema dialogs.
The shows are also available to enjoy at the Aperitivo Radio Show Blog.
On the last show you will hear jerk, hawaian fantasy, crooning pop, electronic. You will also find an exclusive mix of OST (1st post).
I listened to the latest show earlier today, and it was marvelous!!
And that exclusive OST mix is just sensational.

Updated: Henk says: "Here's something similar : a blend of various musical genres, mostly laidback/relax, mixed with movie dialogues: Microdot Radio Broadcast. Bottom of the page, check out the "at Wu's place". You can download the MP3 show by clicking on "hier".
Dutch only,... but music is an universal language, right "