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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Foreigners Around the World

Swedish - Racial Characteristics:
"Tedious, clean-living boy scout types, strangers to graffiti and littering, but who are possessed of an odd suicidal mania. Speculation is that they're slowly boring themselves to death. This is certainly the case if their cars and movies are any indication. They eat a lot of fish, and perhaps this is more brain food than their modest cranial endowments can cope with. In other points they resemble Canadians, though better looking. Not that that's saying much. Maybe they're depressed because they have the silliest sounding language west of the Urals. Or maybe it's that they have the ugliest famous actress of any civilized nation. No use asking them; what with their silly sounding language and ugly actresses, it's almost impossible for them to get anything across to anyone. Swedes fuck a lot, but only in the missionary position. ..."

Not that far off... not that far off....

Foreigners Around the World (via Johnnyuma's StumbleUpon Blog)