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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Since "this is not a blog" is there for all to see and to wonder about I think it's about time I explain myself on some issues concerning how this page is run.

1. There will be no advertising or reciprocal links. Not ever. I link to whatever site I feel like.
This doesn't mean (of course!) that you shouldn't send me the link to your homepage/blog. I might link to it / blog it if I like it and think it's a nice place.
This is a decision of mine (and my contributors of course).
However, I'm not afraid of linking sites here (check my blog roll or my archives if you need hard case evidence!). I love internet.

2. This is a page featuring links to sites/stuff of pop culture nature the way I like to view it.
Underneath the main program this blog is also about the freedom of speach/sexuality/creativity/artistery and alot of other things I think should be added to society on a pemanent basis.
The links are only endorsed by ME and my fellow contributors. I am the one in charge and the one responsible. If you have complaints or questions: send them my way.
My adress is mrdantefontana at gmail.com.

3. This URL is not for sale. Not ever.

4. This is not a blog.

PCL Headquarters. /Z aka Sebastian