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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jim Crow - Museum Of Racist Memorabilia

"The portrayal of Black women as lascivious by nature is an enduring stereotype. The descriptive words associated with this stereotype are singular in their focus: seductive, alluring, worldly, beguiling, tempting, and lewd. Historically, White women, as a category, were portrayed as models of self-respect, self-control, and modesty – even sexual purity, but Black women were often portrayed as innately promiscuous, even predatory. This depiction of Black women is signified by the name Jezebel. "
(In Jezebel Stereotype, where we of course after a little while stands eye to eye with those Zulu-Lulu Cocktail Swizzle Sticks MrBaliHai got in his possession a time ago and now is a part of his Ephemeraholic section: here)

The Brute Caricature: "... When a knock is heard at the door [a White woman] shudders with nameless horror. The black brute is lurking in the dark, a monstrous beast, crazed with lust. His ferocity is almost demoniacal. A mad bull or tiger could scarcely be more brutal. A whole community is frenzied with horror, with the blind and furious rage for vengeance. ..." (George T. Winston)

Jim Crow - Museum Of Racist Memorabilia (Who was Jim Row?) (via PLEP)
Note: Not for the easily offended by stuff like this.

Updated: Much more related to these subjects can of course be found while browsing The Authentic History Center.