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Friday, November 11, 2005

Tacky Times Vol 14. Out now!

"So far a smile on every face and it all looks like innocent fun, but minutes later the clapping hands were holding empty bottles and stones." (In 'Danish Police Ban All Rock'n'Roll Concerts Again')

"... Rock'n'roll is a music listened to by youth and those who like it may of course do so. But the kind of mass hysteria that evolves on the live concerts is terrible.No one hears anything but the screams of the ones closest to them. This is not the kind of activity in which to engage young people. Rock'n'roll speaks to the primal instincts in the bad ones among them. ..."
Read more in 'Danish Police Ban All Rock'n'Roll Concerts Again'.

In 'Meccano Magazine Ads From the Thirties'.

Also remarkable features/articles like 'Meccano Magazine Ads From the Thirties' and learn to 'Build yourself a new postbox'.

Tacky Times Vol 14.

Updated: Karramarro reminded me about 2 previous posts here on PCL about Meccano memorabilia:
Meccano Magazine and Meccano Manuals.