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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Prayer

"Director Gus Van Sant put together this montage William S Burroughs' reading his poem, "Thanksgiving Prayer". "
William S Burroughs: Thanksgiving Prayer (QT Movie) at MilkandCookies.
Read the poem here.

Updated: Btw - here in Sweden we don't have thanksgiving nor do we eat stuffed turkey (hey! That's something I'm very thankfull for.). But we do have Mårtens afton [St Martin's Day] the 10th of November. We eat roasted goose. (At leasts this is a tradition we are very proud of here in Skåne, the part of Sweden where the PCL Headquarters resides. What P-E Fronning and other people coming from the northern parts of Sweden are having for dinner at St Martin's Day you'll have to ask him. An expensive hot dog at Stureplan?) Along with svartsoppa [black soup] (made from goose blood).
We just eat - no thanks, no nothing.
I love blood. Especially when it's hot and spicy.