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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Know you, how to add SPOOCE to your PETROLS

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The hours are slipping away, and soon, you'll be heading to luxuriamusic.com at 8pm
PST/11pm EST (0400 GMT Thursday with a rebroadcast at 1300 GMT).
Once there, you'll degenerate before a never-before-heard episode of your One False SPOUSE PATROL.

Your slipping (and no-host-in chat) episode will include slipped offerings from
Stanley Wilson, Les Baxter, Sam Makia and his Waikikians, Vladmir Cosma, Slim Gaillard, Don Swan, and even Brian Eno and David Byrne.

The playlist, full of scans of original album art, is already awaiting you at
geocities.com/litlgrey/sp85.html -
apologies in advance if it runs out of views.

LuxuriaMusic is an independent broadcaster that thrives on your donations. Find out how to give, and about its many original programs, when you visit the website. The Official Blog (address below) also shows you how to choose your all-time favorite (and, conversely, most reviled) SPOUSE PATROL selections for the upcoming two-hour extravagoonza which will be broadcast as EPISODE 100.

Listen - Chat - LOVE!

Official Space Patrol Blog: spacepatrol.blogspot.com

Official Space Patrol Swag: cafepress.com/spacepatrol

It's now official - episodes of your One True SPOUSE PATROL can be purchased using PayPal, at: