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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Carlos Diaz

Statement: "As a result of prior professional experience in mechanical drawing and design, an affinity, with the period commonly referred to as the American Industrial Revolution, has evolved. In time, my attention has turned to the direct connection between it and the American amusement industry, which was born, of that “revolution”. It is, the invention of illusion and by extension, the impact the carnival, circus and amusement parks had on American culture at the turn of the century, that is at the foundation of my work. In my photographic collage work, Invented landscape, I use vintage steel plate and wood block engravings from patent journals published from 1840-1890, during the peak of the American Industrial Revolution. ..."
Coney Island-Invented Landscapes, Portfolio I.
Coney Island-Invented Landscapes, Portfolio II. By Carlos Diaz.