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Monday, March 31, 2008

Listen to Percy Trout tonight!

the Percy Trout hour


Monday Night (3-31-08)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY



I gotta tell ya - I LOVE the Reverend Horton Heat. He's my fave, and every year, I go see him play, with dedication to the task, creativity in the set, and cool radiating off him like the stink waves on a cartoon cat's ass. Jimbo, too!

Brian Setzer can shove his stilted view of rockabilly up his precious little swing-dancing-at-Christmas-ass. *puke*

Now, the Rev has put together this new album of hits with two friends that have formidable accomplishments in the fields of drumming and organ playing. A little shift to the left that provides friggin' deliciousness of the first order.

Next, I want say I fucking HATE MySpace - it's shit for the clueless, on a platter of stupidity. UnfortunatEly, it's also a valuable tool for musicians trying to seduce the half-witted Rubes into tasting their wares.

HAVING SAID THAT, the Rev has got a MySpace for the entity known as Reverend Organdrum, this collaboration that showcases not only his, but his organ player's and drummer's skills as well. So I linked it because it's got cuts. I also am linking to his Yep Roc Records page as well as his OFFICIAL web page to allow you to listen to some other cuts as well as gain insights.

"A Shot In the Dark" "Ain't That a Kick In the Head" "Time is Tight" and "route 66" are all there.

All I can say is..............fuck.

With Much Love,

Yeah, I'm gushing......jealous?

Go listen, saddle pals.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clara Rockmore

"... She has shown the theremin to be a valuable musical resource, capable of producing beautiful music and worthy of the dedication of talented performers. No other artist has ever come close to Ms. Rockmore's level of achievement; no other thereminist has ever produced music of such beauty and aural appeal." (Quoted from the liner notes of Robert Moog)

Shirleigh and Robert Moog presents Clara Rockmore, theremin - with Nadia Reisenberg, piano, available thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.

Sampled here is a wonderful piece from Tchaikovsky:

"Song of Grusia" by Sergei Rachmaninov performed by Clara and Nadia, from a tv perfomance:
(Note: More from this tv performance uploaded to YouTube can be found here)

Video uploaded by yaoikan1981

Germantown, Wisconsin

19xx.xx.xx Edelweiss by Johnny Hoffmann Orchestra (With Vocals by Joe Pfalz) Back Cover
Originally uploaded by Wishbook

The Knies family invite you to the Edelweiss Inn in Germantown, Wisconsin. Why do I think that the 2 young men on either end of the group went on to lead very different lives?

And because I have a calypso song for any occasion, please enjoy Lloyd Thomas performing "German Calypso".

He wore a Paper Hat

"... In the spring of 1978, inspired more by Big Star's records than by those of Elvis or Otis or Al, I took a trip to Memphis with two singer- songwriter-guitarists, Peter Holsapple and Mitch Easter. They had just been in a band (without me) named the H-Bombs in Chapel Hill, and had recently done some recording that Alex Chilton was desultorily involved in. We were thinking of starting a new band and relocating. This was almost certainly the first of many musicians' pilgrimages in search of the Big Star essence. ...
On a little portable cassette machine Alex played us "I Am the Cosmos" for the first time. And told us some things about Chris Bell, Big Star, Ardent, and the whole scene that we probably didn't need to know: that John Fry, the owner of the studio and label, was gay, and so was Chris, and that Chris got jealous that John got interested in Alex (and that this was the reason that Chris erased the master tapes of #1 Record); or that Alex was better at tennis than Chris, who could never beat him no matter how hard he tried.
I know Alex to be an enthusiastic embellisher of the truth, but when "You Can't Have Me" appeared on the belated release of the third Big Star album later that year I recognized what/who it must be about, and I still can't hear it without thinking about all this. ..."

Will Rigby reminisces over events in 1978, his meetings with Chris Bell and Alex Chilton. The Big Star influence and a trip to Memphis, and later on the recording of a song about his meeting with Chris Bell.

A wonderful story over at Boogie Woogie Flu: Paper Hat. And of course a couple of great tracks!

Classic "Bing Bang Boing" Toy Commercial

Video added by daftmahatma
(via BoingBoing)

MAD for 40+ Years

Today's New York Times has a nice article paying tribute to MAD Magazine artist Al Jaffee, who has been creating Mad's back cover "Fold-in" feature since 1964.

Amazingly, the fold-ins are drawn by hand on a hard, flat board; the creator of the fold ins only imagines how the image will look after it's been folded.

Broadway photographs 1900-1930

Jerome Kern & Ona Munson

Broadway photographs - Art Photography & the American Stage 1900-1930 (thanks to KD over at Pop Culture Links)

Happy out-of-the-womb-day, Baikinange!

I thought about knitting you a space helmet for your birthday. But then I realized you probably only want the real thing. And, to be honest, knitting was ... a long time ago. It's so 1980s.

So I come up with nothing.

Then I thought about coming up with a nice long speech full of wit and complicated words.
To be a honest such a speech would probably sound best in Swedish if I was to write one.
Luckily there have been poets like Johnny Mercer who really knew how to put down the words ... and still ... he had problems.
Above track was taken from this great album.

You marvelously cope with us boys being boys on a daily basis here and still carve out some of the best pop cultural posts in this environment and in the whole blogosphere.
I am proud to say: Baikinange is on my team. Not yours. Mine!

Anyway, Ange, You are the best!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

For a Swell Boy

Swell Super
Originally uploaded by changoblanco

For Percy Trout's birthday.....and I know Johnnyuma's is coming soon (I want to say April 6th? 12th?), but I don't know if I'll 1) find such an garishly inappropriate card for that occasion as well (the use of the word "swell" doesn't help the situation, either), and 2) remember to post it. So happy birthday to all PCL'ers in advance.

Polaris Nuclear Sub

Polaris Nuclear Sub - Big enough for 2 kids. (via Vintage Ads)

"Why bother to Knock" (w/Elke Sommer)

Street musicians in 1935

October 1935. "Street musicians. Blind fiddler. West Memphis, Arkansas."
Click image for far better view over at Shorpy.

Are You ready to Groove Percy Trout?!

Raquel Welch - I'm Ready To Groove, from a 1965 show:

Uploaded by Sixtiesalltheway

Have a groovy b-day Mr. Trout!!

Crime Does Not Pay

Stephen Worth over at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has something hardboiled to share with us:
" ... A copy of Crime Does Not Pay from June of 1947. This particular comic book is not for the faint of heart. It's grusome and extreme. In fact, it marks the absolute peak of comic book sadism that led to the Publishers' Code of 1948 and the condemning of crime and horror comics by psychiatrist, Frederic Wertham in the book, Seduction of the Innocent. ..."
Crime Does Not Pay No. 52

Oh man, those stubborn-headed broads ...

We Will Rock You

Queen's tidious chant turned into a glorious experience impirial style of epic proportions by Kabuki-za orchestra. Be sure to also enjoy "Smoke On the Water" by the same magnificent "band". (via VideoSift)

Video added by momentlar

Yoo Hoo, Paperbacks!

I'm Learning To Share! shares some of his friends' paperbacks. A very nice and and imaginative collection.
Some vintage paperpacks.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Andy Warhol aboard The Love Boat

Added by MrPogle
(via Grow-A-Brain)


Clinton McClung's life changed forever after watching this clip for the first time. It's from an 1981 adult movie named Nightdreams. NSFW of course. It's a swinging breakfast at best. So wacko and wrong it's a great work of art. Blowjob alert! Craziness alert!

Here's the trailer for Nightdreams. Also as weird as ... anything! I think I must buy this movie. Like right away. I think my life changed too. Don't know if it's to the better though ...

Uploaded by oscartripe

Richard Widmark R.I.P

Tommy Udo in "Kiss of Death"

Ny Times Obit
In reality, the screen’s most vicious psychopath was a mild-mannered former teacher who had married his college sweetheart, the actress Jean Hazelwood, and who told a reporter 48 years later that he had never been unfaithful and had never even flirted with women because, he said, “I happen to like my wife a lot.”

God Bless.

She's a Dirty, Dirty Pearl

Pearl Bailey admits to being a hussy for her husband.....and advises women to sell it, and not just give it away.
Does she really deserve that warning label on her album....or is she just being Naughty But Nice?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Spring

Oh snap. The MLB season has begun in the Land of The Rising Sun. To get us all in the mood, Soundclick:Baseball:Honeywar has the goods.

Streaming baseball pop! Titles include:

"Deliver Another Splitter" (English and Japanese) - The pitcher threw a splitter in the dirt,and the runner at second advanced to third. It's a potential winning run. The battery are in jam ! , then the catcher signals the pitcher to throw ....(The 1st 'Baseball-Latin-Rap' in the world ?)

"Never Let You Be Champions Tonight" - A big game is being held at the home-field of the team in the cellar. The stand is filled with fans of visitor team, waiting for the moment of its becoming champion. Feeling hostility, the home team swears not to let the visitor be champion.

"Change Clothes for Jersey" Missing a big game, a heavily injured ball player is watching the game. His teammate says to him. 'Change your clothes for Jersey, and run out of the dugout with us the moment of becoming champions.

In an exclusive interview with the artist, Honeywar, he cites his major influences as
The Beatles, Shinji Harada, Japanese Chorus Music

Yup. I can dig it......

The Music of Eastern

Chris over at Ultra Swank tells us:
"... why not take a trip to the sun with Eastern Airlines? Here are six one-minute vintage commercials with none other than Brazilian bossa legend Astrud Gilberto on vocals. The jingles were recorded in the late 1960s and styled in different variations. Taken from a promotion 7" record intended for their employees only, but now offered to the Ultra Swank readers as well. ..."
Read the full entry and be sure to enjoy The Music of Eastern over at Ultra Swank.
Thanks Chris. Strange weather. Yup. Let's hope for some sun really soon.
I alla fall i sydvästra delarna av landet. ;-)

VHS covers from hell (read: the 80s).

A swedish guy's huge collection of VHS b-movies. With scans. (vi Coudal Partners)

Project prostitute

Project Prostitute - drawings of prostitutes. Submit your own work here. (via Robot Action Boy)

Pascal Bernier

Pascal Bernier, photographer, sculptor, video artist, and writer. Or just modern artist.

'Bipolar perversion', is taken from the Love stories section.
But if you feel embarrassed about this lewd display you probably need to play it safe and go straight to the Safe Sex video installments. Or maybe not.
(via Dadanoias)

The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Air Force Nurses

GoofButton presents scans from "Tender Loving Care - The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Air Force Nurses", 1969, Illustrated by Bill Wenzel.

You'll find some more pinup art by Bill here.

Castro Denial Speech

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great World Leaders at Leisure

Nixon Bowling....

Mao playing ping pong....

Stalin & Lenin crossing the Delaware....
....and Castro eating a Banana. (no image posted, MrDanteFontana would only censor it)

The Occult Experience

The Occult Experience - 1985 documentary

(via BoingBoing)

Skeets McDonald's Tattooed Lady

Skeets McDonald's Tattooed Lady - Plus Eleven Other Sizzlers available in the TWILIGHTZONE!
Hang out with Rufus Shoffner when he's out having fun like any other normal bald-headed man:

Midget movies

"Description: Midget Movies, Capitol Projector Corporation (NYC), 9/47, three different sized top frames were available from small to tall. Called Midget Movies because of the size of the machine. Made three themes for the midget movies: westerns, sports and burlesque. 16mm projector and film used. For a nickel plays about 4 minutes of film. Also reissued in 4/62 as "Midget Movie Theatre". Exhibit Supply also sold their own version of this arcade machine."
(Info text quoted from Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum's page for the Capitol Projector Corp Midget Movies)

Movies - With large illuminated display, vintage ad uploaded to Vintage Ads Journal. (via Bedazzled)

Another ad for Midget movies.
"When ordering, specify which version you prefer --Burlesque Girls or Dancing Girls."

Monday, March 24, 2008

If All Deuces Got Married

I can't decide what I like better on the most recent post on Funky Czech-In....the record sleeve (above), the title of the song ("If All Deuces Got Married"), or the snappy little 60s pop-jazz-calypso hybrid song itself, by the Gustav Brom Orchestra. Go have a listen, and judge for yourself.

Sonny Osborne, banjo player


I hear Bill Fay calling

"I hear you calling from the riverbank
I will be coming when the air is black
All my time is lying on the factory floor
And all my time is lying on the factory floor

Some say messiah coming got to get it right
Some say messiah coming give me back my time
All my time is lying on the factory floor
And all my time is lying on the factory floor

I hear you calling

I hear you calling
I hear you calling..."

I found out about Bill Fay via the excellent Swedish music blog, Spengo.
The song "I hear you calling" is from his first album,'Time Of The Last Persecution', from 1971 and is a wonderful piece of music. It has this soothing and reassuring kind of thing going on.

I downloaded the whole album yesterday and it's filled with great and simple (and that is almost always a very positive thing in my book) songs.

I wonder why I never heard of him before? Oh, yes, this is exactly the reason why I love music. There is always something brilliant to find just around the corner (even if it's the 13th time around you walk around that particular corner).And.
I hear you calling.

(Thanks to Mattias, over at Spengo.)

John Rosenthal

Last Beach Trip, Okracoke, North Carolina, 1986 (Found in American Spaces> Gallery 1)

Rocky III, 1982 (Found in The City Portfolio> Subway)

John Rosenthal, photographer. (Travelling with the ghost)