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Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Week's My New Favorite Band

Hey- I know you're all hipper than me and this is probably over for you all already, but there's seven (okay, maybe more, maybe less) deadly Finns, and they define the essence of ROCK (make gesture with clenched fist and flexed forearm). For me, their music transcends the gag, because their arrangements are so comprehensively perfect. Also the Elvis hubcap belt buckle, beehives, real russian balalaika players, skeleton minidresses, ubersquiffs, and african drummers don't hurt, either.


Wikipedia provides the backstory (and in this case behaves like a music blog at the bottom)

Covering Uriah Heep's Easy Livin'

Covering Smoke on the Water

Sweet Home Alabama

If they ever come to the USA I'm a-goin'!