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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Spring

Oh snap. The MLB season has begun in the Land of The Rising Sun. To get us all in the mood, Soundclick:Baseball:Honeywar has the goods.

Streaming baseball pop! Titles include:

"Deliver Another Splitter" (English and Japanese) - The pitcher threw a splitter in the dirt,and the runner at second advanced to third. It's a potential winning run. The battery are in jam ! , then the catcher signals the pitcher to throw ....(The 1st 'Baseball-Latin-Rap' in the world ?)

"Never Let You Be Champions Tonight" - A big game is being held at the home-field of the team in the cellar. The stand is filled with fans of visitor team, waiting for the moment of its becoming champion. Feeling hostility, the home team swears not to let the visitor be champion.

"Change Clothes for Jersey" Missing a big game, a heavily injured ball player is watching the game. His teammate says to him. 'Change your clothes for Jersey, and run out of the dugout with us the moment of becoming champions.

In an exclusive interview with the artist, Honeywar, he cites his major influences as
The Beatles, Shinji Harada, Japanese Chorus Music

Yup. I can dig it......