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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy out-of-the-womb-day, Baikinange!

I thought about knitting you a space helmet for your birthday. But then I realized you probably only want the real thing. And, to be honest, knitting was ... a long time ago. It's so 1980s.

So I come up with nothing.

Then I thought about coming up with a nice long speech full of wit and complicated words.
To be a honest such a speech would probably sound best in Swedish if I was to write one.
Luckily there have been poets like Johnny Mercer who really knew how to put down the words ... and still ... he had problems.
Above track was taken from this great album.

You marvelously cope with us boys being boys on a daily basis here and still carve out some of the best pop cultural posts in this environment and in the whole blogosphere.
I am proud to say: Baikinange is on my team. Not yours. Mine!

Anyway, Ange, You are the best!