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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

This is my last post this year. No links today. Just this photo.
It's Me, Mom and Dad.
This photo was shot in El Ahbab studio in Marrakech Februar 16, 1971.
I am 1 year and 2 months old.
A copy of this photo was sent to my Grandmom as a belated birthday present.

My dad died earlier this year. He was a cool man. He had issues, but still, he was cool. I loved him. I will think of him tonight.

And I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank all of you reading PCL LinkDump, You are great!

Happy New Year to all of you!

/Z aka Sebastian

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Last blog entry contest of the year

This contest is a little different than usual. If you win it will render you the first entry on this blog 2005.
So... The first one to leave a comment wins (yep! it's that easy!). If you don't manage a site I will blog an interview with you!
The contest is open for everyone except the earlier winners:
Jolly Roger, Ken Minter, Michelle, Spike and MrBaliHai.

Ready? Go!

/Z aka Sebastian

Classic stop-motion animation clips from Eastern Europe

Darkstrider is heaven for us who loves stop-motion animations. Here's a fantastic gallery of clips from some of Eastern Europe's greatest masters (QuickTime Movies).

Then learn to animate yourself in the section Tips, Tricks and Techniques. (via MetaFilter)

Update: Midnight Eye conducts an interview with Kihachiro Kawamoto, Japanese stop-motion animator.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Retro: Postcards used as advertising

"MORIS CROWLEY - Britain's First Family Car In Perfomance, Roomines and Style"

Edwardian Delights: Postcards - Advertising (via Life In The Present)

Jimmie Logsdon

Well.. After that soft Brazilian massage it's time to wake up. Stroll on over to the great Fire Of lovE and get that luring dizziness away. Get the best of rockabilly treatments out there. That's an order!


Nick over at Jazz and Conversation writes about Bebel Gilberto's latest CD "I first dismissed this CD as a slick attempt to take advantage of the reputation and legacy of her parents. ... That said, I admit the CD has grown on me upon multiple listenings. And there are several tracks that are flat-out awesome! Aganju is my favorite. ..."
I couldn't agree more. Aganju is a beautiful, floating creation with lots of air with a very nice (sort of) accelerating hypnotique groove.
When Bebel's songs are good they are very good.
Have a listen yourself over at Nick's place.


This flashsite is a really fun tribute to Doctor Who. Note: Turn up the volume for greatest fun. (via Lonita's Links Log)

Melvin Sokolsky

foto_decadent points to this incredible photographer: Melvin Sokolsky.
Check out his Bubble gallery. Fascinating! But check out the rest of his site too - it's totally worth it.

Popular hairstyles back in the 50s

RetroGrafix is showing some nice images of 1950s Hairstyles.


a best truth has an mp3 up with the incredible band Smoosh. For crying out loud! They are only 9 and 11 years old and make indie rock as good as any other band.

Mark Holthusen

Royal Elk.

Mark Holthusen, photography.

Beatriz Milhazes

Menino pescando [Boy fishing] 1997

Brasilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. (via Neurastenia)

70's Radio interviews

"Tony Hadland was a disc jockey from 1967 to 1975. Starting as a college DJ, he later became a freelance contributor to BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio London (now BBC London Live), and national radio and television in Belgium. ... From 1972 to 1974, Tony recorded monthly interviews with British rock artistes for Belgische Radio en Televisie (Belgian Radio and Television, the Flemish equivalent of the BBC)."
Led Zeppelin - Man - Quiver - Roxy Music - Savoy Brown - Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faust and more are interviewed and samples from these can be downloaded here. (via Daily Jive)

Attack the present... the SPACE PATROL way!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific Standard Time, 11pm EST, 4am (0400) GMT and so on, your web browser will automatically launch:


...just in time for your 2004-crushing SPACE PATROL.
The chat room will be open, and waiting for YOU in particular!

The same shall hold true for the rebroadcast tomorrow at 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm (1300) GMT and so on. For Australia and the Far East, add an additional two weeks, or something.

Tonight's episode is the last rebroadcast before new episodes return, with music by The Norman Haines Band, Jumping Jacques, Vladimir Cosma, The Hellers, Art Mooney, Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans, even Georgie Fame.

You will find the SPACE PATROL playlist at


alternately at


Tonight... beware! The host returns to his own Chat Pit!


Stay tuned: episodes of SPACE PATROL will soon be available without commercial interruption on handy-dandy CDs. Take them anywhere!

The official SPACE PATROL store at Café Press can be found at

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


After all free music I've linked you to there must be something left in your pocket. Use this thread over at flickr for websites for donations to find a very decent way to do some good with those pennies/dollars/marks/euros/kronor/pounds or whatever you've got to spare. You'd just buy some sleazy music for them anyway... Do it.

Update: And NOW is a good time for the leader of the FREE world to think HIS war on "terrorists" over. Stop that stinking war. Get home boys! Use those billions of dollars to something good: they could actually come in handy and make a change now.

/Z aka Sebastian, angry

The decorations of the Moscow metro

From Avtozavodskaya [Click image for large view at source]

Here's a map. Click where you want to go to see things. But start here.
Very nice tour, I'd say! (via Buzz)

Monday, December 27, 2004

John Lennon's still writing songs. And they suck!

Our Spiritual Teachings Page: "Speaker Linda J. Polley has been channeling new songs written by the Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, from The Afterlife, since 9/9/99. Several of the lyrics, some with audio, have been posted on line, in Voices From Spirit Magazine, and elsewhere, over the years."

And it continues...

"Below is an audio demo of internationally known psychic Speaker Linda Polley singing and playing John Lennon's new song she channeled from The Afterlife in support of President Bush's war with Iraq. If you know somebody in the military that has a band tell them about it. They can call Linda and get the music. John would love to hear the G.I.s singing this! See the lyrics at the bottom of the page. See the main page of this website for contact information"

Obviously she is a nutcase. Or at least a very stupid server of Bush God. And singing is not one of her major skills either. But she is out of her mind and the site is dead fun! (or maybe it's a hoax - at least I hope so!) (via Sound-scavengers)


Some of Japanese illustrator Youchan's works is to be find here.
Cute and colorful. (via Bibi's Box)

Shave 'Em Dry

The Christmas is over - time to shave 'em dry over at Honey, Where You Been So Long.

No more Steve Roper & Mike Nomad

The Beat reports that adventure strip Steve Roper and Mike Nomad ended its run yesterday after almost 70 (!) years and points to this and this article.
Rest in peace guys, I fought crime with you alot when I was a kid.
http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20041226/ART16/41226011/-1/ART & http://www.pantagraph.com/stories/122604/new_20041226022.shtml


Vegas Vic thinks that it's time "heading off somewhere warm. Somewhere, I don't know... captivating... "
Hawaiian Moods - Captivation by The Outriggers
Very nice cover. But this is just too smooth for me.

Donald Roller Wilson

The Paintings of Donald Roller Wilson. (Flash site. Fun. But flash...) Or just step right into the gallery. (via Thumbmonkey)

A new day, a good shaving, new underwear and a.. facelift.

As you may notice I've changed the look of this blog a little. I liked the way it looked before but got tired. I hope you'll be ok with all the green.
If you have something to say about the new look - speak up! - or forever be silent. ;-)

Land of 999 Dances

Land of 999 Dances has found a new home to dance in. The new set includes an old favorite of mine: Travis Wammack's Scratchy.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Cabinet of Curiosities

Laszlo Layton, 'Scarlet Ibis' [Click here for larger view at source]

Petter Fetterman Gallery is showing Laszlo Layton's Cabinet of Curiosities.
Laszlo sais this about his images: "Although our modern natural history books are much more scientifically accurate, there is a certain romantic charm that I admire in earlier illustrations that is usually lacking in modern photographic representations. With this series I am attempting to recapture and distill the essence of those old natural history illustrations, but through the photographic medium." (via gmtPlus9)

On the download

"WFMU's On The Download collects MP3s from the fringes once a month: new sounds, obscure audio, found sound, and other sonic stimulants unique to WFMU."

Hairspray. Gallons of hairspray.

Swapatorium invites us to the mane event.

Too bad Christmas is over - this hands free thingy would have made it to the top on my wish list. I think I like to buy one anyway... It's from Star Trek, isn't it?

Erwin Olaf

'The Gym' from his photo series 'Rain'

Dutch photographer and film maker Erwin Olaf.
Have a look at his personal portfolio - full of alienation and irony. (via a best truth)

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Alasdair Willis' collection of Badges on the web. (via one man safari)

Top 5ives 2004

  • Cipango: Italian weblog linking to art of interest
  • Folk Art Life: In-depth features as well as a library of links to relevant web pages that include artist profiles, museums, exhibitions and art techniques.
  • A.1.Mail Art Archive: Michael Leigh shares envelopes and stuff from his mail art archive (coal shed...).
  • WarpArt: The collage art of Peter Lewis
  • Gallery of West Indian Art: Specializes in Haitian Art, Cuban Art, And Jamaican Art





  • Bright Lights Film Journal: Movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film.
  • Eccentric Cinema: Brian Lindsey's site about horror, sci-fi and exploitation movies.
  • Filmtagebuch: German weblog about film, movies, trash culture, music and links.
  • Masters of Cinema: Aim to bring pertinent information together in one place for aficionados of World Cinema.
  • The Film Journal: Online film publication and forum for eclectic film criticism.


  • Basic Hip Digital Oddio: Ford shares exotica, easy and space age music as well as other things.
  • 52 Weeks: Jan Turkenburg's gigantic project sharing odd, obscure and amateur music every week of 2004.
  • Bellybongo: Magnus Sandberg is sharing obscure music, exotica and Swedish oddities.
  • 365 Days at UbuWeb: Otis Fodder's amazing music project got a new and permanent home on the web.
  • Oddio Overplay: A directory and melting pot for free and legal music on the web.


Link Blogs.

  • The Cartoonist: Cartoons. Advertising. OS X. Raumpatrouille.
  • Grow-A-Brain: Hanan Levin post links in themed entries.
  • Boing Boing: No comment
  • Life In The Present: Michelle links to art, ephemera and other curiousities...
  • Plep: Links to art, literature, geography, religion, politics and photography etc..

MP3 Blogs.



But, seriously, check my sidebar to get to all the goodies. These above are just some of the URL:s which made my web-experience of 2004 such a nice one. Don't be sad if you don't find your webpage on the list above. This is just lists. And everybody knows that lists sucks...

So: Thanks to everyone with a referrer on this blog! You are the greatest (and you know it!)!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

X-mas at PCL LinkDump

And a Merry Christmas!
from your caped link crusader.

/Z aka Sebastian

Ps. By the way... If you ever want to help me in my fight against the criminals of crooked, low and bad (not as in "The Matrix soundrack is soo Bad!") culture please do so by sending me links to cool stuff you think should be on here. If you're really into what I'm doing here (and know how it works...) you might want to become a guestblogger some time? Either way: send me what you've got. Every single nicely adressed email is making me do this longer. So if you don't want me to stop - go ahead and stop me from ever stopping!

Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai - yet another affiliate to the dust preservation society.

The Royal Hawaiian Guitars with the Merry Melody Singers is being shared to our enjoyment by Manfo at Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai.
Manfo sais this about the music (ripped from a tape):
"I got this great tape a few weeks ago by a local thrift store, but I could find very little information about it--I'm a first-timer after all ;-) The original LP was first issued on Mercury label (then on Philips, maybe someday in the Sixties), and you can find it listed in the Hawaiian music albums list on the Space Age Pop Music Pages.
The man on the steel guitar is the famous country player
Jerry Byrd, who has been recording a bunch of Hawaiian albums since the early Fifties. No liner notes on my tape, sorry :-( "

It's working for me. Great music! :-)

Roger Shimomura - Stereotypes and Admonitions

This series illustrates incidents of racial insensitivity I have experienced during my life. Accompanying each painting is a written description of the incident that inspired the piece. Also included in this series are events that have affected the Asian American community on a regional and national basis over the past 60 years — essentially my lifetime. - Roger Shimomura.
Exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery
Roger Shimomura: " FOX network recently rescinded its decision to air The Charlie Chan Mystery Tour due to protests from the Asian American community. The old Charlie Chan movies featured ethnic stereotypes and “yellow-faced” white actors, considered offensive and to many Asian Americans. The Organization of Chinese Americans stated, “Charlie Chan is a painful reminder of Hollywood’s racist refusal to hire minorities to play roles that were designed for them, and a further reminder of the miscegenation laws that prevented interracial interaction even on screen.” " (via Cipango)

Winter wonderland

More great and odd x-mas tunes posted over at the outstanding "christmas" blog Bedazzled!

brian's radio blog]] has some more nice (pop and rock) holiday tunes here.

!Revolucion con Brasilia!

A great bossa album with the Brasilian vocal sister quartet The Girls From Bahia (originally named Quarteto em Cy) is being shared by Sem Sinatra who sais: "... Somehow the combination of their voices often reminds me of the Bulgarian womens' choirs. The harmonies are often slightly unusual.
Although there is no Xmas in Japan, I wish you all a very happy time with those you love. Recently I've realized how precious that is."

I wish you a very Happy Time too, Sem! And thanks for all the great and thrilling music you've been sharing throughout the year.

Fashion for Christmas


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goulet, 20 years of christmas cards. A great source. Hm. Maybe next year... (via MetaFilter)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ponderosa via Memphis

One of my all-time favorite bands, Tav Falco's Panther Burns is being spotlighted in a humorous and insightful way over at the Viny Mine. The complete Blow Your Top EP is being shared.
Not one of their greatest achievements - but still great rocknroll!

Also 2 great R. L. Burnside recordings and 1 LX Chilton from 2000.
You are doing a great job Jim H!


I haven't seen them in a long time, Ola & Carina (God Jul och Gott nytt år på er om ni råkar se det här - och grattis i förskott Ola!).
I hope you had a good time in Germany!

Enjoy some fine Swedish pop songs recorded by Moonbabies.

The Leonard Bernstein Collection

Bernstein at the ranch of Frieda Lawrence, widow of the writer D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930) in Taos, New Mexico, 1948.
[Click image for large view at source]

"The composer, conductor, writer, and teacher Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) was one of 20th-century America's most important musical figures. The Leonard Bernstein Collection is one of the largest and most varied of the many special collections held by the Library of Congress Music Division. Its more than 400,000 items, including music and literary manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio and video recordings, fan mail, and other types of materials extensively document Bernstein's extraordinary life and career. This online Leonard Bernstein Collection makes available a selection of 85 photographs, 177 scripts from 'the Young People's Concerts', 74 scripts from 'the Thursday Evening Previews', and over 1,100 pieces of correspondence, in addition to the collection's complete Finding Aid." (via PLEP)

Hark! The Herald Aliens SPACE PATROL

Tonight at 8pm Pacific Standard Time, 11pm EST, 4am (0400) GMT and so on, your web browser will automatically launch:


...just in time for your non-holiday mentioning, "Christmas Under Siege" edition of the all-secular SPACE PATROL.
The chat room will be open, and waiting for YOU in particular!

The same shall hold true for the rebroadcast tomorrow at 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm (1300) GMT and so on. For Australia and the Far East, add an additional 35 years, or something.

Tonight we revisit a recent SPACE PATROL catastrophic success, with music by Japan's Mansfield with Yukari Freshand The Spiders from the GS scene, Janko Nilovic, Ken Nordine (from "Colors"), Jack Marshall, The Monks, The United States of America, Les Baxter (from "Wild Guitars" and featuring Riz Ortolani), and some desperately inappropriate cowboy crooning... in German.

You will find the SPACE PATROL playlist Here!
alternately here!

Next week... beware! The host WILL return to his own Chat Pit!

More yuletide mp3s

The flow never ends.

Bluesman Charlie Jordan's got the blues for Christmas and Cotton Top Sanctified Singers shouts out Early On One Christmas Morn at Honey Where You Been So Long
Something I Learned Today has got 4 hard and non-glamourous x-mas rockers.
Keep The Coffee Coming has got Sammy Kaye, Gene Autry, Spike Jones and some more.
bigrockcandymountain is rocking for christmas with Sympathy For the Record Industry.
Copy, Right? is shoutin' out Daniel Johnston and The Humpsters with glee!
Fire Of lovE has got 'The light that shines within' with Coal Porters
Music For Maniacs has got a nine-year-old boy, his seven-year-old little brother, and their dad on guitar and drum machine: Santa's on the run
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Christmas On Riverside Drive at Spoilt Victorian Child

the Great Depression

Joseph Hirsch, Lunch Hour (1942)

Modern American Poetry highlights the lives and the struggles during the Great Depression in A Photo Essay on the Great Depression and in A Depression Art Gallery. (via Penny Dreadful)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with Bellybongo!

EXODO - Back cover

Salute Christmas with Bellybongo's upload of EXODO, a strange Mexican lounge vocal LP
Don't forget the bonus tracks! "Bridge Over Troubled Water - Even more obscure is this School band, who recorded this track along with 3 others (A Beatles track with new Swedish lyrics caused serious record label fuzz at the time) 1981. I love it!"
Serious label fuzz? What's the story Magnus? Please enlight us!!!

Happy Holidays greetings from Pastor McPurvis

[Click thumbs for larg view at the vinyl orphanage]

Disturbing Santa's is the Album Cover Theme of the Week. Naturally.

Up this week in Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show: Christmas Concert by the children in the 1978 Inpatient Music Therapy Program
at the University of Michigan Children's Psychiatric Hospital!

Pastor tells us: "Up for the next two weeks is an album that is one of Pastor McPurvis’ favorites. I came across this album two years ago and instently fell in love with it. The recording is a Christmas concert performed by the children in the Inpatient Music Therapy Program at the University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in 1978. The concert has a variety of groups and soloists performing with some serious heartfelt energy and youthful exuberance. If nothing else, you really have to check out the jazz band performances, the solo pieces, and the crashing sing-a-long that makes up the last track. There is also a very touching speech given by one of the adults in charge thanking the performers and singling out two young men who had made great progress in the program. The Pastor is going on a well earned vacation so I’ll be leaving this up for two weeks. Have a great Holiday season, thanks to all of you who visit my Talent Show, and as always, Enjoy!"
Sounds weird enough for me...

Happy Holidays to the McPurvis family and enjoy your vacation!
http://www.vinylorphanage.com/theme.html & http://www.vinylorphanage.com/talentshow.html

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beastles

Wow! Beastie Boys vs. The Beatles. Holy Mash up!
And it's great fun and highly danceable. (via Boing Boing)

Cartoons of The New Yorker 1965-1974

Cartoon (8-27-1973) / George Booth

"This fall, “The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker” was published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers. In this essay from the book, Calvin Trillin remembers the cartoons of the magazine’s fifth decade."
The Fifth Decade: 1965-1974


My B-day.

The legendary Danceland poster collection 1956-1967

"The Danceland Ballroom was built in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1927. After a change in ownership in 1957, they began booking rock and roll acts. They continued until the ballroom was torn down in 1969.
The ballroom was located on the second story. At the top of the stairs, patrons were greeted by a beautiful hand-painted poster advertising the next upcoming concert.
These unique 28" x 44" cardboard concert posters were hand-painted by well-known graphic artist, Andy Jennings. His posters often included an original photo of the artist and sometimes even original (single) records or picture sleeves."

The Posters (via The Cartoonist)

Chinese Public Health Posters

Oops. I think I need to lay down...
Chinese Public Health Posters (via Rashomon)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Katie Nice

Nice girls. (via a best truth)

Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman

The Ultimate Insult has a big christmas mp3 treat for you here!

2 pills Legrand

Report: Went to IKEA - Headache - More Headache - Found nothing - left IKEA. Off to a record thrift store - Found two good exotica albums - Went home - Listened - Headache gone.
And this has happened before. Yup, Exotica heals.
Try it yourself some day when you're feeling miserable, or like me today, when you're cursed with a big fucking headache just because IKEA IS HELL.
And today I'll link you to some wonderful prozac in the shape of vinyl:
Kristof at Space Debris presents two awesome exotica EPs by Michel Legrand (I didn't even know he recorded stuff like this!). Merry Christmas to ME!

Somewhat decadent

LJ-user freaking_bok has posted some of photographer Deborah Turbeville's most well known works here and some of her later works here in photo_decadent.
http://www.livejournal.com/community/foto_decadent/122623.html#cutid1 & http://www.livejournal.com/community/foto_decadent/126165.html#cutid1
And here's a nice gallery of photographs of Anaïs Nin. (via Cipango)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

52 Weeks completed!

Jan Turkenburg has finished the his music sharing project 52 Weeks. He sais:
"Dear everybody,It's finished. I've just uploaded the last and therefore melancholy episode of52 weeks: The Last Seven Days.

At the same time in collaboration with WM Recordings and Chenard Walcker the project's epilogue is launched [see this entry]. For the coming 7 days this will be a interactive event; it's up to you how this page will look like on Christmas Eve.

First of all, I hereby offer an opportunity to all guest curators who collapsed under time-pressure lately: send in your mp3s anyway and I'll post them on this page. I'll update each day for seven days. Also additional tracks from the other curators are welcome. Please submit your updates, next week on Christmas-eve it will be too late.
Secondly: I want to know what your favorite 52 weeks track is! let me know and I'll post the file anew here.
Thirdly: We'll start this last page with a tremendous album by Chenard Walcker [see this entry] who used samples from all 52 weeks and from other strictly Dutch music. Anyone who wants to add there own remix or 52 weeks related work to this page: you've got only one week left!
Fourthly: splogman's surprise

Cheers, Splogman"

http://home.deds.nl/~splog/52/52.52.html & http://home.deds.nl/~splog/52/52.epiloog.html

File under: WOW!

[Click image for maximum enjoyment]

More sample madness from Chenard Walcker

New WM Recordings release: Chenard Walcker - Vize Verze.