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Friday, December 17, 2004

Swedish moods

And here is something to slow you down; to get you relaxed; to make you breath the air that lives and plays throughout the endless woods of Sweden. Sagor & Swing is mood music. Good mood music. Good Swedish music. You'll find some tasters here (look for Sagor & Swing - but please do check out some of the others too. Some are really interesting. Some are just too experimental.) and some here (early stuff and outtakes). Here's a short introduction of the band. Buy their music here.
http://www.hapna.com/downloads.html & http://www.sagorochswing.com/media.htm
The effect will be more intense and powerful if you have one of the Swedish artist John Bauer's paintings in front of you to absorb with the music.
http://runeberg.org/jbauer/ & http://www.johnbauersmuseum.nu/galleri.php