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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Roger Shimomura - Stereotypes and Admonitions

This series illustrates incidents of racial insensitivity I have experienced during my life. Accompanying each painting is a written description of the incident that inspired the piece. Also included in this series are events that have affected the Asian American community on a regional and national basis over the past 60 years — essentially my lifetime. - Roger Shimomura.
Exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery
Roger Shimomura: " FOX network recently rescinded its decision to air The Charlie Chan Mystery Tour due to protests from the Asian American community. The old Charlie Chan movies featured ethnic stereotypes and “yellow-faced” white actors, considered offensive and to many Asian Americans. The Organization of Chinese Americans stated, “Charlie Chan is a painful reminder of Hollywood’s racist refusal to hire minorities to play roles that were designed for them, and a further reminder of the miscegenation laws that prevented interracial interaction even on screen.” " (via Cipango)