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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Instrumental Music From Hungary 50s, 60s, 70s
""Tanczene" means "Dance Music" in Hungarian and this is how Hungarians referred to all kinds of pop music right until the advent of rock. It's also the title of this compilation of long out-of-print instrumental tracks from Hungary, most from the late 50's-mid 60's period. All tracks are transferred from old vinyl, so expect a lot of hisses and cracks. Also, expect a unique perspective on life and entertainment in a Warsaw Pact country, where anything associated with that side of the Berlin Wall was perceived as exotic."
And it's a very nice collection! Groovy and danceable. Just as good as any comp. from this "side" of the "border" covering the same time! (via Exotica)
My faves so far after one "spin": Imre Zsoldos: Delibabos Hortobagyon (Crazy!), Harmonia Vocal: Selejtezo szam (Fun "Soul Bossa Nova" look-a-like), Lajos Martiny: Marvellous Mambo (Mambo!), Club Ensemble + Studio Vocal: Presszo Csa Csa (Esquivelian!)