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Monday, December 27, 2004

John Lennon's still writing songs. And they suck!

Our Spiritual Teachings Page: "Speaker Linda J. Polley has been channeling new songs written by the Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, from The Afterlife, since 9/9/99. Several of the lyrics, some with audio, have been posted on line, in Voices From Spirit Magazine, and elsewhere, over the years."

And it continues...

"Below is an audio demo of internationally known psychic Speaker Linda Polley singing and playing John Lennon's new song she channeled from The Afterlife in support of President Bush's war with Iraq. If you know somebody in the military that has a band tell them about it. They can call Linda and get the music. John would love to hear the G.I.s singing this! See the lyrics at the bottom of the page. See the main page of this website for contact information"

Obviously she is a nutcase. Or at least a very stupid server of Bush God. And singing is not one of her major skills either. But she is out of her mind and the site is dead fun! (or maybe it's a hoax - at least I hope so!) (via Sound-scavengers)