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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai - yet another affiliate to the dust preservation society.

The Royal Hawaiian Guitars with the Merry Melody Singers is being shared to our enjoyment by Manfo at Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai.
Manfo sais this about the music (ripped from a tape):
"I got this great tape a few weeks ago by a local thrift store, but I could find very little information about it--I'm a first-timer after all ;-) The original LP was first issued on Mercury label (then on Philips, maybe someday in the Sixties), and you can find it listed in the Hawaiian music albums list on the Space Age Pop Music Pages.
The man on the steel guitar is the famous country player
Jerry Byrd, who has been recording a bunch of Hawaiian albums since the early Fifties. No liner notes on my tape, sorry :-( "

It's working for me. Great music! :-)