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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Holidays greetings from Pastor McPurvis

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Disturbing Santa's is the Album Cover Theme of the Week. Naturally.

Up this week in Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show: Christmas Concert by the children in the 1978 Inpatient Music Therapy Program
at the University of Michigan Children's Psychiatric Hospital!

Pastor tells us: "Up for the next two weeks is an album that is one of Pastor McPurvis’ favorites. I came across this album two years ago and instently fell in love with it. The recording is a Christmas concert performed by the children in the Inpatient Music Therapy Program at the University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in 1978. The concert has a variety of groups and soloists performing with some serious heartfelt energy and youthful exuberance. If nothing else, you really have to check out the jazz band performances, the solo pieces, and the crashing sing-a-long that makes up the last track. There is also a very touching speech given by one of the adults in charge thanking the performers and singling out two young men who had made great progress in the program. The Pastor is going on a well earned vacation so I’ll be leaving this up for two weeks. Have a great Holiday season, thanks to all of you who visit my Talent Show, and as always, Enjoy!"
Sounds weird enough for me...

Happy Holidays to the McPurvis family and enjoy your vacation!
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