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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sitar Groovers

Chris tells us: "Sitar Groovers are a strange thing, there is no one scene or genre creating them, instead they pop up as the odd track on a Rock LP, Soundtrack, Lounge LP or anywhere really.
During the Sixties when George Harrison famously linked up with Ravi Shankar and introduced pop music to the sitar. Companies tried to cash-in. These LPs are known nowadays as Sitarsploitation. Records by numbers made for all the wrong reasons, but sometimes these turn up gems.
At its best a sitar groover will have funky drums, Moogs, Hammond organs, bongos, tablas and above all a groove underpinning the beautiful sound of the sitar.
I think I have a fair collection of "sitar groovers" so I thought this might be a good starting point which can grow as you and I discover more and more. Please feel free to email me about tracks, even send LP scans and MP3s of stuff you think should be included here. ..."

This is great! Photos of some cool citar groover covers, sound samples and reviews. What more could I possibly need to get totally hooked on this!?
Sitar Groovers Guide (via Exotica)