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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lynn’s Holiday Music Page

Lynn sais: "Ahhhhh, holiday music... the constant torment of every holiday season. it follows us when we're grocery shopping, in elevators, and even frightening plastic christmas trees sing to us in the mall. yet even so, once in a while in an unexpected & unguarded moment, perhaps a few of us might find ourselves teary-eyed after hearing Bing sing white christmas for the 504,321st time. or not. (ok, admittedly it might've just been pms... but does it really matter?)
Perhaps if we weren't so busy having "oh holy night" shoved down our throats every time we're put on hold we could sit back & appreciate the music which celebrates this time of year. Perhaps if we weren't anticipating hours of Aunt Beatrice kvetching about salmonella poisoning from the undercooked turkey we could enjoy ourselves. Perhaps if you hadn't invested in Mattel back when it was $45 a share you could afford to get those fancy presents..."
Oh! Esquivel! Nice! I could play around in this snow for a while I'd say! This is a very pleasent site to experience the holiday music not as a torment but as a beautiful gift. Something that could be highly enjoyable, nice and ... FUN.
Yes, It's Lynn’s Holiday Music Page!