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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Top 5ives 2004

  • Cipango: Italian weblog linking to art of interest
  • Folk Art Life: In-depth features as well as a library of links to relevant web pages that include artist profiles, museums, exhibitions and art techniques.
  • A.1.Mail Art Archive: Michael Leigh shares envelopes and stuff from his mail art archive (coal shed...).
  • WarpArt: The collage art of Peter Lewis
  • Gallery of West Indian Art: Specializes in Haitian Art, Cuban Art, And Jamaican Art





  • Bright Lights Film Journal: Movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film.
  • Eccentric Cinema: Brian Lindsey's site about horror, sci-fi and exploitation movies.
  • Filmtagebuch: German weblog about film, movies, trash culture, music and links.
  • Masters of Cinema: Aim to bring pertinent information together in one place for aficionados of World Cinema.
  • The Film Journal: Online film publication and forum for eclectic film criticism.


  • Basic Hip Digital Oddio: Ford shares exotica, easy and space age music as well as other things.
  • 52 Weeks: Jan Turkenburg's gigantic project sharing odd, obscure and amateur music every week of 2004.
  • Bellybongo: Magnus Sandberg is sharing obscure music, exotica and Swedish oddities.
  • 365 Days at UbuWeb: Otis Fodder's amazing music project got a new and permanent home on the web.
  • Oddio Overplay: A directory and melting pot for free and legal music on the web.


Link Blogs.

  • The Cartoonist: Cartoons. Advertising. OS X. Raumpatrouille.
  • Grow-A-Brain: Hanan Levin post links in themed entries.
  • Boing Boing: No comment
  • Life In The Present: Michelle links to art, ephemera and other curiousities...
  • Plep: Links to art, literature, geography, religion, politics and photography etc..

MP3 Blogs.



But, seriously, check my sidebar to get to all the goodies. These above are just some of the URL:s which made my web-experience of 2004 such a nice one. Don't be sad if you don't find your webpage on the list above. This is just lists. And everybody knows that lists sucks...

So: Thanks to everyone with a referrer on this blog! You are the greatest (and you know it!)!!!