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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

More yuletide mp3s

The flow never ends.

Bluesman Charlie Jordan's got the blues for Christmas and Cotton Top Sanctified Singers shouts out Early On One Christmas Morn at Honey Where You Been So Long
Something I Learned Today has got 4 hard and non-glamourous x-mas rockers.
Keep The Coffee Coming has got Sammy Kaye, Gene Autry, Spike Jones and some more.
bigrockcandymountain is rocking for christmas with Sympathy For the Record Industry.
Copy, Right? is shoutin' out Daniel Johnston and The Humpsters with glee!
Fire Of lovE has got 'The light that shines within' with Coal Porters
Music For Maniacs has got a nine-year-old boy, his seven-year-old little brother, and their dad on guitar and drum machine: Santa's on the run
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Christmas On Riverside Drive at Spoilt Victorian Child