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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Exactly 5 months has this blog been online today.
It has been 5 months of fun, frustration (blogger.com is not always in the mood, so to speak) and a whole lot of links. The response has been way better than I expected. Nice to find out so many cares for the important things in life as much as I do. :-)
Being a blogger is time consuming (especially when you try to blog several entrys on a daily basis like I have) and takes the focus from other things in life which maybe is of importance too. Or to be frank: More Important!
It's time for a break.
And I couldn't think of a better day to start this break than today. This blog has never had as many hits as there'll be at the end of this day (316 already, going for 500!). These 3 last days there has been over 1000 visitors which is GREAT. Thank you!
And thanks to Mark for being a man of great taste and for supporting this blog.

I'll be back soon I hope. I just need to get perspective of things.
And no blog to consume me...

Your friend.

/Z aka Sebastian.

PS. But once in a while I will visit my fellow bloggers to check on them!