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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Monroe Calculator Company

"Our latest offering is this snazzy, up tempo industrial musical that celebrates the strength and innovation of the Monroe Calculator Company. ...

the show is very well done featuring some top notch arrangements for what sounds like a standard big band supporting a number of singers who professionally deliver the material without a hint of irony. ..."
Pastor McPurvis shares Monroe Calculator Company - It’s A Brand New Ball Game.

Pinocchio in Outer Space

Well, 1960's tots loved outer space... and Pinocchio was a well-known character whose rights dwelled within the public domain... I guess this combo of ideas seemed like an obvious choice. A real seat-filler. Plus, it featured Mr. Arnold Stang (the voice of Hanna-Barberra's"Top Cat") as the voice of Nurtle the Turtle (created just for this production, I'm guessing).

Arnold Stang:
"One of the most recognizable character actors in the history of film, he is most likely remembered by latter generations for his equally recognizable voice. Small, slight, bespectacled with horn-rimmed glasses, bulgy eyes and a voice that was a sort of high-pitched nasally, gargly yodel, he was cast most often as impish, nerdy types. He was born on September 28, 1925 in Chelsea, Massachusetts and grew up there in the Boston area. He began his show business career at the age of 10 when he successfully auditioned for radio's "Horn and Hardart's Children's Hour." He has worked in every area of the entertainment industry starting in radio, the transition to television in its early years, theatre productions on Broadway which led to films...both live and animated and commercials."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Route 66 demo

Get your kicks on Route 66 with M.A.Numminen & DJ Sane (first track).

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Library Music for Fun

" 24 One minute library melodies plus short tags of Roger Roger"
Roger Roger - Music for Fun shared by Wiel's Time Capsule.

The Enemy Agent & You

"Cold War counter-spy instructional film created to convince government officials traveling with top secret info to watch their backs.
Watch hapless G-men get seduced and setup for blackmail by treacherous Soviet she-spies.
Includes clandestine spy gadgets a la James Bond and jarring, film noir-esque music."

The Department Of Defence (the 60s version) presents 'The Enemy Agent & You':

Added by weirdovideos

69, Oh yeah. Hvergang!

A flickr set with scanned pages from A Danish photo book about a group sex experiment from 1969, uploaded by catinatree.
Absolutely NSFW!
Don't click the link unless you want to see blindfolded hairy Danish hippies enjoying group sex on a really big mattress. You have been warned. (via Sex?)

What a girl had to know ...

Seventy Five years ago, 28th of January 1932, the Dutch flexible advertisement record Wat Een Meisje Weten Moet ( What A Girl Should Know ) was recorded by Louis Davids (Rotterdam 19-12-1883 – Amsterdam 1-7-1939), a popular Dutch folk singer.

more about old Persil-commercials at this Keep Swinging entry

Keep Swinging (see also 78toeren.nl ->reclame)

Shake Sauvage

Fabulous mix CD with real saucy selections: Shake Sauvage presents Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights

Strategy of disapearance

After a long trip in nowhere land the show is back with Louis Philippe & Stuart Moxham, Bill Cosby, Devo, Of Montreal, Alessandro Alessandroni, Michel Magne and many others soul , 8 bit, pop, soundtracks delights.
Kiss caress and more until next time

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Into the Mystic

Just some nice Saturday music with Van the Man just to get you started...

The nice little webplayer tool via Mr J via Stationsvakt.

The New Blogger set-up has arrived

Wave goodbye to the old blogger.
PCL is now monitoring the web from the new blogger outfit.

Scary. I know. We'll get through this experience. Together. Hold my hand. Stay brave and I think we will come out safe and sound somewhere at the end of the tunnel.
What will we see as we enter the light? Will there be free love? Free food? Are we going to walk in the high but smooth grass together naked under clear blue skies as the sun tenderly caresses and massages our skin? Will the beer be strong and good?
Or will we see evil trolls lurking behind dead trees in the dark poisonous forrest. Will we starve because the bird flu killed all tasty animals. Will all mp3s sound like Kevin Federline or Crazy Frog? Will Ted Nugent be there to greet us and wish us luck? Or will he just shoot us down on the spot?

We'll see.


/Z aka mrdantefontana

Important note to my fellow contributors: From now on you need to sign in with your Google account to be able to post to PCL.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Download another Percy Trout hour

the Percy Trout hour

from all over the Globe!

Download another show from the Archives
(this one from 1-22-07):

Get it here.

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva

The "Thousand-hand Bodhisattva" perfomance by the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT) [Chinese Homepage here]. The dance is performed by 21 deaf and mute dancers. Beautiful! (via Exotica)

Added by blauteufel

The Village Muffler People

Photo arrangement by Martin Klasch

The Muffler Men - Roadside America

International Smorgas-Broad

The trailer for 'International Smorgas-Broad':
"Dish after dish. One exotique delicacy after another. Sufflé, cream puff or cherry tart. You saviour them all in delicious Eastman color when you sit down to a feast of beautiful women ..."

You got to love that accordion beat. NSFW.

(via Bedazzled)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Saxophone Colossus

... and Polar prize winner Sonny Rollins (awarded together with the also fantastic Steve Reich).

Here are the first 20 minutes of Robert Mugge's 1986 film 'Saxophone Colossus':

And Part 2 - Part 3
Clips added by sahishin

Casino Carpet Gallery

Left: Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada: Plaza
Right: Mississippi Gulf Coast: Boomtown

The Casino Carpet Gallery (via Martin Klasch)

Stay away from these Gay Bands!

"One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children's listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy. "

Bands to watch out for:

Ted Nugent

Whatever you do, stay away from these Gay Bands! Thanks to Love God's Way for putting this straight by compiling this useful list.
Don't steal Ted Nugent mp3s! Don't try to grow his hair. At least not at home. Do not get too worked up when Mr. Nugent waves his gun. Do not try to masturbate with this album cover in your left hand! (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Update: Bat Guano tells us: "Nugent (see "Whackmaster") is not gay, he is just known for loving buttsex. He was driven out of my state of Michigan to Texas because of his unnatural cravings. He's also a pigf***er, but don't tell no one."

45 record label designs

45 rpm record label designs (ranging in date from around 1955 to 1982), feature at NoRelevance. Alphabetical Listing of Labels in the Exhibit.
(via Dadanoias)

Gypsy Rose Lee, the Hostess with the Mostest

"1962 Smirnoff Vodka original vintage advertisement. Photographed in bright color featuring the Hostess with the Mostest, Gypsy Rose Lee."
Found at AdClassix. Click Hostess Gypsy for better view at source.

“Praying is like a rocking chair - it'll give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere” (Gypsy Rose Lee quotes)

A clip with "stand-up" act / dancer /burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee (1911 - 1970) at YouTube.
Also be sure to enjoy a track from the 1962 album 'Gypsy Rose Lee Remembers Burlesque': "Adam & Eve"available thanks to Unicorn Meat.

Find out more about Gypsy Rose Lee; her real name, her talents, her family, and her wicked mother:
-Wikipedia entry.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sex Beat

The Gun Club - Sex Beat (Live):

Added by Stag

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gaudenzio Marconi

Gaudenzio Marconi was born in Italy, 1841. Though there is little information on his early life, Marconi played a significant role in the development of early photography. (almost sfw)

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Astounding Deep Muscle Excercise That Gives You A Perfect Figure

Now if you look closely on these images of "Charles" you will discover what I call progress!! Did he achieve all this "progress" without The Lantz Supporter? We will probably never know...
Click on image for even larger view at source.

Callenetics: 10 Years Younger In 10 Hours at Phoney Fresh.

The Invasion Of the Lobby Cards

'Hold On', the 1966 movie starring Herman's Hermits, on tour in the USA.
Found in the Rock N Roll pages.

Lobby Card Invasion (browse by genre) (via Bibi's Box)
Note: Not very high or good quality images. But a lot of cards!

Listen to Percy Trout Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Listen to a LIVE Show Monday Night (1-22-06)
from 8pm to 10pm EST.

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, Ky.

Listen Online

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lee Hazlewood: 76

"... And now, with Hazlewood at age 76 suffering from renal cancer and peering into his own mortality, what does that fatalism feel like? What does true mortality look like as one enters life’s final stage? Hazlewood makes it sound like another assignment. “I didn’t get all that I heard in my head onto the damn records.” From the breadth and depth of classics, old (Poet, Fool or Bum) and new (his just finished swan song, Cake or Death), you can’t help but think he’s being falsely modest. Until you find out that there ‘s nothing false about him at all.

I don’t even have all my albums. I got a great story of how that came to pass. When I lived in Stockholm there was no crime at that time. Yet, my apartment got robbed. Now, I didn’t have a lot of stuff. But there was this long coat that I loved and my whole album collection—my stuff included. They only took my records. The cops didn’t speak English so I had to have a friend of mine translate the fact that only the albums I had made were stolen. Suddenly everyone in the room breaks up laughing. Then my friend translates into English what the cop said: “At least we know he wasn’t a music critic.” ..."
Lee Hazlewood: 76, Los Angeles, CA, article in Harp Magazine. (via Exotica)

Singles Cover Gallery

Singles Cover Gallery, german site: Film & TV - Girls Girls Girls - Hot Pants (!) - No Pants Whatsoever.... - Monsters - Cartoons / Comix - Jazz and other cool galleries. (via ronsens' links! links! links!)

Electronic Cattle Calls, Moog for the countryside

Gil Trythall - Country Moog & Rick Powell - Switched-On-Country available thanks to Wiel's Time Capsule.

Firm Believer

I'm not the religious type. But maybe - just maybe - a firm believer could guide me and get me all sweaty and worked up shouting "Hallelujah!".
It might work, 'cause this rekkid is "featuring today's finest christian music". (via Neatorama)
Note: No music at source. Maybe we should thank God for that.

Updated: phantomoftheradio tells us: "Praise-R-Cise", another fine christian aerobics record.

A very late: Thank You!

Since I started these pages there have been links pointing in this direction. THAT is truly awesome. Every week all around the year there are "new" blogs and sites linking to PCL.
I just want to tell You all that I appreciate it and that these pages had been long gone if it weren't for You. The fact that anybody actually comes here on purpose blows my mind. Not like Monica Lewinsky. But still!

/Z aka mrdantefontana aka Sebastian

Ps. Sorry if I do not post as often as I used to do. Maybe I'm in a process of slow blogging death. I don't know. Sometimes when I wake up I spit on the computer screen.
Mornings have always been bad. It takes a cup of coffee and "Muleskinner blues" (and maybe some filmjölk too) to wake me up, and even more coffee to get me in an ok mood.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

All things are on target for a top-flight celestial extravagoonza tonight!

It's at Luxuriamusic that you'll willingly spend sixty minutes, beginning at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / 0200 GMT (Sunday).

A whole series of closely inter-related activities, described below, are those in which you'll be dying to participate.

Here's what you'll do:

1) ATTEND Luxuriamusic and its One True Chatroom at the aforementioned hour.

2) WITNESS the Playlist in all its triumphant Splen-Dohhhr®.

3) PURCHASE adventurous SPACE PATROL products.

4) VISIT the One True SPACE PATROL blog and comment freely.

5) ORDER SPACE PATROL episodes on CD.

As always, thanks to Music Bloggers and to SoulSeekers everywhere for making SPACE PATROL playlists possible.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

German Punks

1983, Katharina
Found in Punkszene Hannover 1978-86.

720 photographies of german punk rockers (made available by Karl Nagel). Their lives and love. (via The Cartoonist)

Gilles Barbier

'Le Prince des ventres' (transl~ The prince of the Bellies) 2003
Note: Slightly cropped. Click the belly to view it in full charms at source.

Gilles Barbier, mixed media art, sculptures, installations. Cool stuff. (via Bibi's Box)


Mr Fab and his RIAA has a new (old RIAA stuff - recapping 2006) compilation up with "27 tracks (!) of party-rockin' mashups and kooky comedy"
Tech-Xotica!!! (tracklist and info here)

Robert McGinnis (Illustrator)

From mcginnispaintings.com:

"Robert Edward McGinnis was born in Cincinnati in 1926 and grew up in rural Wyoming, Ohio. His artistic talent was first encouraged by his dad, "Dutch," who helped his son draw such things as his favorite cartoon character, Popeye. Later, despite Robert's complaint that he would rather play ball with his friends (he was athletically talented and keenly competitive), Robert's mother, Mildred, insisted that he attend a drawing class held on Saturdays at the Cincinnati Art Museum. After high school, McGinnis hitchhiked to California and worked as an apprentice at Walt Disney Studios, drawing Mickey Mouse and other characters and learning about cartoon animation. Then World War II interrupted production of animated films, so McGinnis returned home and studied fine art at Ohio State University and took night classes at the Central Academy of Commercial Art. He also played the position of left guard on OSU's football team (for more information on this, read the entry directly below this one). In the mid-Fifties he moved to New York City with his wife Ferne, who is also talented, artistically and musically. (They subsequently had three children, and they have lived in Connecticut since 1960.) McGinnis went to work creating advertising posters at the Fredman-Chaite Studios. One day by chance he was introduced to an agent by a fellow artist. The agent took McGinnis's samples to book publisher Dell. As a result, McGinnis was able to shift his career into high gear, and in the ensuing decades he produced an astounding body of top-quality, highly expressive illustrations and fine art paintings."

More here

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Men's Hair Styling Salon

Dean Martin, James Stewart & Orson Welles. Entertainment. A long time ago.

Added by MrsDeanMartin

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thierno Barry and friends: first meeting

These recordings of a Senegalese singer visiting The Netherlands where made during a live radio broadcast january 12th 2007 (except track 7 which was recorded afterwards at René Rikkers' house) with local musicans in Zwolle (Netherlands) which had never played with one another, neither with Thierno Barry. There was a small hour to get to know each other and to agree on what songs to play. There were only a few common French words to communicate with, so we tried to talk in a musical way, although in the small studio it was very difficult to hear each other's instrument while all were playing. Not everything went perfect, but every participant felt that something very special was happening here.

download options
- stream
- flash-stream
- download all in one zip-file

seperate songs:
1. Sant 10.5M
2. Improviation off broadcast 9.6M
3. The house of the rising sun 4.9M
4. Une petite improvisation 7.3M
5. Kairo 9.6M
6. Sama-way 12.2M
7. Sant (reprise) 11.9M

more download-options

Thierno Barry sings about life and is here accompanied by local musicians from Zwolle: Inge Pruilaar (guitar and vocal on House of the rising sun and Percussion), René Rikkers (Djembé, Dum dum and percussion), Remco Takken (guitar on House of the rising sun and bass guitar), Jan Turkenburg (flute, pan pipes and penny-whistle)

In Sant Thierno (solo) thanks all his friends that helped him in his life. The recording starts off in limited mono quality (recorded from transmission), for the seperate stereo-mic was switched on a little late.
Track two is an improvisation, that took place during another item in the show, i.o.w. this was not broadcasted.
The house of the rising sun also starts in mono and continues in stereo half-way.
Kairo means: peace! Thierno describes in this song all the countries of Africa that are at war one way or another, the attacks in Europe and the wars all over the world. He urges people to get real and return to civilization.
Sama-way is dedicated to some very special people he has met in The Netherlands.
Sant (reprise) is recorded right after the show. René was so enthusiastic that he invited Thierno to do another recording at home as a demo to promote Thierno's music.

At a young age Thierno Barry played at cultural evenings and at the Alliance Franco/Senegal in Zichuinchor, Senegal. He wanted more, however, so he started an adventurous journey, alone with his guitar. He moved to Abéné, were one day he met René Nieuwenstein who arranged a release of his group Salam on the netlabel WM recordings and invited him to visit The Netherlands.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Toots Thielemans, the old and tired but inventive harmonica player

Fun clip from Night Music.
Toots has always been an awesome musician. Smart and inventive too as it seems...

Added by scmm42

More Toots guesting Night Music:
-Little Suede Shoes
-Sophisticated Lady
-Sits in with Nick Cave as he sings "Hey Joe" (also w. Charlie Haden... what a band!)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Music From The Third Floor shares Kalyanji Anandji: Upkar, Soundtrack from 1974 [IMDb]. Good stuff!


This entry wasn't completely accurate and according to the truth.
'Horseville' is not - and I repeat NOT - scheduled to premiere next week.
The premiere has been delayed.

Vera Hartmann

From the 'Gun Club' portfolio.

Vera Hartmann - Photography. (via Conscientious)
Note: flash site


Fun Truckin' magazine cover (from 1980) delivered to internet by Phoney Fresh.


"... And when my love for life is running dry
You come, you come and pour yourself on me ..."
Telly Savalas - If:

Reiniger's Prince Achmed

Stephen Worth of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog tells us a little about Lotte Reiniger and what is probably the oldest surviving feature-length animated film, "Adventures of Prince Achmed":
"... In 1923, Reiniger and her husband and business partner, Carl Koch began work on an ambitious project... a feature length silhouette puppet film based on "The One Thousand and One Nights". She worked with animator Bertold Bartosch and background artist Walter Ruttman for three years on the film. The paper cutouts were jointed using wires and delicately arranged on top of a lightbox, where it was photographed frame by frame. Reiniger continued to animate her distinctive silhouette films up into the mid-1970s. She passed away in 1981. ...

Archive volunteer, Eric Graf was perusing a local library book sale when he spotted an amazing find... a portfolio of prints from Reiniger's landmark film. Published in Berlin in the year the film was released (1926), this group of images shows just how beautiful Reiniger's work was... and how unique."
Reiniger's Prince Achmed 1926

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Radio Bastet's Podcast

Marisa, who runs Radio Bastet used to have a show at Live365 and she also shared some really fantastic vinyl rips during 2005 through her site.
Now it's time for some rhythmic and vibrating bellycasting, so to speak.
Radio Bastet's got a podcast!
"Podcasting old-school bellydance music from the 1950's through the 1980's"

Marisa also links to some great vintage bellydance video clips.
Like this with Naima Akif (From a 1957 movie):

Added by mbdwy

Friday, January 12, 2007


Lars Von Trier has a new movie out!
The genious Danish director and photographer never cease to amaze.
Completely unannounced the new movie will premiere next week.
The press release from Zentropa productions:

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, January 12, 2007


The new movie project from Lars Von Trier is a film co-written and co-produced by Nicole Kidman. Shot by Lars Von Trier in one single 5 hour take inside Stonhenge, England.
Nicole Kidman is starring as "Nicole" a circus cowgirl trying to talk her horse, the show stallion "Tom", out of a nervous breakdown after being brutally mounted by a wild stallion.

Filmed on location autumn 2006.

Attention: No animals got killed or violated during the production of this film.

Contact Information: Zentropa Production"

Note: Thanks to Percy for sending these exciting, and horrifying, news my way.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yvonne De Carlo 1922-2007

Rest In Peace Beautiful.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And of course we do not intend to forget the pale but lovely Lily Munster:

Also: Here is another clip with Yvonne. It's from Frontier gal (1945).
Yvonne gets spanked real good! What a great clip.

-Yvonne De Carlo at Brian's Drive In Theater
-Wikipedia Entry

Listen to Yvonne sharing "The Secret of Love" with us at gmtPlus9 (-15).

Update II:
Ernie (Not Bert) shares "Yvonne De Carlo Sings" (full vinyl album,from '57).