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Saturday, January 20, 2007


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All things are on target for a top-flight celestial extravagoonza tonight!

It's at Luxuriamusic that you'll willingly spend sixty minutes, beginning at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / 0200 GMT (Sunday).

A whole series of closely inter-related activities, described below, are those in which you'll be dying to participate.

Here's what you'll do:

1) ATTEND Luxuriamusic and its One True Chatroom at the aforementioned hour.

2) WITNESS the Playlist in all its triumphant Splen-Dohhhr®.

3) PURCHASE adventurous SPACE PATROL products.

4) VISIT the One True SPACE PATROL blog and comment freely.

5) ORDER SPACE PATROL episodes on CD.

As always, thanks to Music Bloggers and to SoulSeekers everywhere for making SPACE PATROL playlists possible.