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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thierno Barry and friends: first meeting

These recordings of a Senegalese singer visiting The Netherlands where made during a live radio broadcast january 12th 2007 (except track 7 which was recorded afterwards at René Rikkers' house) with local musicans in Zwolle (Netherlands) which had never played with one another, neither with Thierno Barry. There was a small hour to get to know each other and to agree on what songs to play. There were only a few common French words to communicate with, so we tried to talk in a musical way, although in the small studio it was very difficult to hear each other's instrument while all were playing. Not everything went perfect, but every participant felt that something very special was happening here.

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seperate songs:
1. Sant 10.5M
2. Improviation off broadcast 9.6M
3. The house of the rising sun 4.9M
4. Une petite improvisation 7.3M
5. Kairo 9.6M
6. Sama-way 12.2M
7. Sant (reprise) 11.9M

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Thierno Barry sings about life and is here accompanied by local musicians from Zwolle: Inge Pruilaar (guitar and vocal on House of the rising sun and Percussion), René Rikkers (Djembé, Dum dum and percussion), Remco Takken (guitar on House of the rising sun and bass guitar), Jan Turkenburg (flute, pan pipes and penny-whistle)

In Sant Thierno (solo) thanks all his friends that helped him in his life. The recording starts off in limited mono quality (recorded from transmission), for the seperate stereo-mic was switched on a little late.
Track two is an improvisation, that took place during another item in the show, i.o.w. this was not broadcasted.
The house of the rising sun also starts in mono and continues in stereo half-way.
Kairo means: peace! Thierno describes in this song all the countries of Africa that are at war one way or another, the attacks in Europe and the wars all over the world. He urges people to get real and return to civilization.
Sama-way is dedicated to some very special people he has met in The Netherlands.
Sant (reprise) is recorded right after the show. René was so enthusiastic that he invited Thierno to do another recording at home as a demo to promote Thierno's music.

At a young age Thierno Barry played at cultural evenings and at the Alliance Franco/Senegal in Zichuinchor, Senegal. He wanted more, however, so he started an adventurous journey, alone with his guitar. He moved to Abéné, were one day he met René Nieuwenstein who arranged a release of his group Salam on the netlabel WM recordings and invited him to visit The Netherlands.