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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The New Blogger set-up has arrived

Wave goodbye to the old blogger.
PCL is now monitoring the web from the new blogger outfit.

Scary. I know. We'll get through this experience. Together. Hold my hand. Stay brave and I think we will come out safe and sound somewhere at the end of the tunnel.
What will we see as we enter the light? Will there be free love? Free food? Are we going to walk in the high but smooth grass together naked under clear blue skies as the sun tenderly caresses and massages our skin? Will the beer be strong and good?
Or will we see evil trolls lurking behind dead trees in the dark poisonous forrest. Will we starve because the bird flu killed all tasty animals. Will all mp3s sound like Kevin Federline or Crazy Frog? Will Ted Nugent be there to greet us and wish us luck? Or will he just shoot us down on the spot?

We'll see.


/Z aka mrdantefontana

Important note to my fellow contributors: From now on you need to sign in with your Google account to be able to post to PCL.