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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lee Hazlewood: 76

"... And now, with Hazlewood at age 76 suffering from renal cancer and peering into his own mortality, what does that fatalism feel like? What does true mortality look like as one enters life’s final stage? Hazlewood makes it sound like another assignment. “I didn’t get all that I heard in my head onto the damn records.” From the breadth and depth of classics, old (Poet, Fool or Bum) and new (his just finished swan song, Cake or Death), you can’t help but think he’s being falsely modest. Until you find out that there ‘s nothing false about him at all.

I don’t even have all my albums. I got a great story of how that came to pass. When I lived in Stockholm there was no crime at that time. Yet, my apartment got robbed. Now, I didn’t have a lot of stuff. But there was this long coat that I loved and my whole album collection—my stuff included. They only took my records. The cops didn’t speak English so I had to have a friend of mine translate the fact that only the albums I had made were stolen. Suddenly everyone in the room breaks up laughing. Then my friend translates into English what the cop said: “At least we know he wasn’t a music critic.” ..."
Lee Hazlewood: 76, Los Angeles, CA, article in Harp Magazine. (via Exotica)